ET and the Origin of Human Civilization

I was invited onto a talk radio show last week and was asked if I believed that ET (extraterrestrials) interfered in human evolution or civilization.  This is a difficult question to answer because my research can answer this question either way, yes or no.  What I said was “No, but my research indicates intelligent civilization on the Earth 100 million years ago”.

To say my answer was strange is an understatement. If someone said this to me I would think he or she was straddling both sides of the issue.  Well, I assure you that I am not and will attempt to clarify my position.

My research indicates that civilization existed in the extremely remote past on the Earth.  In Mexico alone, there seems to have been a civilization over 100 million years ago.  Specifically, Monte Alban can be dated to 95 million years of age and La Vent to over 103 million years of age.

Now, since the scientific establishment believe that humans are no more than two hundred thousand years old, such an old civilization cannot be human.  So, what was it?  To say ET established it on the Earth seems to be a reasonable conclusion or is it?  Let’s examine the issue a little more closely.

Current belief is that humans originated from an ape like ancestor.  If this is true, then, from what did this ape like ancestor originate from?  We can proceed with this approach until we arrive at the origin of life itself.  What we have is a continuum of life that evolved into other forms throughout the Earth’s history. In fact, evolution requires a development from one species to another.  This means that the immediate ancestor to modern humans was very similar to us but somehow different.  That difference would be difficult if not impossible for current archaeological and paleontological methods to determine.

Small differences between species are not measurable by current research methods. What is left is the lumping of everything together into an extremely short period (6,000 years for civilization) and dismissing any research that contradicts this position.  This is today’s scientific position with a few exceptions. This, then, results in the belief that a very old civilization must have been somehow resulted from ET.

However, if a different form of intelligent life existed on the Earth 100 million or more years ago, then, it would be possible for that civilization to have been very advanced and even, itself, developed space flight. Now, it becomes possible for a civilization in the Earth’s ancient past to have developed space flight technology and to have visited other worlds in our solar system.  If the time scale is long enough, then, it becomes possible for this terrestrial civilization to have colonized other worlds and to visit their home world (Earth) after various world-wide catastrophes. This is what I believe happened.

Furthermore, in addition to a 100 million year old civilization on the Earth, I believe that there existed a very advanced civilization on the Earth during the time of the continent of Rodinia from 900 to 750 million years ago.  This civilization developed space flight and colonized other planets in our solar system.

Dr. John Brandenburg, believes that the planet Mars harbors and extinct civilization that was destroyed by nuclear war. If he is correct, then, it is my opinion that that civilization was a colony of the Earth mostly likely begun by this ancient civilization from Rodinia.

Beyond this point, I cannot speak to the issue of ET since I have a lack of data on the subject.

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Is Monument Valley a 35 Million Year Old Landmark?

The United States has many stunning landscapes, particularly in the Southwest part of the country. One of these is the breathtaking Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and Utah.  Amid the Mars like landscape rise five distinct buttes high into the blue desert sky.  The coordinates for this site is 36 59’ N and 110 6’ W.

As magnificent as this site is my research has offered a glimmer of even greater significance for this wonder.  This site, particularly these high rising buttes, may have been carved by an unknown intelligence millions of years ago.  So, here in the American Southwest, rest five immense towers that may be the legacy of a very ancient and unknown intelligent civilization.

Seeking answers to the unexplained and anomalous leads us into very strange areas of research and often amazing discoveries. That is because they are not what we expect and tell us that what we think we know, what we believe to be scientific truth, is not the case.  We are required to change our world view, our understanding and explanation for the world we find ourselves in. Now, let us begin our voyage of discovery.

Those of you who know of my work know that I claimed to have discovered an orbit around earth of what I believe to be either a lost moon I call Luna Prime or a massive debris field. By plotting this orbit on a map of any continent we get a reference line.  If we measure the distance from this line to any geographic point and divide by the rate at which the continent moves we get a time estimate of when that geographic point was on that line.  In this case, since the line is an orbital path, the date is when any particular geographic location was under that orbit.

Over the United States, the orbit extends northwest from the Atlantic coast to the northern end of Lake Michigan where it turns to the southwest toward Arizona.  Now, it is my conclusion that the ancients built massive monuments as geodetic markers to act as reference points for maps and even time references. Some of these markers may have even plotted the position of stars.  So, carving out a massive geodetic marker from rock at this location would put it under the orbit and would act as calendar reference point.

It is the location of Monument Valley under the path of this celestial orbital body that leads me to believe that this site may be such a geodetic marker and artificially carved by intelligent beings.  There are also other factors that support my, let us call it a scientific guess.

The rock strata is odd.  At base there is Organ Rock Shale red to red brown in color. Next, de chelly Sandstone. This sandstone is not water deposited but wind deposited. Next, we have early Triassic sandstone followed by a cap rock of Shinarump Conglomerate sandstone deposited by slow meandering rivers. This cap rock is very hard, cementing, and very resistant to erosion. It is the perfect material to use to protect the buttes vertical cliffs. It just the kind of rock someone would deliberately select to protect these monuments.

Although one can argue that nothing that I have written proves that these monuments are carved; the location of these buttes under orbital path of Luna Prime and the rock strata with the Shinarump Conglomerate cap rock are highly suggestive of intelligent design.

Oh! How old are these artificially carved monuments?  Well, I haven’t yet completed the calculations but an age of 35 million years may be likely.  There is one more possibility.  Given the resemblance of the American Southwest to Mars, maybe, just maybe, an extinct civilization from Mars may have been responsible for these magnificent monuments.

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Did Humans Evolve from Dinosaurs?

“Mommy where did I come from?”  This is a familiar question of young children.  Now imagine hearing this answer given by a parent. “Well, we all came from dinosaurs a very, very long time ago.” This is not so far-fetched. There is a real possibility that we may have descended from dinosaurs, or more properly, had a common ancestor with a type of dinosaur called Fabrosaurus.

Fabrosaurus or “Fabre’s Lizard” is named after Jean Henri Fabre, a French entomologist.  This dinosaur is believed to be a small, 3-foot tall plant eater. An incomplete lower right jaw of this dinosaur was found in South Africa in Triassic sediments.  (ref. pg. 143 The New Illustrated Dinosaur Dictionary by Helen Roney Sattler, copyrighted 1983 & 1990. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books. New York, NY.)

I can hear your complaints now. “Oh! Mr. Black, you have gone too far.  We all know that humans had an ape like ancestor.  What do you mean by making such an outrageous statement?  You need proof and lots of research to back up a statement like that. You just must not make such a claim.”

You know, if I read a claim like mine written by someone else, I would think the same thing.  It is just that, my research has given me a different understanding of the ancient past and human evolution as-well-as.

So, just how do I reach this conclusion?  Well, it’s actually a guess and not a conclusion or theory in a scientific sense. However, it is based on some evidence, controversial evidence I agree, but evidence never-the-less.

This evidence is the 2012 release of artifacts by the Mexican Government depicting cone-headed individuals.  Furthermore, these artifacts also have engravings of what seem to be  cone-headed beings undertaking interplanetary space flight.  I told you the evidence was controversial.

Let us continue.  The engraved images also show hands that look like those of a Fabrosaurus (Ibid pg. 159).  You may think that this evidence is thin in the extreme, well it is.  I admit this. It is just that my research indicates that a highly developed civilization existed on Earth upwards of 864 million years ago.  So, what kind of beings could have existed that far back in the past?  In fact, dinosaurs are too recent and a pre-dinosaur ancestor is required as an ancestor to the human line.

This is not all. The issue with dinosaurs is that they are considered to be either reptiles or warm blooded  bird like animals.  Even so, there is a problem.  Human have “live births” and do not lay eggs.  So, where is the connection to dinosaurs or other such ancestor?  The answer is in two parts.  First, is the ICA stones.  They are a highly controversial artifacts, claimed to be hoaxed. Second, the Brachiosaurus a very massive plant eater.  Why this particular dinosaur?  The answer is that the ICA stones have engraved images of the Brachiosaurus having live births and nursing their young like modern cows do today.  They seem to be mammals or pre-mammals. Since humans had to come from something, some type of dinosaur or pre-dinosaur animal had to be the source.  So, as they say in the United States, “the hits just keep coming”.

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Theia and the Origin of the Moon and Earth’s Extinct Debris Field

Sometimes an idea is so distant from our current understanding that it seems fantasy and not fact.  Coupled to this a lack of mathematical understanding and the new idea is even more impenetrable.  Even so, the new idea or hypothesis can be correct.   So, how can we judge if it is correct or not?  Let us consider new scientific research and see if the new idea or hypothesis fits.

The new research we can consider is the new hypothesis on the origin of the moon. This research is called the Big Splat of Lunar Origin.  Briefly, it proposes that a planetary body the size of Mars struck the earth at a glancing angle resulting in both a massive debris field and the moon.  The impactor is called Theia.

Why is this important?  Well, we have claimed that we have discovered an orbital path about the earth of either a lost moon or a debris field.  We use this path together with plate tectonic movement to date lost civilizations.  Well, the test we have to make is to determine how can there have been an orbital debris field or moon in the Earth’s past and what mechanism could have caused it.  Or, in other words, is our hypothesis of an orbital path possible?  The answer is yes because the impact with Theia supplies the mechanism that resulted in the formation of such a debris field.

Furthermore, the strange orbital path we have hypothesized is consistent with Theia’s impact.  We believe that the Earth was struck in the Northern Hemisphere at the latitude and longitude of the Great Lakes.

So, our hypothesis, found independently of any reference to the Big Splat Theory, is not rejected by current scientific research.  In fact, it agrees with it, strongly arguing that our work is scientifically sound. If we were incorrect, we would not have this correlation to this lunar impact theory.

The unfathomable aspect of our work exists simply because most people were schooled at a time when this new scientific work had not be done or was not included in their curriculum.  This is another support for our work and demonstrates that it is not only possible but new and unique as-well.

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The Blythe Intaglios, America’s Nazca lines, could be 50,000 Years Old!

Guess what? We may have found the answers to some of the questions about the Blythe Intaglios (incised designs) discovered by US Army Air Corp pilot George A. Palmer in 1931. (See for a full discussion)

What are these intaglios?  They are large geoglyphs in the desert floor outside Blythe, California in the United States that are best seen from the air. One, the giant, is very large – 167 feet long.

In addition to questions about their large size and how they were made, there are questions as to why were they place so that they can be best viewed only from the sky, why were they made to begin with, and why were they located in the desert of Blythe, California in the United States. We believe that we have discovered the answer to some of these questions.

The Blythe Intaglios were place under the path of flight of an orbital celestial object of earth that no longer exists.  The celestial object could have been either a massive debris field or moon or even some combination of both.  A debris field can coalesce into a moon or a moon can break apart into a debris field by action of the earth’s gravity.  The exact nature of this celestial object is not yet known but this author believes that it was most likely a massive debris field made up of very large blocks of rock.

Well, the orbit of this celestial anomaly, passes over the Blythe Intaglios.  In fact, one can extend the orbit to include the Meteor Crater in Arizona.  This crater was caused by an impact 50,000 years ago.  The orbit also extends northeast toward the Great Lakes where it turns southeast toward Africa.  We discovered this orbit accidently back in the summer of 2009 and have used it as a reference line in conjunction with the plate tectonic movement of the continents to date various archaeological sites. (See our book: Secrets of Lost Earth.)

It is known that the ancients worshipped celestial objects and we believe that this object was also an object of worship.  It also acted as a celestial reference point for locating places on the ground i.e. for fishing, hunting, etc.

Given the location of these Intaglios in the desert outside Blythe, we believe that they could date from the time of the Meteor Crater impact some 50,000 years ago. Dating these intaglios is very difficult.  Dates of from 900 years to 2,000 years ago have be suggested but not confirmed.

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Lake Mills, Wisconsin and the Extreme Antiquity of North American Sites

In the United States there are many strange and anomalous sites and artifacts and, in fact, such things are spread far and wide over the entire North American Continent.

One such site is Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin in the United States.  Under the water of this lake there is claimed to be stone constructions left behind by an ancient civilization.

Although mainline archaeologists and anthropologists dismiss this claim, there is the very real possibility that a very ancient civilization may have existed there – possibly many millions of years ago.

This possibility is supported by the geographic location of this site, the use of plate tectonic movement to analyze it, and the current understanding of the origin of the Earth’s moon.

In short, there is a scientific basis for this possibility even though a great deal of research still needs to be done to be certain of the age and physical reality of each site.

What I’ve done is study the very ancient past with the use of plate tectonic theory (the movement of the continents). This method has allowed me to date an ancient civilization in Mexico to over 100 million old.  Yes! I wrote over 100 million years old.

The location of Lake Mills, Wisconsin (43° 4’ 48” N & 88° 54’ 33” W) indicates a possible age of this site dating back about 55 million years.  This is only a guess but the presence of a dinosaur bone may make it even older.

In order to date with plate tectonic movement it is necessary to have a reference point.  That reference point is a line drawn on the map of the earth that indicates the path of an orbital object or objects.

This path passes over the United States just north of Lake Michigan and then turns southwest toward Arizona and the Pacific Ocean.  This orbital path traveled over Lake Mills about 55 million years ago.

What is the cause of this orbital path?  Well, the current theory of the formation of the moon is that a Mars size object impacted the earth over four billion years ago and its debris formed the moon.  Also, a massive debris field formed that orbited the earth, as well.

This debris field, like other celestial objects became an object of worship for the ancients.  It could have been interpreted as a stairway, as a snake coiled around the earth, or even a pathway to reach heaven.  The ancients did not use our current scientific jargon to describe it.

Since the rate of movement of any geographic point away from this reference orbit is known, the measured distance becomes a measure of the time at which the site was under this path.

By using these techniques, I was able to confirm the dating of the impact that killed the dinosaurs and discover that the meteorite that struck the earth originated from this orbital path.  Also, it became obvious that an ancient civilization existed in Mexico from 103 to 65 million years ago.

Furthermore, some kind of civilized or semi-civilized society, most likely not human, existed across all of North America.

The current academic establishment does not accept the existence any kind of intelligent beings other than modern humans.  Additionally, they accept that humans are relatively recent and not more than 200,000 or so years old.

Ages of the kind that I propose are considered too extreme and academics even refuse to examine my research objectively.  How is this science?

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Was the Old Man in the Mountain an over 800 Million Year Artifact?

The Old Man in the Mountain is the name of rock feature that existed in the Franconia Notch State Park in the State of New Hampshire in the United States of America.  It is called the Old Man because a profile view of it looks like the head of a man.  It has always been considered a natural phenomenon and never considered artificial. It collapsed a few years ago due to erosion.  Its coordinates are 44.1607 degrees North Latitude and 71.6830 degrees West Longitude.

Given this, then, why do I ask if this feature is an 800 million year old artifact?  The answer is simple.  It could very well have been an 800 million old artifact from a long lost civilization that existed on our world.

No, I am not joking nor am I delusional.  My work over the years has established a body or research that indicates that our world was inhabited by an ancient civilization during the time of the extinct super continent of Rodinia.  Rodinia became extinct over 750 million years ago.   Furthermore, this hypothesis, if correct, would undercut all current understanding about the origin of intelligent life and civilization on Earth.

Let us consider a few issues for the moment.  First, the current understanding about the origin of human beings is that we are 200,000 years old with some of our previous ancestors upwards of four million years old.  Furthermore, intelligence and civilization are considered to be the exclusive traits of modern human beings.

Well, if this is so, then why is there the real possibility that the Sphinx of Egypt may be 800, 000 years old?  Yes, this date for the Sphinx is possible because it displays signs of a type of water erosion called ‘wave cut hollows” created by standing surface water.  This means that the Sphinx was at one time totally submerged and that could not have occurred in Egypt more recently that 800,000 years ago. (Vjacheslav I. Manichev and Alexander G. Parkhomenko. 2008. “Geological Aspect Of The Problem Of Dating The Great Egyptian Sphinx Construction” in Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy, Eds. R.I. Kostov, B. Gaydarska, M. Gurova, Sofia).

The issue with the Sphinx is that the Archaeologists and Geologists disagree on its age. Of course, if a modern human population re-occupied a land once inhabited by a more ancient civilization, then, this disagreement can be explained.

But, one may wonder, how do we get such an extreme old date of over 800 million years?  And if such a date is correct, why hasn’t the scientific community discovered it.  The reason is that the scientific community was neither looking for something this old, nor looking in the location of Rodinia.  Why should they? Rodinia wasn’t theorized until the early 1990s after geoscientists constructed paleo-cartographic maps of it. These maps demonstrate that New Hampshire would have been in Rodinia over 800 million years ago.  This means that the Old Man in the Mountain could date from this time.

Even so, what is more unexpected is that our whole scientific understanding of the origin of life and civilization may be very incorrect. Why is this?  With the extinction of Rodinia the Earth suffered an extreme ice age.  It was so extreme that the entire globe was covered with glaciers that were three miles high, even in the oceans, for 120 million years.

This 120 million year freeze would have frozen various life forms in ice until the ice melted and deposited the dead animals on the land where they then could have become fossils.  This means that there is a systematic error in scientific dating of the oldest fossils of at least 175 million years.  By the way, this Ice Age is called “Snow Ball Earth”.

Now what evidence do I have that such a civilization once did exist? Well, there are various kinds of evidence but the ones I wish to mention are the engraved statues released by the Mexican Government in 2012.  These carvings depict cone headed individuals with large slanted eyes combined with images of interplanetary space flight, the planet Saturn, and an image of the Earth with the supercontinent Rodinia.  In spite of various objections, it is not possible to hoax scientific truth.  It is not possible to draw an image of either Rodinia or Saturn unless one has some kind of direct knowledge of them.

There is an additional comment that I wish to make about dating.  Some time ago, I came across various discussions about a pyramid in the State of Alaska. I do not know if such a pyramid exists.  But if it did, I wanted to date it through the use of plate tectonics, the movement of the continental plates.

This is how I proceeded. I just simply assumed why and where the ancients located this pyramid and calculated how many years would have passed for this location to move to its current position.  Two separate calculations gave me the dates of 825 and 864 million years ago. These dates would correspond to the time of Rodinia.

By the way, I am not playing fast and loose with the data.  What I did is done often in scientific and engineering research and is a “what if analysis”.  The location I used would be, today, the latitude and longitude of the northern point of Lake Michigan, part of the Great Lakes region of the United States.

At this point I what to make reference to Dr. John Brandenburg.  He is the author of Death on Mars a book that demonstrates that Mars is the home of an extinct civilization that he believes was destroyed by two massive nuclear explosions 500 million years ago.  It is my opinion that his research supports my work because it demonstrates an extremely old civilization on Mars that could have traveled to Earth although he does not make this claim.

As for the Old Man in the Mountain, well it may or may not have been an over 800 million year old artifact but maybe, just maybe it is.

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