Did Spider Woman, the Navajo Goddess, Really Exist?

Surprising isn’t it? Could a religious myth of American Navajo peoples actually refer to an actual physical goddess? The answer is most certainly yes.

If you are at all familiar with my work you know that I have attempted to explain the unexplained and discover what does not exist today but did exist in the past. As a result I have been able to discover the existence of intelligent civilized life on our planet many millions of years ago.

I accomplished this by discovering the orbit of an ancient debris field that orbited the Earth and then used the projection of this orbit as a reference line to date various archaeological sites by the use of continental plate movement.

The method is simple. Just locate any geographical point and calculate when in the past under the orbit of this lost debris field.

Actually, this is the way the ancients could develop a calendar. Since the Earth wobbles in its orbit celestial objects travel over different points on the surface during the course of a year returning to their starting point. This marks both the beginning and ending of a cycle or year.

Well, in the United States, the native Navajo people live in the Canyon De Chelly National Monument in Northern Arizona. This location is home to a very massive and tall sandstone rock called Spider Rock.

According to Navajo folklore the goddess called Spider Woman, the protector of the Navajo peoples lived on the top of this 800 foot tall rock.

Given the location of this Spider Rock, as it is called, the former orbital celestial debris field would pass over this rock marking the beginning and ending period of the calendar.

The reference to Spider Woman is what the ancient debris field looked like to the ancient peoples of the American Southwest. Keep in mind that we are talking about a debris field and depending where on the Earth’s surface you view it from it could be described differently, for example, a snake, a spider, a stairway to heaven, even a ring.

Here, in the Western hemisphere, we find several of these descriptive names for this same debris field. Another is a snake. In fact, in the State of Ohio, we have a native American site called Serpent Mound that depicts a large open mouth snake. I believe this to also be a reference to this same debris field.

Where did this debris come from? Current scientific thinking believes that the Earth was impacted by a Mars sized object the ejected material of which formed the Moon and also this debris field.

So, Spider Woman was real. She was the Navajo name for this debris field which I believed fell to the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.

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Earth’s Second Moon

The Earth had a second moon. It was smaller, 1,000 kilometers in diameter, but it existed in a stable position in the same orbit as the larger moon. This position was either 60 degrees in front or 60 degrees behind its larger companion. These positions are called LaGrange points.

This was the thesis of a published scientific article found in the British journal Nature in 2011. This article gives support to my research results that the Earth had a second moon. See: Jutzi, M. & Asphaug, E. Nature 476, 69-72 (2011) 

Back in 2009 I came across what I believed was the orbital path or more accurately the projected orbital path on the Earth’s surface of a celestial object that at one time orbited our world and no longer exists. I called this object Luna Prime.

As I continued my studies I came to realize that this orbit was a debris field but could not fully understand what had happened in the Earth’s ancient past.

I later learned the Earth was impacted by a Mars-sized object and the ejected debris from this collision created the moon. The theory of the impact that created our moon is referred to as the “Big Splat Theory”. Part of the evidence to support this theory came from America’s lunar landing with the return of the moon rocks.

By using this orbital path as a base reference line, I was able to date the time that various geographic points were under this orbit. I did this by using the rate of movement of the continents.

This whole approach of using continental movement to date various sites, particularly archaeological sites, was my innovation and resulted in dates for lost civilizations of millions and hundreds of millions of years in age.

As I continued my research I came to realize that the Earth was at one time inhabited by an advanced lost civilization at the time of the super continent of Rodinia. This super continent existed between 1.1 billion to 750 million years ago.

Shocking as this may seem, there is evidence for this claim that is discussed in my articles in this blog. Actually, what we are dealing with is a non-human intelligent species that existed in the very remote past that was also very highly advanced. There is also the real possibility that this civilization may have traveled to the planets and even colonized Mars and other places in the Solar System.

This civilization may also be the bases for the belief in Adam and Eve as found in the Bible. The destruction of this civilization seems to have been interpreted in religious myth as expulsion from Eden.

Well, the Earth’s second moon was discovered through the development of a computer model that explains the celestial mechanics of the Earth-Moon system and also the difference of both the near and far side of the moon.

This work was published in the article in Nature and states that since both moons occupied the same orbit that they gradually merged with each other. The smaller moon was squashed into the larger resulting in the differences in the moon’s surface.

The article’s authors believe that after the impact with the Mars-sized object both moons were in orbit about the Earth for tens of millions of years and were gradually pushed farther and farther away from the Earth to their present position.


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The Solar System changes.  It is not static but dynamic. This means that the objects that circle the sun as-well-as the sun, itself, change.  So the solar system as we know it today is different than the Solar System eons ago.

One of the kinds of change that occurred in the Solar System is that the orbits of the planets changed.  The orbits that they are in now may not be the orbits that they originally formed in.  For example, scientists Cole Bronx and Darren Williams, both of Penn State University, have developed a computer model that indicates that Mars may have formed closer to the sun and moved to where it is today. If fact, the sun, itself, was dimmer than it is now, only 75% of its current brightness. (See Fox News for Sept. 4, 2018)

In the July 14, 2011 issue of Nature, Kevin Welsh presents a computer simulation of the Solar System in which Jupiter formed at 3.5 AU and later moved to 5 AU to where it is now.  The letters AU stand for astronomical unit where 1 AU is the distance of the Earth from the Sun.

Jupiter’s transit was also slowed by the Asteroid belt during its inward movement and the giant planet scattered objects from 1AU to 1.5 AU.

Saturn may have also altered its orbit forming at 7 AU and traveled to 9.5 AU, its current position, according to scientist Avi Mandell. (See “How Did Jupiter Shape Our Solar System” by Ray Sanders in Universe Today, August 22, 2011.

The Daily Mail on 26 Nov. 2014 published the article “Did Life on Earth flourish thanks to Saturn?” The article reported that as Saturn moves closer to the Sun the Earth’s orbit will change by 10’s of millions of miles for only a 10% change in Saturn’s orbit.

Jeff Hecht, in the New Scientist, reports that Elke Pilat Lohinger of the University of Vienna in Austria developed a computer model that demonstrates that tilt of Saturn’s axis will elongate the Earth’s orbit.

This is not all.  The Asteroid Belt, itself, is composed of fragments of 5 or 6 different planets according to a study by the University of Florida.  (See July 3, 2018, “”85% of the Asteroid Belt is Composed of Remnants of Ancient Planets”). According to the study’s lead scientist, Stanley Dermott, the remaining 15% could also be planets. The difference in meteorite finds on Earth are related to evolving changes that happened inside a few large, planets older than 4 billion years.

In my previous work I stated that Jupiter and Saturn changed orbits.  This was essentially a guess. However, the research I just cited, demonstrates that change in the orbits of both of the largest planets of our solar system is a real possibility.  Furthermore, it seems that the Asteroid Belt is the repository of ancient planet debris, debris that could have occurred as a result of destruction caused by the movements of the both Jupiter and Saturn.

It seems that I am closer to the truth then I first believed.

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Is the Maya City of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ Upside Down?

Well, it happened again.  I found something that should not be but is.  This discovery is so fantastic as to be totally unbelievable.  Even my friends and family think I went too far with this one. What is it?  Here is the answer.

The Maya city of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ is upside down! I told you it was fantastic.  Let us examine the issue.

In an article published in Archaeology (July/August) Lizzie Wade writes about the research of Timothy Pugh and Prudence Rice in Guatemala at Lake Peten Itza’. They have been studying an ancient ruin covered in jungle growth called Nixtun-Ch’ich’.

This city’s lay-out is a grid pattern with streets at nearly right angles and its main streets running east to west. The city covers 14 square miles and at its height is estimated to have had a population of 100,000 residents. See the article for more details and an illustration of the city’s site lay-out. (Archaeology July/August 2018,Vol 71,Num 4, pg 26-31)

The grid pattern of this city is at issue here.  It is very unusual for a Maya city.  The researchers claim that it is similar to Teotihuacan the lost city 25 miles from Mexico City over 600 miles to the north.

The article states that this city was built in the Middle Preclassic period 800 to 300 B.C. Nixtun-Ch’ich’, itself, rests on a peninsula jutting into lake Petén.

What is the issue?  Well, when we look at the map/illustration of the site we see a pyramid at the eastern side of the site with a series of other structures west of the pyramid.  We also see an alligator in the North West sector of the site illustration.

If this site, Nixtun-Ch’ich’ is supposed to be similar to Teotihuacan then there is a problem.  Teotihuacan’s largest pyramid, the Citadel, is in the South West sector and the whole city is aligned to the north east while Nixtun-Ch’ich’ is aligned east to west with the pyramid on the east.  Why? This doesn’t make sense.

However, if both cities’ original lay- out was east to west with the main pyramid on the west side then we can explain this unusual alignment by the movement of the continental plates. Now the difference in alignment and lay-out is due to age or the extreme ancient date of the site’s construction.

The North American Plate on which North America rests rotates in a counter clock-wise direction.  The rate of rotation is approximately 1 million years for every degree of rotation.  Since the street lay-out of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ falls below the 90 degree cardinal point by 1 or 2 degrees (I don’t have an accurate map) this indicates that this ancient ruin rotated about 179 degrees.

Rotation of 179 degrees means that this site is upside down, on a map at least. An upside configuration is also in conformity with the continental movement because the North American Plate was also upside down in the ancient past.

So, how old is Nixtun-Ch’ich’?  The 179 degree rotation indicates an age of approximately 180 million years old.  This site also confirms the great antiquity of intelligent life and civilization on planet Earth.

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Is the Su (Succarath) Monster Real or Mythological?

The Su or Succarath is said to live in Patagonia which is now the southern part of Argentina.  Daniel Cohen discusses it in his book The Encyclopedia of Monsters copyrighted in 1982.

This animal is supposed to be dreadful and obnoxious and lives near water.  The drawings of it show it with a feathery tail and a human head with a beard.

The story about it began with a Father Andre’ Thevat in 1558 and is further included in Konrad Gesner’s 16th century four volume work Historia Animalium.

The Argentinian Paleontologist Professor Florentino Ameghino believed it to be a species of giant ground sloth.

So, is the Su real or a mythological monster?  Well, maybe yes it is.  This answer comes from a place very far away from Patagonia in the Pacific Ocean.  The place is Easter Island.

The primary issue of why the Su is considered mythological is that the animal has a human face. The very idea of an animal with a human face is considered absurd.  Humans are human and animals are animals. So, how can such a thing be?  Well, there is a scientific theory called evolution and an animal with a human face or human with an animal’s body is consistent with the theory of evolution. This is what Easter Island shows us.

Easter Island is in the Pacific Ocean many thousands of miles from South America.  It is famous for its “heads”.  These massive stone statues have heads with torsos and were “somehow” moved from a crater where they were carved to where they were placed.

Thor Heyerdahl in his book The Art of Easter Island  copyrighted in 1975 seems to fill in the blank spaces of evolution. His book shows a four legged creature with a human face.  The creature itself looks like a small dog.

Why is this important? Well, how do you think evolution operates.  A creature just doesn’t automatically evolve from what it is into something else. Nor does it evolve into a modern life form exclusively.

If, for example, a coastal creature moves onto land it has to adapt to a different ecological niche. It, however, would not evolve solely into just one advanced form. As it moved onto land some of its kind would move into different ecological niches and become different species.  So, there would not be a linear progression directly to human but there would be turns along the way resulting in some animal creatures with human heads and faces.

The Su seems to be one of these ecologically different species that shares a human head and face with us.  The Su then becomes a real possibility and not just a mythological monster.  However, without a fossil or living creature of its kind to study there is no way to be certain.

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The Roswell UFO Crash

On July 7th of 2018 I was interviewed on a radio talk show.  They wanted to ask me about the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947, they also wanted to know about ET and a little about my research into ancient civilizations.  So, I cooperated and brought a UFO model that was constructed from UFO reports, an article about a special kind of German rocket plane, and a bound copy of a 1936 National Geographic article about two American Army Air Force captains who flew the highest aloft to an altitude of 72,395 feet in a large three hundred (300) foot-tall helium filled balloon

Do you know what happened?  They didn’t believe anything I said to them.  Do you know why?  American journalists and broadcasters are poorly educated, especially in science, technology, and history. So, for you fine people from other lands please understand that Americans suffer from a constant bombardment from this kind of media people.

So, I will briefly review what I said during the radio interview.

I have been studying UFOs and unexplained mysteries since 1994.  I have been giving lectures on the subject of Roswell, UFOs, and their connection with World War II since 1996.  Furthermore, I have an educational background in science, mathematics, history, applied technology, and education.  I understand what I am talking about.  The answers I found are real and true and explain the UFO mystery and its role in 20th century history.  Let us examine the issue.

In 1935, two American Army Air Force captains designed, built, and flew a helium balloon that carried them inside a pressurized gondola to the same altitude of the U-2 spy plane.  This stratospheric flight demonstrated America’s capability to build and deploy very high altitude “spies in the sky” platforms.  The flight occurred.  It is fact and the two Air Corps officers were promoted to the rank of major by an act of the American Congress.

After the Second World War, in 1945, the United States began testing and deploying a descent capsule from a stratospheric balloon.  These tests were conducted in New Mexico not too far from Roswell.  Why a descent capsule?  Landing a stratospheric balloon was dangerous and the crew was at risk.  They could be killed because such a large balloon would drag the crew gondola a long distance on the ground.  Replacing the gondola with a descent capsule to return the crew would improve safety.

The descent capsule would have a flat bottom and a rounded skirt with a doomed top so the crew could observe the balloon envelope from inside the capsule.  The wide bottom would act like an air brake slowing the capsule’s descent until a parachute could be released.  Of course failure of the parachute would mean death for the crew.  The result would be a crashed disc shaped craft in a remote area.  See my book X-history for more details.

Now, if an advanced rocket plane was added to the balloon instead of the descent capsule, then the spy platform could be flown over hostile foreign territory and after the mission the crew had a rocket powered craft to return safely back to base.

The aircraft best suited for this was the secret German Gotha P-60 a combined rocket and jet aircraft. This aircraft was arrow shaped and flat and could fit neatly under the balloon envelope. The P-60 was a fast, at least 595 mph or faster, radar stealth aircraft that could turn without banking something like a hockey puck. This was “big magic” in 1947 the year of the Roswell crash.

So, the Roswell UFO was a craft that  combined stratospheric ballooning with a radar stealth rocket aircraft.  Something went wrong and it crashed.  I believe that the craft was struck by lightning causing a fire and explosion of the rocket motor which caused the crash.

In 1947 this technology was the extreme state of the art and gave the United States the edge it needed in the Cold War.  Today, the technology is very different but it accomplishes the same kinds of things.

For the radio interview, I brought with me photos of the German Gotha P-60 together with a copy of the National Geographic Magazine article that discussed the 1935 balloon flight.  This is documented evidence and they ignored it.  I also brought an engineering model of the descent capsule that I believed was used at that time in history.  The model actually demonstrated a slow descent. Even with all of this they were incredulous. Frankly, I doubted that they understood anything of what I was talking about.

But, not to worry, I received a number of calls, text messages, and personal comments from people who heard the interview, understood what I was talking about and enjoyed the show.

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Is NASA Searching for an Extinct Civilization on Mars?

Why is NASA spending $ 1 Billion Dollars to send the InSight spacecraft to Mars?  The science, alone, is not worth the expense.

On May 5th NASA launched the InSight spacecraft from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This base specializes in launching military satellites into space.

On February 8, 1972 Mariner 9 imaged the Elysium Plains of Mars.  These images show four pyramids one of which is a kilometer tall (over 3,000 feet).  This find was discussed in the magazine ICARUS in 1974.  Why is the InSight spacecraft returning to the Elysium Plains?

At Mars, the InSight will perform a geological dig 16 feet below the surface.  It will also place very sensitive high tech sensors on the surface to study the interior of the planet and to study mars quakes.  The data collected will make it possible for NASA to construct a 3D map of the interior of Mars. Again, why?!

For fifty years NASA has sent various spacecraft to Mars.  It has plenty of photographs and scientific data.  Why is this mission necessary?

The answer can only be that NASA knows more than it is telling the public. Since Mariner 9 imaged pyramids, we must conclude that NASA is exploring an extinct civilization on Mars.

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