Baltic Anomaly: Is it 66 Million Years Old?

What is the Baltic anomaly? It is a mysterious circle-like artifact 300 feet deep in the Bothnia Gulf near Sweden.

Accidently found in 2011 by marine divers and treasure hunters, it was originally considered to be a crashed UFO. However, the current scientific opinion is that it is of natural origin.

However, after considering its location on the Northeastern coast of Sweden there exist the real possibility that it may have resulted from a meteorite that struck Earth 66 million years ago. In fact, it may have broken off the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs. It is also possible that a meteorite shower or stream may have also impacted the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

How can we determine this? We determine this by understanding plate tectonics and examining PaleoMaps. Plate tectonics studies the movement of the continents and PaleoMaps are the maps produced by scholars of the ancient continents.

When we examine a PaleoMao of Europe at the end of the Cretaceous Period, this is the time of the death of the dinosaurs, we find that the location of Southeastern Sweden and Scotland were shifted in such a way that one can draw a line on the map from one to the other and continue all the way to the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This is the impact point of the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

If we consider where the Baltic Anomaly is located we discover that it is centered in the Bothnia Gulf Northeast of Sweden and it too lines up with Sweden and Scotland.

Why are Sweden and Scotland important in this analysis? They are important because of their mysterious vitrified hill forts. These forts have walls that are vitrified, turned glassy by extreme heat, and are largely located in Scotland and Sweden. If the dinosaur killing meteorite passed over these forts, it could have been the source for the heat that vitrified the for walls.

Haven’t the hill forts been explained? No, not satisfactorily. There are two questions here. One, what was the source of the heat that melted (vitrified) the fort walls and two, why are the forts largely located in Sweden and Scotland.

The first question is answered by the fact that the meteorite was very hot as it entered the atmosphere. In fact, it is believed that it set massive fires on the Earth.

The second question is answered by the fact that both Sweden and Scotland were islands at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Therefore, the forts were built at a time when these sites were dry land.

Answering these two questions gives us our necessary and sufficient condition that really explains the mystery. These forts were built at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Yes, intelligent life did exist during the time of the dinosaurs and these forts prove it.

Now, before we can say that the Baltic Anomaly resulted from an impact of a rock that broke off the dinosaur killing meteorite, we need to get specific layout information and maybe do more geological study of the anomaly.

I have emailed one of the divers a few days ago requesting the layout information and have not yet received a reply.

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Mr. Black to be a Guest on The ‘X’ Zone hosted by Rob McConnell. ( This Guest Interview has been postpone and no new date has been set.)

Mr. Black, the author of this blog, has been confirmed as a guest on the podcast The ‘X’ Zone hosted by Rob McConnell on October 17, 2022 at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The show can be heard on or the official site See also or

The interview will discuss the dinosaur era civilization in Mexico, the use of plate tectonics for dating archaeological sites, the Earth’s Debris Ring, and much more.

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Dinosaur Men: Civilization during the time of the Dinosaurs

Intelligent life and civilization did exist during the time of the dinosaurs. There is evidence for this from both artifacts and plate tectonics. Exactly who or what these beings were is not yet known but they seem to be related to us.

Typically, when one makes such a claim they proceed to discuss either fossils or artifacts or from the specific(s). However, in this case, the evidence has either been dismissed or misidentified and it is impossible to begin here.

We now go to plate tectonics for our evidence because the current bias in academic science has not affected it. We now proceed from the general to the specific(s). This is actually the way science should proceed, the specific(s) follow from the general.

The most important factor that influences life on the Earth is the Earth itself. Whatever affects the Earth will affect the life on the Earth. This is not how researchers of the ancient past approach their work.

So, how did the Earth begin? No one knows, exactly, but current researchers believe the Earth began with the origin of the Solar System some five billion years ago. Actually, this was Proto-Earth or a pre-Earth until something happened. What happened is that this pre-Earth collided, at a glancing angel, with another planet believed to be the size of Mars but not Mars itself. This collision resulted in a massive debris field that coalesced to form the Moon. This is called The Big Splat Theory.

Now, just what does the moon have to do with life on the Earth? Well, it is not the Moon we will be dealing with but the orbiting debris field or ring(s) that resulted from it. We will use this debris field’s orbital path as a reference line to measure the time when various geographic locations were under its orbit.

How do we do this? The Earth is made up of numerous plates of rock upon which rest the continents. These plates float on liquid rock called magma that when expelled from a volcano is called lava. Since these plates float on magma they move and the speed and direction of their movement is known to science. It is possible for geo-scientists to map the ancient plates and continents many hundreds of millions and even billions of years into the past.

If we have a reference line, we can now date when any geographic site was under this orbital reference line. This is a new method of dating archaeological sites and it demonstrates the existence of intelligent life and civilization at the time of the dinosaurs.

This is how it is done. By plotting the location of meteorite impact craters on the Earth we can trace the orbit of this debris field upon the Earth. Think of a child eating popcorn and dropping the popcorn as they walk through the house. By tracking the popcorn trail we discover the path the child walked.

So, now we have the path. How does this help us? Think of the path or orbit as casting a shadow on the ground and various geographic sites falling under the shadow. Since the continents move, different geographic sites fall under the shadow at different times.

Scientists know the speed and direction of movement of the various continents and can now calculate when various sites were under the shadow. Actually, scientists can make maps of the ancient continents called PaleoMaps.

So, how do we know that there existed an ancient civilization at the time of the dinosaurs? We can adjust the map of North America back in time to the end of the Cretaceous Period, this is the time of the dinosaurs. When we do this we discover that the orbit’s shadow crosses over the Chicxulub Crater, this is the crater caused by the impact that killed the dinosaurs.

This is proof that our orbital path is correct and that it crossed the Chicxulub Crater at the end of the Cretaceous. This crater has been scientifically dated to 66 million years of age.

This debris field’s orbit also crosses over Chichen Itza in the Yucatan in Mexico. This is where the famous pyramid is located. It also proves that intelligent life existed at the end of the Cretaceous because there is no other reason to put the Chichen Itza Pyramid there unless a civilization wanted to mark the orbit of this debris field.

Why would an ancient civilization want to mark the orbit of this debris field? To make a calendar. You see, every celestial object rises at a slightly different location each day and then returns to its original position. By marking its starting position, it is possible to count the number of days for it return. This is our calendar period which can mark a period like a month or year. Also, a large structure casts a shadow and becomes a sun dial or clock marking off the hours in a day.

So, intelligent life did exist during the time of the dinosaurs.

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Rockwall, Texas a Dinosaur Era City

Intelligent life and civilization existed at the time of the dinosaurs. The mysterious ancient rock wall in the city of Rockwall, Texas is evidence of this civilization.

In 1852, a mysterious wall made of stone was discovered in Rockwall, Texas in the United States and it has been the subject of controversy ever since.

Dating indicates that the wall, itself, is 65 million years old but the ground on it’s opposite side is 90 million years old. Why? This has not be resolved.

However, if the wall was built next to a hill or ground that was very much older than itself and if the site was destroyed by the impact that killed the dinosaurs, then we have a partial solution to the mystery.

One result of the impact that killed the dinosaurs was that a massive tidal wave, a Tsunami, struct Texas inundating the area with silt from the Gulf of Mexico. This could explain the different dates on both sides of the wall.

However, there is other evidence that makes the picture clearer. That evidence is the orbit of Earth’s now extinct debris field. This orbit crosses Rockwall, Texas at the end of the Cretaceous when the dinosaurs were killed.

Mapped out on the United States, the Western part of this orbit extends from Sault Ste Marie on the American/Canadian border to Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona and travels Southwest over Baja California and over the Pacific Ocean.

Since the North American geological plate rotates counter clock-wise, a map would have to be rotated clock-wise to show the continent at the time of the meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs.

When we do this, we find that the debris field’s orbit travels over Rockwall, Texas onto the Yucatan to its impact point at the Chicxlub Crater.

The meteorite that killed the dinosaurs was a massive block of stone held in orbit in Earth’s debris field that was ejected and fell to Earth ending the dinosaurs and the Cretaceous Period.

This same correlation of ancient sites to the orbit indicates that the ancient beings of Earth deliberately built their cities under the orbit of this debris field.

Examples include Chichen Itza in Mexico, Rockwall, Texas and various sites in the USA, the vitrified hill forts of Scotland and Sweden, and even the Egyptian Pyramids. Of course, maps of these sites must be adjusted for their location in the ancient past.

Author’s Note: We have just a few days ago discovered that there was a TV program about this rock wall and that a geologist who specializes in paleomagnetism concluded that the wall was a of natural origin. However, the sample size was small and taken from only one location. There is also the issue of heat and chemical reactions that can affect paleomagnetism. We believe more research is necessary.

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Paracas Skulls

The Paracas skulls found in Peru are the remains of an ancient pre-human population that existed on Earth and are ancestral to humanity. They are also a very ancient species dating backward many millions of years. The skulls, themselves are more recent, some 3000 years old. They are not human as we are.

What are these Paracas skulls? They are elongated headed skulls that were originally discovered in the Paracas desert in Peru by archaeologist Julio C. Tello in 1928. They differ from human skulls.

The skulls are larger than human skulls with 25% more volume and 60% greater density. In short, their brains were larger than ours indicating greater intelligence. They were not artificially deformed.

They also have different DNA from modern humans. They have DNA found in European and Asian peoples together with their own exclusive, non-human, DNA.

This suggests that these beings were the precursors of modern humans which separated from an original ancestor. However, the mystery of the Paracas Skulls is far more intricate an astounding than anyone can imagine.

Did you know that elongated skulls similar to the Paracras Skulls of Peru are found in the Black Sea area, Peru, and even in Mexico. Why? There has to be a reason for this and the ancient travel routes attributed to them don’t adequately explain why.

Their origin has to be very very ancient. To gain an inkling of how old their origin may be we have to consider plate tectonics. I hear the complains now. What does plate tectonics have to do with pre-human origins and DNA? The answer: EVERYTHING.

Since the continents move, the location of various continental parts were located elsewhere from where they are today. If we go back using PaleoMaps, these are valid scientific tools used to study the ancient continents, we find that the Black Sea area, Mexico, and Peru were at one time nearly co-located in the ancient super continent of Rodinia. This means that these areas were at one time close together and these ancients originated there at a very ancient time.

They originated in Rodinia at a very extreme date and that is why they have both European and Asian DNA. Humanity, or at least pre-humanity, is very ancient. Rodinia broke apart 750 million years ago.

So, what came before these elongated headed beings. More, elongated headed beings. Now, we come to the real origin of people not the “ape theory”.

Science understands the origin of terrestrial life as beginning with some kind of crab type creature that came onto land and evolved into all of the Earth’s various species.

So, what did this creature look like. The ICA Stones of Peru have a drawing of this creature. It looks like a lobster with a sectioned body, two legs and feet, two forearms with crab like pincers, and a large head with two very large eyes that are vertical not slanted or straight. This creature looks straight upward, not forward. Its head was oval. Furthermore, its pincers were inverted with the left on the right side and the right on the left side. This creature was strange, indeed.

In Ojuelos, Jalisco in Mexico, we have artifacts that show images of these elongated headed individuals and also individuals who only look straight upwards, but walk up right on two legs. If we include both of these currently unknown creatures into our evolutionary analysis we get a very different understanding of pre-human evolution.

Evolution, then, proceeded from the crab – lobster creature to the up-right walking creature with a large oval head, very large eyes, that looked straight upwards, and finally to the elongated headed creatures. These elongated headed creatures eventually evolved into modern humanity.

There are no apes in the process so that must have occurred at a much later time, if it did at all. Any extremely ancient civilization would have to have been a non human terrestrial one.

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China Proves Earth’s Rocky Ring

China has demonstrated that the Earth had an orbital debris ring in the ancient past.

China sent a scientific probe to the dark side of the moon (Dec. 22, 2020) and its AI discovered that the moon’s dark side had 106,000 more impact craters than believed by scientists.

Where did these craters come from? Did the moon just fly into a meteor swarm out of the blue?

No, the Earth had at one time in the past an orbital debris field that has since ceased to exist.

The best explanation for this is that the moon is constantly moving away from the Earth and its gravitational field on this ancient ring diminished causing the rocks in the ring to collide with both the Earth and the Moon. Of course, some were also flung out into space.

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Just What Does It All Mean?

Since I began this blog in 2013, I had viewers from the world over, presented many public presentations, was interviewed on the radio and several podcasts, and even published a small paperback book. It was interesting and enjoyable but the same question lingered in the minds of my audience, “what does it all mean”.

There is no simple answer to this question because it involves many areas of study. However, we can say that we have discovered the nature of intelligent life on planet Earth.

What did we find? We found that intelligent life has existed on our world for a very long time, at least one billion years. Such a claim challenges much of what current academic science has believed to be true over the last 150 years.

Specifically, paleontology, evolutionary biology, Paleo Anthropology, Archaeology, and studies into various ancient civilizations have been in error. Not because they didn’t find “the facts” but because they failed to integrate their found facts with the discovery from other disciplines.

Truth is one. Something can not be true for one discipline and false for another. Here is an example. In mathematics the process of addition, one plus one is two, is the same for all disciplines. This applies to Geology and Archaeology as well.

Let us consider an example from Egypt, the Sphinx. This artifact has extensive water erosion that can not occur in an arid desert. This requires that the Sphinx to be very much older than 2500 BC. The failure of Archaeology to take into consideration the findings of Geology has led to an erroneous date for the Sphinx and a misunderstanding of the ancient past of Egypt.

A new form of geological research, plate tectonics, has also led us to a new understanding of the ancient past s well. Since the continents move, and their speed and direction of movements is known, science can date the past backward many millions of years.

In fact, professional academic scholars can produce maps of the ancient continents in the extremely remote past. These maps are called PaleoMaps.

I used a PaleoMap of Europe at the end of the Cretaceous Period and discovered that both Scotland and Southeastern Sweden were islands at that time. This fact explains why the so called “vitrified forts” are concentrated in Scotland and Southeastern Sweden. They were built by the ancients on dry land.

Furthermore, a close look at this same map demonstrated that both Scotland and Sweden were at a different location because of continental plate movement. As such, they were aligned in such a way that an individual can draw a straight line from Southeastern Sweden to Scotland and all the way to the Yucatan in Mexico. This is where we find the impact point of the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

Why a straight line? A meteorite travels so fast, many thousands of miles per hour, that it doesn’t change course. it travels directly to its impact point.

This means that these “vitrified forts” date to the time of the impact that killed the dinosaurs and their walls were “vitrified” by the heat produced by the meteorite that struck the Earth. Therefore, these forts are 66 million years old!

In fact, we can date many archaeological sites to these extreme dates and archaeology has failed to recognize their extreme age.

When we introduce plate tectonics into our research, we find answers for the strange mysteries of the ancient past and these challenge Archaeology and Anthropology. In fact, the results challenge all the disciplines listed above.

Here is an example. Monte Alba’n in Mexico rests on a leveled mountain top 6,400 feet above sea level. There was no way for the ancients to build this city at this altitude. So, what is our answer to its age? It was built at sea level on a level plane in the remote past and over many millions of years was uplifted to this present height. In fact, it dates to the Cretaceous Period, the time of the dinosaurs. My date is 85 million years ago.

As for who who built it. There is no answer but modern humans were not present at that time. Furthermore, there is other evidence of intelligent life and civilization that is very much older than this date. One dates to over 750 million years ago and existed on the super continent of Rodinia.

Super continents are continents that form when all the continental plates that come together. Scientists have identified many super continents and they form about every 250 million years.

This particular discovery of mine amazes me beyond belief. Just how could this be, an intelligent civilization more than 750 million years old?

Furthermore, this particular civilization seems to have been an interplanetary one. There is a carving in stone in Mexico that illustrates a view of Earth from space that includes the Moon and two debris rings around the Earth at the time of Rodinia.

There is no way to get this view except from space. This civilization had to be at least as advanced as we are today and probably far more advanced. Without more data it is impossible to know how advanced.

The debris rings shown on the carving indicate that ring closest to the Earth was probably ice mixed with something else maybe hydrocarbons. If so, when this ring collapsed, it rained both ice and fire on the Earth. Was this the hail that fell from a clear sky and burned like fire on the ground at the time of Moses? If so, then the time of Moses was 750 million years ago.

What about the second ring? It looks like rocky field shaped like a snake coiled around the Earth with a wide open mouth. Where do we find this image? In the myth of many world cultures. It may be the serpent cast down to the Earth as described in the Book of Revelation.

We also have an explanation for the mystery of Ice Ages and the multiple extinctions on the Earth. The orbit of anything between the Earth and Moon is unstable because over millions of years the Moon moves farther away from the Earth. This Lunar movement reduces the Moon’s gravitational pull on the ring system and is the mechanism for catastrophism. This also means that the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs came from this Earth’s debris field.

There is one more major question that needs to be answered. Why haven’t mainline academic scientists been able to discover this? The answer is difficult and involves current methods of research but also a very significant fact of the Earth’s very ancient past. After the breakup of Rodinia the Earth entered an Ice Age that lasted 120 million years. Glaciers three miles thick covered the planet even in the oceans. This Ice Age is called Snowball Earth.

Snowball Earth acted like a mask covering the real antiquity of our planets’ ancient past. The glaciers destroyed buildings and the organism that died were frozen and didn’t form fossils until they melted out of the ice some 120 millions later giving paleontology a false date for fossils.

Furthermore, Snowball Earth was responsible for the scraping away of a billion years of the Earth’s surface and depositing it into the oceans where it became subducted under the geological plates and became metamorphic rock. This lost billion years of the Earth’s surface is called the Geological Conundrum. Evidence for it is found in the Grand Canyon in the United States.

In summary, intelligent life existed on the Earth upwards of one billion years ago. We say one billion because we need to allow time for evolution for an intelligent creature. This intelligent creature developed a civilization over 750 millions years ago that was very advanced and had access to space flight. The meteorite that killed the dinosaurs came from the Earth’s debris ring and Snowball Earth masked the discovery from mainline scientific discovery.

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Acambaro Figurines are not Hoaxed.


The Acambaro Figurines are not hoaxed. This is self-evident in spite of claims made by “professional scholars”.

I will cite just one piece of evidence to make my case.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority has posted photos of an unusual clay figurine. It shows a human like body with a very odd shaped head.

The head is tall and pointed with large slanted eyes. The figure also displays a large mouth.

Additionally, the figurine shows extensive fat in the upper thighs and rear-end, similar to some images from ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

However, it is the head that is unique and will support my claim that the Acambaro Figurines are not hoaxed.

An identical headed figurine was found at Acambaro in Mexico. How can one be real and the other hoaxed?

The Israelis called this the Yarmukian Culture and have dated the clay figurines to 7,000 BCE. That makes them over 9,000 years old. (See the Israeli Antiquities Authority)

Now, I ask you again, if the Israeli figurines are real then how can anyone claim the Acambaro Figurines are hoaxed when they have the same headed figurine? Remember, the Acambaro Figurines were discovered in 1944.

The Acambaro Figurines are not hoaxed.

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Did Martians Originate on Earth?

(Email me at:

Truth is stranger than fiction. If you live long enough you will experience the truth of this statement.

Let us discover how this applies to human origins, extraterrestrials, and ancient lost civilizations.

An American PhD believes that the planet Mars was home to a now extinct civilization that was destroyed by two massive nuclear explosions. His name is John Brandenburg.

So, the question becomes, where did these ancient Martians originate? Are they from Mars or somewhere else?

Before we begin to discuss their origin we need to state the Dr. Brandenburg believes that these Martians were similar to Earth’s ancient Egyptians and Mayans.

He explains this by referring to the principle of mediocrity that claims all life in our solar system is similar so it should develop in similar ways on both Earth and Mars.

Well, where is the evidence for this? It seems to me that an ET civilization on Mars would be radically different than an Earth civilization.

Furthermore, let us keep in mind that today’s scientific scholars have identified human origins about 200,000 years ago.

This date stands in opposition to Dr. John Brandenburg’s date of the destruction of Mars between 180 to 45 million year ago. See his book, Death on Mars.

So, given this difference in dating of human origins and Martian extinction, it would seem logical to claim an origin on Mars of a civilization that came to Earth and later became extinct.

The more recent dating for human origins would mean that early humans moved into the remains of ancient and vacant Martian built cities.

To summarize, Martians originated first and came to Earth. Over time they became extinct and when humans originated they moved into their lost cities meaning that Egyptian and Mayan cultures were originally nonhuman cultures.

Wow! Archaeologists and Anthropologists as well as Mayan and Egyptian experts have me on their enemy list for sure.

Actually, this is not a bad theory and fits the work of Dr. Brandenburg. However, there is more to the puzzle.

That more is the discovery of cone headed being artifacts in Mexico. These artifacts show cone head beings with access to space flight during the time of the super continent of Rodinia.

What are super continents and what is Rodinia? Super continents results from the movement of the Earth’s continental plates. These plates spread apart and come together forming super continents.

Rodinia was a super continent that assembled 900 million years ago and broke apart 750 million years ago.

Given this extreme date for Rodinia, we have a good scientific reason to make the claim that an intelligent creature originated on Earth that may have been ancestral to both humans and Martians.

So, we can hypothesize that Martian ET originated from this early Earth creature.

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Mali’s Lady in Stone

Did you know that in Guinea, West Africa there exists a massive monument of a woman 150 meters tall?

The monument is located near the border of Guinea and Mali (Mail) and is called the Lady of Mali.

The monument shows the woman half faced and she seems to be either Asiatic or South American. (see the Avalon project- Klaus Donna’s work)

Well, did you know that this monument can be dated to the very remote past, many millions of years?

This is how we can date this monument. We use the movement of the continental plates.

All the continents rest on massive blocks of rock called plates and these plates float on liquid rock called magma. When magma is ejected from a volcano it is called lava.

Well, these plates move. They move slowly but they do move and science knows both the direction and speed of movement of these plates.

By using a reference point, we can calculate how long ago in the past any geographic point was at this reference point.

My reference is a plotted trajectory on the Earth’s surface of a now extinct orbital debris field. (Discussed elsewhere on this blog)

At this time, I do not have the latitude and longitude of this monument but can only approximate it.

Also, I have not visited the site but only know it through internet postings.

So, how old is this monument? We’ll, it may be over 750 million years old!

I know this extreme date seems too fantastic to be believed but that is all I can say about it without more information about the site.

Well, if my date is even roughly close to its real age, then mainline academic science has a great deal to correct.

Now, I want to request something from you, my reader. If you have any information on this site please email it to me. I will then update this post.

Please email me at:

Thank you in advance.

Author’s Note: I just discovered today (May 12, 2021, that this carving in stone is located at the top of a mountain almost one mile high. Who could have carved this monument at this hight 12,000 to 20, 000 years ago?

A better explanation is that this carving was done at an extremely remote date and because of the movement of the continental plates was uplifted to its current hight.

If this is the case, then a date in the millions of years is possible. Email me with any additional information.

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