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2 Million Year Old artifacts found in China: They are not human

Archaeologists have found 700 stone artifacts in the Nihewan Basin of China’s Hebei Province. Due to a lack of animal remains or stone tools the scientists believe the site to be a children’s playground. (The South China Morning Post 26 … Continue reading

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Could the Indus Civilization be 2.8 Million Years Old?

There are some facts about our earth that are so sublime and unnoticeable that they are just about impossible to believe. The fact that the earth’s continents move is one of them. Why are continental plate movements important? Well, since … Continue reading

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Mr. Black’s New Book: “Secrets of Lost Earth”.

Welcome to all our visitors. We wish to announce that we have a new book titled: Secrets of Lost Earth. The book is a paperback of 100 pages with a color cover. It includes references, an index, 21 diagrams, maps, … Continue reading

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