Are the Anasazi 50,000 years old?

Who are the Anasazi?  They are indigenous native American people more precisely termed Ancestral Puebloans. 

Their ancient ruins are found in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. They extend to the Rio Grande River separating Mexico from the United States.

The current academic thinking is that their cliff dwellings, particularly in Delores, CO date from 1500 BC. They seem to have disappeared between 1250 -1275 AD.

The modern Hopi and Zuni peoples are believed to be descendent from them.

Now, I come along, and claim that the Anasazi, may be 50,000 years old totally disregarding academic research.

You know, if I didn’t have good reason, I would doubt myself, too. However, I have good reason, a scientific reason, and it has little to do with either Archaeology or Anthropology.

My work applies aspects of Geophysics and Planetary Science to answer questions about the Earth’s very ancient past and inhabitants. 

I assure you, that my research findings are very different from mainline academic ideas.

Let us start by looking at a map of Anasazi sites of the United States. What do we find?

We find that the sites are distributed in a linear fashion from Northeast to Southwest, They extend from Colorado to Arizona West and East of each other. 

Why? The answer to this question gives us our amazing results.

How do we go about this. Well, there has to be a reason for this Northeast to Southwest distribution. 

My research discovered  that the Earth at one time had an orbital debris field or ring that is now extinct. This debris field orbited the Earth at a skewed angle that crossed Northeast to Southwest over North America.

This is exactly how the Anasazi sites are laid out. They were built under the orbit of this ring or debris field.

Furthermore, this orbital path stretched in a line from Duluth, Minnesota to Barringer Meteor Crater. The location of any site  on either side of this line can be used used to date the site. 

This is possible because the continents move. The distance of any site from this Duluth to Barringer Meteor Crater line divided by the rate of continental movement gives us the age or date of the individual site.

Now, at this writing, I do not have access to maps so I have to approximate the date of the sites. 

Outside of Winslow, Arizona  we have Barringer Meteor Crater. This crater is dated as 50,000 years old and  was formed from a meteorite that crashed from this orbital debris field. 

The age of the various sites are either more or less than 50,000 years old depending on their relative location to this line.

I will revisit this essay and make corrections to it when I get the opportunity to do so.

Email me directly with your questions and comments and we can discuss this in more detail.





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Catastrophism was a real natural process that the Earth experienced for billions of years. It was a process that frequently changed the planet thereby changing life, itself.

What is catastrophism? It is a process that changed the Earth’s crust by multiple and various cataclysms.

It was theorized by George’s Cuvier a 19th century French scientist who studied extinctions and the renewal of life on Earth.

However, his theory lacked a mechanism to support his claims. That mechanism has now been discovered by this author.

If we examine the distribution of impact craters on our planet we find that their distribution forms an arch around the planet at a skewed angle.

This indicates that these impacts originated from a debris field that once orbited the Earth.

How did this debris form? It formed when a Mars size planet struck the Earth at a glancing angle ejecting a massive amount of debris which collected together to form the moon.

Not all the debris formed the moon. Some of the debris remained in orbit between the Earth and the Moon forming a debris field that orbited the Earth.

This is where we find the mechanism for catastrophism. The relative pull of gravity from the earth and the moon kept this debris field in orbit.

However, the moon has been gradually moving away from the earth. As the Moon moves away from Earth, the relative gravitational force exerted by the moon deceases. This results in debris from this this field to be pulled to the earth causing impact cratering.

The larger debris impacts resulted in massive destruction to the Earth and it’s ecosystem. An example, is the impact that killed the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago.

The orbital interplay between the Earth, Moon, and this debris field is the mechanism for catastrophism. This is what caused the impacts.

So, catastrophism was a very real process in the Earth’s geological history.

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Foolish Skeptics

Those who mock what they don’t understand are stupid people. This is exactly what so-called internet skeptics do.

I know that they claim to know and use science but they really don’t. Here is why. It is the failure of science itself that they don’t understand and so they attack new ideas because they don’t know how to fit them in with the science they know.

First, science is not absolute truth. As an academic discipline it can not and does not provide absolute truth. This means that even the best science produced by the best scientists can be and often is incorrect.

Then, why study science?  The reason is that it is probably correct. It is this probability factor that makes science useful even though it could be in error.

Now, the hard sciences are measurable and repeatable. This results in a very high probability of correctness. We can’t say this for the soft sciences or social sciences. 

Archaeology is one of these soft sciences. This means that there is a much higher chance of error in its results. 

Skeptics don’t address this.  This is their error. Here is an example.

One tool used by archaeology is carbon-14 dating. A failure of this method is that it fails to date anything older than 50,000 years of age. So, if something is older archaeology will fail to detect it. 

Well, just how can skeptics or archaeologists claim something is not millions of years old when their very methodology prevents them from finding an older date?

A skeptic who sides with this kind of analysis is stupid in the extreme.

Another source of error is the failure to accept that truth for one discipline is true for all disciplines. An example is mathematics. One plus one is two. Two plus two is four. This is true for all disciplines not just mathematics.

Here is another example. Archaeology and Egyptology claim the Sphinx to be 4,500 years old. Is it?

The Sphinx has extensive water erosion. How can it have water erosion if it was built in the desert 4,500 years ago?  It had to have been built at a time when water was abundant in Egypt. You see the truth of geology, water erosion, has to also be true for both Archaeology and Egyptology.

Well, the same failed methods that have resulted in a false date for the Sphinx have been used for many decades at archaeological sites around the world and the erroneous dates have not been corrected.

How can any thinking person accept anything Archaeologists tell us?

Skeptics, face the truth and change your ways.

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The Non Human Skeleton of Guadeloupe Woman

The issue with this skeleton is that it has not been recognized for what it is. It is  not human.

The easiest and quickest way to discover this is to examine the skeleton itself. What you see is a large circular whole in the pelvis.

Compare the pelvis inlet hole to that of a modern human woman and you will see it is very much larger. Such a large pelvis opening is not a human trait.

The large size is designed to allow the live birth of a child with a very large head. 

Humans have large heads but not that large so whatever this individual was it was not a modern human.

This is what is wrong with mainline science. It refuses to accept what is obvious in favor of the established theories of their various disciplines.

Also, mainline academic scientists have forgotten that science does not give absolute truth only what is the most likely truth until something else comes along to replace it.

Well, the issue here is the belief that modern humans are the only intelligent life to have ever inhabited the Earth. That belief is in error.

The Guadeloupe Woman skeleton is evidence to this fact. The Earth was inhabited by other non human intelligent beings in the very remote past and they left us remnants of their civilization.

In Genesis we learn that as a result of the sin of Adam women were punished with pain in child birth. Well, that would occur if the ancients were replaced with moderns. It is telling us that a new species replaced the old.

Humans originated from another, actually many other, pre-human intelligent beings or species.

Author’s Note: Since writing this post I have been in contact with an academic and was told the skeleton is missing its scapula (shoulder bone), clavicle (collarbone), and sternum (breast bone). I have to investigate this but it seems to me that these missing bones support my argument that this skeleton is another species.

2nd AUTHOR’S Note: Since writing my last author’s note I have again viewed a photograph of the Guadeloupe Skeleton. In addition to the missing bones mentioned above, the rib cage seems to be made up of only six pairs of ribs not twelve pairs as in modern human skeletons. This seems to support my conclusion that this skeleton is not human. However, I call for a full and complete  examination of this skeleton so it can be properly identified.

3rd AUTHOR’S Note: Spoke to a retired medical doctor (MD) today, June 17, 2020, and he agreed with me that the pelvic opening looked excessively  large to be human. 

He also agreed with me that a detail study of the skeleton should be made to properly identify it. 



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Amarna is 18.75 Million Years Older than Thebes(Luxor)

Amarna the city built by Pharaoh Akhenaten is 18.75 million years older that Thebes which is now called Luxor. As such, it could not have been built by modern humans. 

The proof for this comes from planetary and geoscience and is based on plate tectonic movement of the African continental plate.

The African plate moves Northward at a rate of .8 cm per year or one mile every 75,000 years. Since the distance between the two sites is 250 miles that equals 18.75 million years.

How do we know this is true? Both sites have the same “X” pattern layout to track the ascent of a celestial object. This pattern has the same orientation and angles in both sites and therefore must sight the same celestial object.

Since both can not sight the object from the same location at the same, one had to move away from the sight line while the other moved into the sight line.

This means that at one time Amarna was located at the latitude and longitude of ancient Thebes.

Actually, even ancient Thebes has moved away from where it was once was located making it much older than currently believed. However, we have not yet attempted to date it.

In any case,  Amarna is older than belief and constitutes an ancient city built by non humans. Some people consider these builders as aliens (ET), some consider them gods, but I consider them pre-human ancestors.

One other point, the story of Akhenaten leaving Thebes to build Amarna is obviously folklore and not true history.

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The Giant Alien Face in the Antarctic

The Giant Alien Face discovered by Google Earth in late August of 2019 is similar to the face discovered in Canada in 2015.

The Good Morning America program (June 23, 2015) reported on the find of Hank Guss on Reeks Island off Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. (See my blog essay: The Face From Mars”)

The two are similar with the Antarctic image very much larger(3,520 feet long versus 7 feet long. The shape of the heads of both images are also similar except the Canadian face is blowing.

The Canadian face is part of The Juan DeFuca Plate that is pushing against Vancouver Island at a rate of 0.2 inches per year.

Actually, in the extreme remote past all the continents were one which argues that the faces may be hundreds of millions old. Of course, further study is necessary

At this point I wish to say that I know of these faces only from internet and news reports. I have not visited either site.  I am only commenting on the similarity of the two images.

For completeness I am including the geographic coordinates for the Giant Antarctic Face. They are: 72degrees South latitude and 168 degrees 34 minutes East longitude.

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The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden may actually have been a real place located in Mexico.

I have been examining photos of some strange artifacts that are found in Mexico that depict human like beings with cone shaped heads. Although there are those who see these artifacts as “aliens” or ET, I do not. My analysis points to a close similarity with modern humans.

Look closely. These strange artifacts point to a similarity to the Easter Island

Both have the same body proportions. The head is about the same length as the torso which is about the same length as the legs. That means that each has a length of 1/3 of the body’s length.

Both have large eyes, large ears, and a snout, not a nose. However, the Easter Island statues have a proportionally larger snout and straight, not slanted eyes.

Both have incomplete hands with no palms and nearly equal length fingers.
They differ in the number of fingers, four for Mexico and five for Easter Island.

Both also have a finger that looks like a thumb but is not. They are not monkeys.

The male genitals display no testicles although in the case of Easter Island the male organ seems to be inside the body.

This may mean that these creatures may have had a lower body temperature than we have.

These artifacts seem to represent two different types of the same kind of life form. This is like two different species of birds or cats. They are similar but different.

These Mexican Artifacts also show carvings in stone of another cone headed creature that wears a crown. This individual seems more closely related to modern humans than either the Easter Island heads or the very large eyed  Mexican creature previously discussed.

The artifacts also seem to bear a time stamp or date. The broken tablet has carvings of feet moving to and away from an odd “s” shaped object. This seems to indicate a round trip to and from this object.

What could this “s” shaped object be? It looks like a black hole destroying a star.
This could refer to a round trip around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which contains a black hole.

So, what is the date. The two Suns included in the carving can indicate two round trips around the black hole.

Our solar system orbits the Milky Way every 250 million years. Two round trips would then result in a 500 million year time stamp carved into this artifact.

These artifacts may be telling us the story of proto-human life some 500 million years before the origin of the individuals wearing the crowns.

This may represent the real origin of humanity from several other species in the very distant past.

This would be the real Garden of Eden.

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Mr. Black to be Interviewed

Mr. Black will be interviewed on the radio show/podcast Midnight in the Desert on March 18, 2020 at 9 PM Pacific Time.

The show can be heard on the internet at

Mr. Black has pioneered the use of continental plate movement to date archaeological sites and has dated sites in Mexico to over 100 Million years of age.

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The Feathered Serpent

” Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.   This line from the Lord’s Prayer was taken literally by the ancients.  They built on the Earth a sky map of the heavens with a construction extending about 2,500 miles in length from Mexico to Canada depicting the feathered serpent.

To understand all this we must realize that the ancients worshiped celestial objects.  They were seen as divine.  One such celestial object was the Earth’s now extinct debris ring.  This ring looked like a large open mouth serpent coiled around the planet.  It orbited overhead between the Earth and the Moon.

The mechanism for its creation was the impact between the Earth and a Mars size object called Theia over 4 billion years ago.  This impact caused a massive debris field that collected together to form the Moon. However, not all the debris formed the Moon and some of the debris remained in orbit forming a ring  that the ancients worshiped as the feathered serpent.

This debris ring had two massive mountain size rocks at one end making it look like an open mouth snake with a long extended body coiled around the Earth. The ancients built a massive earthen work monument in North America to depict it. The tail extended to Canada and the open mouth head was in Mexico terminating in a massive earthen mound the size of a mountain.

The Mexican part of this construction is highly weathered and eroded. So much so that it looks like a natural formation. Even so it is an impressive wonder. The snake’s open mouth head is found in the high buttes of the Sierra Organelles National Park in Sombrerete near Durango. At present, I have been unable to gain access to high resolution photos of this national park to fully verify this discovery. However, images on Google Earth illustrate the high peaks of the Sierra Organelles are arranged like an open mouth snake looking toward the tail.

The date for this construction is not known but I believe it to have been built near the end of the Cretaceous Period about 66.4 million years ago and may be older.

The extended body of this snake construction seems to be made up of earthen mounds of various sizes.  These mounds extend through the Ohio River Valley in the United States and track under the orbital path of the Earth’s debris ring.

The ancients took the Lord’s Prayer literally and made the Earth an image of the the heavens above. “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.







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103 Million Years Of Civilization on Earth

            Is Civilization on Earth 103 Million Years Old and were they Aliens?

            If there existed civilization on Mars or the Moon or any other body in our Solar System then there should also be evidence of such on good old planet earth.  Why has it not been found and if why has it not be publicized and openly discussed?
            Well, it has been discovered.  The evidence is there but no one wants to accept it because to do so would necessarily require the rejection of our academic community and their incorrect theories about the Earth’s ancient past. So, how do we proceed? We start over again with a new approach. This is what I did and you may judge the result for yourself.
            I began considering impact craters on the Earth. I looked at their location and distribution. You can find maps displaying impact locations on the internet.  If you look closely and consider what you see you will notice that you can draw a line in between these impact craters indicating an average path for their distribution which is the slope of a line or linear equation of their distribution.  Keep in mind that although the Earth is round the map is flat and as such you can draw a line through the impact just like you can coordinates on any map or graph.  This is called curve fitting.
            Now, if you expand the line on the round earth you have the plot of the projection (call it a shadow) of an object that circled the Earth in the very ancient past that no longer exists, but the impacts do exists. I know this may be a little abstract for some folks but it never-the-less is real.
            Well, this path gives us a reference line or datum from which to date when various geographic locations were directly under the line or orbit of this extinct celestial body. It becomes a starting point like a starting point in a race.  Since the continents move (plate tectonics) and the speed and direction of the various continents is know to science it is possible to date when, in the ancient past various archaeological sites were under this orbit.
            So what happens when we date archaeological sites?  We get dates that are extremely old, in the many millions of years?  What we find is that the ancient inhabitants of the Earth built their civilization under the orbit of this extinct celestial body ad this was done for many millions of years.
            Let us look at some dates.  If we consider ancient Egypt, we get dates that range from 16,000 years in Southern Egypt to 46 million years along the coast. Giza dates to 28 millions year of age.
            What if we try North America. The dates are even older and they challenge everything our science claims it knows about the ancient past.
            The Effigy Indian Mounds of Iowa and Wisconsin fall directly under this orbital path at a date of 16.1 million years.  What?! I hear you now complaining.  Didn’t archaeologists date these sites back 5,000 years? Well, guess what? They did and they didn’t.
            What archaeology does is date from context.  They take some artifact or bone and date that and then apply the date to the whole structure.  They don’t date and can’t date stone and in this case earth.  The mounds are made of earth that is identical to the earth around the individual mounds and there is no way to determine the exact age of the building of the mounds from the background earth.
            However, the fact that the mounds are directly under the orbit of this celestial object indicates that they could not have been placed there unless the builders knew exactly where the orbit was which means that they have to be 16.1 million years old.
            Hold the phone. We are not finished yet.  We can examine Mexico, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula. When we adjust a map of North America back in time we find that the Yucatan falls directly under this orbit  66 million years ago. In fact, it crosses the Chicxulub crater formed by the impact that killed the dinosaurs. This also indicates that the object that struck the earth came from this celestial orbital path suggesting that what existed was a debris ring that circled the Earth. We will have more to say about this debris ring later in this essay.
            What else do we discover? We find that this orbital path travels over Chichen Itza and Tulum, two ancient ruins of Mexico.  There is no particular reason to locate these two sites where they are unless they were deliberately built under this debris ring indicating the existence of intelligent life in the Yucatan at the time of the dinosaurs.
            If we continue our dating we can solve the mystery of Monte Alban.  This is the lost ruin 6,400 feet high up in the mountain on a level plateau.  If we apply plate tectonic movement we can date the site to 85 million years.  This means that the original city was built on a level plain and was uplifted due to the plate movement of Mexico.
            Now, if we continue, we can date La Venta, the lost ruin of the Olmecs to over 103 million years.  The Olmecs are the “rubber people”. Who or what they were exactly is uncertain. Our sciences tells us that modern humans are 200,000 years old and originated in Africa.
            Were these ancients aliens? Did they come here from another world?  There are those who see a connection with the planet Mars.  I can not say at this time but it seems to me that what we have is definite evidence of intelligent life on the Earth at the time of the dinosaurs.
            Let us return to the debris ring of the earth.  The current belief about the origin of the Moon is that the Earth was struck by a Mars size object that ejected massive debris into space that collected together to form the moon.
            Well, this also becomes the mechanism for the origin of Earth’s debris ring because not all the ejected debris formed the Moon and some remained as a large extended debris field or ring.
            This debris field would look a little different depending on from where on the surface it was viewed from. It could be thought of a stairway to heaven, a pathway to the gods, a ring, a dragon, a spider, or a snake.  In fact, there are snake statues next to the massive pyramid of Chichen Itza indicating that this debris ring passed over this pyramid in the ancient past.  It seems to be the reason this pyramid was built.
            Again, this analysis seems artificial and abstract but is never-the-less is correct. There really are impact craters on the Earth. We can really apply mathematical analysis, like curve fitting, to their distribution and find the projection of an orbital path of a celestial object around the Earth. Given the numerous impact craters on our planet and the stories and myths of the ancients, it most likely was a massive debris ring.
            Since the Earth has geologic plates that move and their speed and direction of movement is known, one can use this technique to date various archaeological sites.
The result is that we now can date civilization back 103 million years and there is a possibility that it may be very much older.
            As to whether they are aliens from space, we don’t know at this time.
Bio: Mr. Black is an independent researcher who has pioneered the use of plate tectonics for the dating of archaeological sites. He authored Secrets of Lost Earth which he makes available at his public lectures.
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