Are The Effigy Mounds of Iowa 16.1 Million Years Old?

The Effigy Mounds at Harper’s Ferry in the state of Iowa may be 16.1 million years old.  They are located at the border of Iowa and Wisconsin at latitude 43 degrees 5 minutes North and longitude 91 degrees  11 minutes West.  They are about 250 miles south of Duluth.

Just how does one go about finding evidence of civilization many millions of years ago?  If you listen to the academics you will get various answers but they don’t accept intelligent life on the Earth more than the 200,000 years.  This is the time that they accept the human race began. So, they ignore and reject this kind of research as pseudoscience.

Well, I have a new approach.  My research has found evidence that the Earth had a debris field or ring of material in orbit around it somewhere between the Earth and the moon. A debris field or ring would have been formed by Theia, the mars size object that the struck the Earth over 4 billion years ago.  The debris expelled from this impact collected together to form the moon.  However, not all the debris formed the moon. Some remained in orbit as a ring that looked like a open mouth snake coiled around our world.

Since it is known that the ancients worshiped celestial objects, they would have also worshiped this debris field. They would have built various constructions under its orbit to mark its position over the Earth to be used as part of their calendar.  I believe that the Effigy Mounds are such constructions and as such would have been built at the time the debris field was in the sky above them.

How can we calculate their age even though the Earth has no debris field or ring today? It is done it two steps. First, we plot the course of this ring across the face of the Earth by using the location of various impact craters already discovered on the Earth.  Second, we use plate tectonic movement, the movement of the continents already know by science, to calculate when any geographic location was under this ring’s orbit.

In the case of North America, we have found that Sault Ste Marie on the US/Canadian border was both the turning point and point of closest approach of this debris field to the Earth. We can then draw a line on a map from that point Southwest to Tahiti its apogee point or most distant location from the Earth. Now all we do is divide the distance from any geographic point to this orbital path and divide by the rate of continental movement.

These mounds rest approximately 280 miles Southeast of the orbital path making the age of these Effigy Mounds 16.1 million years old.

I know, it is difficult to accept. However, when we use plate tectonics to date archaeological sites we get extremely old dates, into the many millions of years. Because of these old dates and the present bias in current academic research that intelligent life is no more than 200,000 years old, people have difficulty accepting the ages I have calculated.

Furthermore, my detractors keep bringing up archaeological evidence which, I have discovered, is really no evidence at all.  In the case of these Effigy Mounds they will refer to excavation of human remains. However, these burials could be very much more recent that the original mounds themselves. There is really no way to date rocks or the earth materials that the mounds are made from.

The Effigy Mounds were built by a very ancient civilization and were later occupied by modern humans who were responsible for the burials.  In fact, the construction of these mounds for burials makes no sense at all.  Their purpose has to be something more important and a geodetic marker that is permanent (large size) would accomplish this purpose very well.


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Venus from Jupiter: Was Velikovsky Right?

Sometimes non-orthodox views in science are more correct than the conclusions of advanced scientific researchers.  This may very well be the case for Immanuel Velikovsky, the author of the 1950 book, Worlds In Collision”.

Who was Immanuel Velikovsky?  He was a mid-twentieth century psychiatrist, author, and researcher who studied ancient religious myths. He developed a theory that he wrote in his book stating that Venus came from the planet Jupiter.  Venus, then, threaten the Earth causing much havoc and destruction which was recorded in the Bible in the book of Joshua and the Egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus.

He saw these destructive events as being real and dating back 3,500 years.

Well, what do you think the scientific scholars of his time thought about his work?      They didn’t like it and dismissed him as a kook and he became the famous scientific heretic of the 1950’s.  However, his book sold well and Hollywood even made a science fiction movie called “Worlds In Collision”.

Velikovsky was particularly criticized for his claim that the planet Venus was the core of Jupiter that was ejected from the planet and wandered in space finally taking up its present orbit between Mercury and Earth.

The issue here is that there was no mechanism to explain why this would occur and no observable or testable evidence to support his claim. Furthermore, his dating for this is too recent for Venus to have developed it’s near circular orbit. Actually, I can understand the reaction of mainline science but due to my research I now think that he may be correct.

I came to this conclusion because my work has come across evidence for a very ancient civilization on the Earth at the time of the super continent of Rodinia.  This continent began forming circa 900 million years ago and broke apart 750 million years ago.

I also want to state that although science has discovered Rodinia, it has not discovered any intelligent life nor civilization this far back in the Earth’s ancient past.

So, what in my research leads me to think that Velikovsky may be correct? The answer is the release of certain artifacts by Mexican Government in 2012 that illustrate cone headed individuals who are capable of interplanetary space flight at the time of Rodinia.

Here I need to say that these images from 2012 are very controversial but I have accepted them in spite of that.  The reason I did so was that one can not hoax scientific truth.  It either is or it isn’t true. Furthermore, if something is true for one discipline it necessarily needs to be true for another. Truth is one. Mainline science must accept this.

Well, these images illustrate an interplanetary journey to what looks like the planet Saturn. If this is the case, then why Saturn and not somewhere closer. The answer seems to be that at the time of Rodinia the solar system was different than it is today. Saturn may have been closer to the Earth.

I believe that their orbits were different than they are today. Saturn and Jupiter may have exchanged orbits or at least moved to their present positions.  Such a change in the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn would necessarily cause solar system wide destruction on an immense scale.

Is there evidence of this?  Well, I say yes. There is proven evidence that after the breakup of Rodinia that the Earth entered into an immense ice age called Snowball Earth for a period of 120 million years. During this time glaciers, 3 miles tall, covered the Earth even in the oceans. Only after they melted did we get what is now referred to as the Cambrian Explosion.  This is the time for the spread of life over the surface of the Earth.

Well, where is Velikovsky in all of this?  His theory about Venus coming out of Jupiter may be the mechanism that caused the movement of the planet Jupiter.  If Venus was the core of Jupiter, then, the total mass of Jupiter would have been diminished by the expulsion of Venus resulting in a change in Jupiter’s orbit.  Jupiter’s movement would alter the orbits of other planets as well. It would even affect the asteroid belt ejecting asteroids throughout  the solar system.

Immanuel Velikovsky’s claim that Venus came from Jupiter may very well be true if his claim is put into this context and his dating is extended back 750 million years.

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Why Scholars Can’t Find Ancient ET.

I was looking through some of the literature about the Earth’s very ancient past. In particular, I considered some of the material of various writers, and scientists and was struck with the realization that they haven’t a clue to what really happened to the Earth.

One would think that with all the advanced science and technology, including space satellites, that our scientists would have a better handle on what the ancient earth was like but they don’t. Here is why.

They don’t know that the Earth at one time had a massive debris ring around it.  Oh! science has theorized about it. Even the current theories of the origin of the moon support this conclusion, but professionally they refuse to stake their careers on a theory which actually is fact.

What is this theory? It is referred to as the “Big Splat Theory of Lunar Formation”.  Briefly, a Mars sized object called Theia, struck the Earth over 4 billion years ago sending debris into orbit that collected to form the moon.

This theory is fact because the impacts on the Earth from various meteors and comets indicate that this is so.  The religious myths and folklore of the ancients indicate it is so.  Even the massive stone structures of ancient civilizations indicate it is so. Furthermore, this debris ring was also responsible for the multiple extinctions of life on the Earth.

In philosophy, we are taught that “truth is self-evident”. However, in science, there is no truth only the most likely answer until something else is found to alter our conclusions.

In engineering and applied science there is a willingness to accept less than absolute knowledge in the pursuit of technological development. The vary nature of this kind of research requires the development of something with incomplete knowledge in order to achieve new forms of instrumentality.

If you want to build a spacecraft to take men to the moon you have to assume that in the future you will have the advanced materials, fuels, and electronics to accomplish this project. You expect that as you research, you will find additional answers to help you continue your research. It is part of the process needed to develop new physical instruments to advance society.

Well, the Earth is an instrument.  It is the instrumentality without which life would not exist. One can make assumptions and test those assumptions and adjust their research to find the correct answers. This is the only way to know anything.

Let us consider an example.  What if you are trying to find New York City.  You may theorize that it is located south of Miami.  OK! Now you travel south of Miami and you don’t find it. What do you know? You know you are incorrect. So, you try again.

This is how we learn and how true science develops. One comes up with a hypothesis, a kind of scientific guess, and then tests it to determine if it is correct.  If it is incorrect you try again. This is how we proceed from the”known to the unknown”. All the scientific theories, advanced instruments, and PhD degrees can’t alter this process. When we discover the “truth” it is self-evident, or mostly so since science never discovers absolute truth.

It is like putting together a puzzle.  You keep looking for the pieces that fit until you complete the puzzle. Sometimes your are surprised by what results.

Now, let us consider some specifics. From 1969 to 1972 the United States Government sent spacecraft to the moon. As a result they returned several hundred pounds of moon rocks back to earth for study.  Science discovered that the Moon was similar to the Earth.  In short, the Moon and Earth had a common or similar origin with the Moon most likely coming from the Earth.

The Theia impact theory explains this. When it struck the Earth with a glancing blow it forced a massive amount of debris into space which collected together to form the Moon.

However, if we consider this we realize that there is the real possibility that not all the material or debris in space formed the moon. Some probably remained as a massive debris field for a long time and due to tidal forces some debris fell to earth, some fell onto the moon, and some went into space.

What is the result of this? Falling rocks, if they strike the Earth will result in extinctions. So, the origin of extinctions is a direct result of the current understanding of the formation of the moon. It is the mechanism of both destruction and evolution of life on Earth.

Well, this process had to continue for a very long time. The Theia impact occurred over 4 billion years ago.  The process of death and evolution occurred over a much longer time than our science wants to face up to.  This opens the door for the origin of life, particularly intelligent life, in the extreme ancient past, maybe even one billion years ago.

Now, if intelligent life did indeed exist, especially in the extreme remote past, then how do we find it; and how do we date it; and what is its significance for us today? These are very big questions and important for our understanding of the origin of life on earth.

So, how do we proceed? Well, given a debris field in orbit, we can use its orbit as a reference line or datum to measure the distance of any geographic point from that reference. How?

We use plate tectonics, the movements of the continental plates. Since the continents move and science knows the speed and direction of the various continents on the Earth they can date when any given geographic location was under that line. Here we work with maps and the orbit is drawn as a line on the map.

This method is a consequence of the “Big Splat Theory” of the formation of the Moon because it gives us a mechanism for the formation of this debris field or ring.

Now, what do we do? Well, we know the ancients worshiped the stars and various celestial objects. In fact, if we find the point of rise of any celestial object, say the sun, on the horizon we find that it rises at a slightly different point every day and then returns to its original position. This is a way of marking the yearly calendar.

If we lay-out a city as a grid from East to West the location of side streets parallel to our main street will indicate calendar date as the object rises and sets over the street. Furthermore, if we build a tower or pyramid, the shadow of that tower or pyramid can act as a sun dial giving us the time of day. So, the movement of the Earth in space becomes our calendar and clock.

Teotihuacan, the lost ruin in Mexico, has such a grid lay-out. It also has another secret. Hugh Harleston, in 1974, presented a theory that this city was a map of the planets and the stars. How could and why would stone age people build such a sophisticated city lay-out.  Who were they? One thousand year old, even ten thousand year old people were not capable of this. What is the answer?

Well, in my work, I start with the premise that the inhabitants of Teotihuacan were Sun Worshipers. This means that the base lay-out of the city and their main street called “The Avenue of the Dead” was facing due East. However, today, this street faces Northeast. Why?

The only answer is found from the movements of the continents. Since the North American Continent rotates counter-clockwise, we have to adjust our map to have it face Northeast. Since the rate of movement is know we calculate a date of 70.23 million years ago as the date of construction of this site.  This is the Cretaceous Period, the time of the dinosaurs.

This is a surprising result. It means that intelligent life lived on the Earth over 70 million years ago and that they were sophisticated enough to build such as site.  Why build it like a star map? We already answered that question. In addition to its use as a calendar and clock, the ancients build the site to allow them to reboot their science after cosmic destruction(extinctions). There is no other solution for this question that would justify such a massive effort on the part of such an ancient civilization.

However, the answer is even more surprising. Hugh Harleston discovered that the site had the exact distances of the planets from the sun including the planet Pluto.  In only two cases were the distances different from the present.  Those two were the distances of Jupiter, off by 2% and Saturn, off by 3%.

Why would this be? These are the largest and most easily visible planets in the solar system. Well, if these numbers are really correct for the position of the planets 70.23 million years ago, then this indicates that the positions of these two planets were different in the past then they are now.

If this error accumulates, then some 750 million years ago the error would have been almost 22% for Jupiter and 33% for Saturn.  That would cause solar system wide massive destruction. This corresponds to the time of the ancient super continent of Rodinia that broke apart 750 million years ago. After the breaking apart of Rodinia the Earth experienced a massive Ice Age called Snowball.

Neither the cause of the break-up of Rodinia nor the cause for the massive ice age called Snowball Earth is known. In the case of Snowball Earth, the whole earth was covered with glaciers 3 miles thick, even in the oceans for a period of 120 million years. It was only after the melting of these glaciers that life spread to the continents again.  This is called the Cambrian Explosion and it occurred occurred 542 million years ago.

The conclusion, which I view as self-evident, is that ancient civilization did indeed exist on the Earth in the very remote ancient past, at least in the Cretaceous Period and probably as far back as Rodinia.  These ancients knew they were going to be destroyed and deliberately built massive stone structures to re-start scientific knowledge after their own destruction.

The idea that a massive solar system wide destruction could occur is more terrorizing that just the thought of an impact on the Earth. It means that there is no escape, even if we re-located to other planets in our solar system.

This is why scholars and academics can’t find earth’s ancient and interplanetary ETs. They existed so far in the remote past that they don’t have the tools to find and study them. However, the Theia theory gives us a workable approach when used together with plate tectonics.

We have a debris field or ring that circled the Earth and the continents moved under its orbit. Planetary scientists believe that the impact was a glancing blow in the Northern Hemisphere so we seek out this ring’s orbital path. This path becomes the reference line or tool to date the extreme past and discover when and where the ancients, maybe ET, inhabited the Earth.

Since scholars don’t know about this ring they can’t know about the Earth’s very ancient past and can’t find the ancients (ET).











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Scotland’s Vitrified Walled Hill Forts

Do you want to know something that will drive Archaeologists crazy? They will complain that I don’t know what I am talking about; that my claims are pseudo-science; or that I am simply incorrect.  If you are curious read on.

The vitrified walled hill forts of Scotland may be 66 million years old and constructed by intelligent non-humans. If fact, my approach to the mystery of walled hill forts may be far superior to any archaeological solution primarily because it is more direct and simpler than any they have offered.

Let us examine the issue and progress from there. What are these forts? They are hill top constructions in both Scotland and Europe. They total about 200 forts of which 60 are in Scotland. The walls were assembled dry without mortar and then the vitrified. Vitrification requires temperatures of 1100 degrees centigrade and turns the rocks into glass. Some of the walls were vitrified on the inside and some on the outside.

Now why would anyone want to do this? Aside from the fact that the vitrification process weakens the wall why vitrify some of the forts on the inside and others on the outside? There seems to be little logic in this. We will have more to say about this later in this essay but now let us consider some of the current knowledge about these forts.

In the period of from 1934 to 1937 two archaeologists Wallace Thorneycroft and Vere Gordon Child conducted an experiment by burning lumber next to stone blocks and discovered that the rocks vitrified.

Additionally, radio carbon dating was conducted on bog soot and timbers establishing a date in the 1st millennium BC, the time that iron smelting began in Great Britain. This means that the inhabitants at this time had the means and know how to generate temperatures high enough (1100 degrees centigrade) to turn rocks into glass (vitrification).

So, the current thinking about these forts is that they are all 1st millennium constructions and their walls were either part of the construction or destruction  (war) of the forts themselves. All that is necessary is to learn who were responsible and why they vitrified these forts.

Well, to properly answer any mystery it is necessary to have both a sufficient and necessary condition. The answer has to be completely necessary and also completely sufficient to answer the question of the mystery. The British Iron Age does not meet this standard.

Just because the inhabitants had the ability to vitrify rock walls doesn’t mean they did. Neither does it tell us why it was done and why some forts had their walls vitrified in the inside and some on the outside.

Furthermore, radio carbon dating is inadequate for two reasons. First, it does not date beyond 50,000 years thereby giving a false early date and second, it dates by context and does not date the wall itself. Anyone at any time could have come upon these forts and started a fire at a more recent date. Context dating is really no dating at all.

Now, for my approach.  If we consider Scotland at the time of the end of the Cretaceous Period some 65 to 66 million years ago, we find that its geographic location is much closer to North America. Since the European plate moves in a Northeasterly direction Scotland and all of Europe would have been both west and south of their location today. In fact, they would have been under the trajectory of the meteorite that struck the Yucatan and killed the dinosaurs.

The process of entering the atmosphere of this 6.5 mile wide rock from space would have generated a very bright flash and intense heat that would have started forest fires world-wide. In fact, the heat would be hot enough to vitrify rock. It would be almost like an atomic bomb blast with intense heat and light.

This also explains why some of the fort walls were vitrified on the inside and some on the outside. The reason is that their geographic location would have exposed the walls differently to the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

This approach provides both a sufficient and necessary conditions to explain what happened. All the forts were vitrified in the remote ancient past by an intense flash and heat as the meteorite passed into the Earth’s atmosphere while it traveled to an impact point at the Yucatan Peninsula in what is now Mexico.

Now, my detractors will claim that there was no intelligent life alive at the end of the Cretaceous to build the forts. Well, the issue here is that the forts, themselves, provide the proof of the existence of intelligence life on  the Earth during the Cretaceous. Keep in mind that human beings have a collar bone a featured already traced back over 90 million years. So, it is possible for a pre-human to have existed.

As for the meteorite’s trajectory, my own research has provided me with a projection of the orbit of a celestial object that was the Earth’s debris ring. This ring traveled along an orbital arc with its closest approach at what is now Sault Saint Marie on the US and Canadian border north of Lake Michigan. This debris field then turned southwest and traveled all the way to what is today Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean where it turned around again and traveled Northwest back to its northern turn around point.

Using this orbital path I discovered that it flew over the Chicxulub Crater on the Yucatan coast. It also flew over Chichen Itza and Tulum, two lost ruins of Mexico, indicating that they were deliberately constructed under this debris field’s orbit. This also is evidence of intelligent life during the Cretaceous.

What we have now is both a better approach to solving the mystery of these forts and evidence for the existence of intelligence life on the Earth at the time of the dinosaurs.

However, I expect that my work will be bitterly attacked by traditional scholars because it challenges the very foundation of their academic disciplines.

Authors Note:    Since publishing this post I have been able to view maps of Europe at the time of the death of the dinosaurs, KT boundary.  Scotland was an island and was aligned with the extreme Southeastern part of Sweden. They both were pointed in a direct line toward the Yucatan Peninsula in what is now Mexico. Therefore, it seems that the meteorite that struck the Earth ending the Cretaceous Period entered the atmosphere somewhere near Southeastern Sweden and flew over Scotland on its way to the Yucatan. The heat generated by the meteorite upon entering the atmosphere vitrified the fort walls.

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America’s Dinosaur Era Civilization

In the former “X-Files” TV series agent Mulder had a poster that stated that “The Truth is Out There”.  Well, it is but no one wants to believe it. Why, because they have been raised on the current false scientific theories of the ancient past that make the truth impossible to accept.

Maybe we should substitute the word reality for truth because what we are facing is the need to change modern science’s understanding of the reality of the ancient past. Another way to look at this is to simply state that modern science must change its view of the real ancient world. It must accept the ancient world on its terms instead of imposing a false view of it through erroneous scientific assumptions and analysis.

This error is a direct result of funded professional research that puts careers ahead of scientific truth. The academics know what I am talking about and they hide in their tightly knit jargon infested disciplines and don’t move too far astray of the accepted theories for fear of loss of their funding and careers.

Real scientific truth comes with breaking the mold and reaching beyond the accepted. Unfortunately, those who do pay a very high price for this but provide great scientific strides, often not realized until after their deaths.

In spite of this, I, as an independent researcher and thinker, have attempted to do this by applying continental movement to the dating of the very remote ancient past and have had some success in this effort.

As a result, I’ve discovered that the Earth has harbored intelligent life and civilization in the extreme ancient past going back hundreds of millions  of years. Such a notion is so extreme to the modern scientific myths taught in our colleges and universities as to make anyone pursuing this path of research appear to have lost their grip on reality when the exact opposite is correct.

Well, enough of my complaints about our current academic scientific community. Let us move on.

My work has discovered that the ancient sites of Mexico are ancient in the extreme. What we have is the remains of a Cretaceous Era Civilization that was destroyed 66 million years ago by an impact from space. This impact occurred on the coast of the Yucatan and is believed to have destroyed the dinosaurs.

The issue here is that this Cretaceous Era Civilization extended into what is now the United States, particularly, the American Southwest and certain areas of the Southeast. This extended civilization is the topic of this essay.

For those of you interested in my dating of the ancient cities of Mexico I refer you to my various articles on this blog dealing with these cities. However, I will review a few issues to support my claims for a Cretaceous Era Civilization. Here they are.

Since it is not possible to date rock, scholars can’t determine when a piece of rock was quarried and used to build a building.  Therefore, they resort to dating by context. This usually entails finding some organic object and dating that object, usually via Carbon-14, and then using that date for the date of construction.

Look! Not only does carbon-14 dating not generally provide an age beyond 50,000 years but the use of another object ignores the fact that individuals other than the builders could have arrived at the site many years after its construction. I have to make a special note here, in that carbon-14 can in certain cases date as far back as 72,000 years but even that provides a date that assumes intelligent civilization to more recent times than I believe it to be.

This is what was done on Easter Island.  The stone heads could not be dated directly so researchers dated a camp fire to the first century BC resulting in an age for the stone heads of 2,000 years. Just how can this be science? It is very possible that the Easter Island heads are very much older than 2,000 years and our academics have no way of knowing their true age. Similar techniques have been used at archaeological sites all over the globe.

Another issue is misidentified and ignored research. I will give one example here. William Niven discovered a buried city some thirty one feet below the surface in the Valley of Mexico about 25 miles from Mexico City.  That city has not be studied and his work was ignored.

The issue here is that the underground city was destroyed by a massive earthquake followed by burial in a massive tidal wave. Just how could this site have been submerged by a tidal wave since it lies some 7,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by mountains 5,000 feet high? The destruction would have had to occurred millions of years ago.

What about the Acambaro figurines? These artifacts were discovered in 1944 and show what look like humans, or human like beings, together with dinosaurs. Furthermore, the dinosaurs are accurately depicted. How could this be unless they original images were made by individuals that had direct knowledge of dinosaurs?

My dating of various sites in Mexico indicates an age over 100 million years. Tulum and Chichen Itza are dated to 66 million years ago. Teotihuacan is dated at over 70 million years ago. Monte Alban is dated to 85 million years ago  and La Venta is dated to over 103 million years ago. These dates are based on the movement of the North American Continental Plate.

This is not all. There are a number of unexplained and mysterious artifacts, sites, geographical land forms, and even mythology that support the claim for an American Dinosaur Era Civilization. I will mention just a few.

In the American Southwest, at a place called Monument Valley, located in the states of Arizona and Utah, there exist five high rise buttes that exhibit evidence of being carved by an advanced civilization some 35 million years ago.

In the American State of Wisconsin, underwater in a lake in the town of Lake Mills, there is claimed to exist stone constructions left behind by an ancient civilization. My date for this site is 55 millions years ago but it could be very much older.

There is also the mysterious rock wall in the town of Rockwall, Texas.  This town is about 10 miles east of Dallas, Texas.  The mysterious wall has be claimed to be upwards of 50 million years old but a dispute rages over its origins. Is the wall either a natural or artificial object?

Even the North American Navajo folklore of the Goddess, Spider Woman, is descended from mythology from Mexico’s Teotihuacan. This myth is ancient beyond belief.

Although academics may question the use of this evidence, it still build a case for an extremely old civilization, centering on the Cretaceous, for a civilization in Mexico and extending into the United States.

May I suggest that you, the reader, read through this blog and discover what academics refuse to consider. It will be worth your time to do so.











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Humans are a Hybrid Species

Why do people have feet and hands? No! This is not a ridiculous question.  Its answer will lead us to the truth of human origins.

Think about this for a moment. Humans are supposed to have evolved from apes but apes do not have feet like we do. Ape feet are more like hands. If we really evolved from apes then we humans should have hands for feet. Why do we not have ape like hands instead of feet?

A couple years ago I published an essay that discussed an Israeli find of an Egyptian sarcophagus that showed a human face with feet like hands. The hands had no thumbs. Humans must have thumbs. My readers dismissed my observation but I was correct and mainline science seems to have intentionally ignored this find. Why? Because it demonstrates that all their theories about human evolution are incorrect.

This Israeli find indicates that in the ancient past beings similar to humans, but not human, did indeed exist. They were intelligent beings like us but they were not us.

“OH No! Mr. Black you can’t say that. You are making a leap that is unjustified.” I can hear my detractors now but they are totally wrong.

To prove something you need to have a necessary and sufficient condition. It is required in mathematics and in logic.  Well, where are the necessary and sufficient conditions to prove that humans evolved from apes?

Fossils and DNA analysis don’t qualify.  They don’t explain why humans have hands and feet and apes do not. Nor do they explain the Israeli find .  They do not provide necessary and sufficient conditions to explain this human characteristic.

Yes, the proper DNA is necessary for humans to develop hands and feet but how did the required DNA form. Science has not proven nor adequately explained human origins.

Let me tell you a story.  About a month ago I caught a rat in a trap.  What I noticed was that the rat’s feet looked like hands. I had never noticed this before and this experience set me to thinking.  If the current theories of evolution are true then we humans should not have feet like we do.

Furthermore, if we evolved from an animal that had feet instead of hands then our hands would look like feet. They don’t. So, how do we explain this? The only possible explanation is that humans are a type of combined species, or hybrid, between two different species.  It is almost like some ancient ET created us in a laboratory.

Therefore, we must conclude that humans are hybrids.  This explanation provides the necessary and sufficient conditions to explain human origins. OK! So, where is the evidence? Good question. Here is the answer.

The evidence has either been misidentified or rejected. I believe both are true. The evidence is also highly controversial and very limited.  If academic scholars were to seriously consider this evidence they would put their careers at risk.  You see, professional science doesn’t want the truth because it may interfere with careers and academic funding.

Let us consider some of the evidence. How about the ICA Stones?  I told you it would be controversial. The ICA Stones illustrate human like individuals together with dinosaurs only the dinosaurs appear to be small, about human size.

To an academic, this evidence can not be accepted.  It has to be fake because everybody knows dinosaurs became extinct 65 or 66 million years ago.

Well, I never wrote that humans go back 65 or 66 million years ago.  I did write that “human like” individuals are illustrated with dinosaurs on the ICA Stones. If we closely examine the “human like” individuals it becomes obvious that they are not human like we are. They must be some kind of other species.

Oh! The date of 65 or 66 million years ago is not indicated on the ICA Stones.  Since the dinosaurs are small, human size, that indicates a date of 86 million years ago because dinosaurs did not grow to their large size until after that time.

The Acambro figurines found in Mexico are additional evidence. One of those figurines depict a large “monkey god” standing upright with horns on its head. This animal has feet that look like ape hands. There is no animal like this alive today and it is not an ape or monkey but a “monkey like” being. To the best of my knowledge there are no fossils or DNA of this animal.

Now, if we examine the art of Easter Island, we come across an image of an ICA Stone “human like” female having sex with a “monkey like” being. Is this proof? No, it is not but it gives us a clue of what to look for and what may have happened in human evolution.

Now science tells us that inter species reproduction produces sterile offspring. Maybe this was not the case in the very ancient past.  No one knows for certain what happened in the very ancient past.  However, we still have a viable hypothesis that human beings are a hybrid species.  How this occurred is not known but it seems to have happened.








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Earth’s 5.75 Million Year Old People

Have you ever found something by accident? You know, you are just going about your normal activities and then , “there it is”, the unexpected find. Well, that has happened to me.

You see, my normal activities deal with finding unexplained mysteries and ancient civilizations. In the process I look over various internet stories and combined them with my own theories. This methodology sometimes results in unexpected discoveries, or at least surprises, that simply amaze me.

They also make people doubt my work. However, the finds are real and offer answers to questions that have never been asked. Here is my latest example.

In my post “Crete’s 5.7 Million Year Old Footprints” I discussed the discovery of fossilized human footprints in Crete dated at 5.7 million years of age. Well, the post previous to that, “Did the TWA/United Airlines Crash of 1956 Occur Over a 5.75 Million Year Old ET Site?”, seems to confirm the dating of the Crete discoveries and extends them to the United States.

What?! That was exactly what I thought. The two posts are totally unconnected. At least that was what I, at first, believed.

The issue is that the airline crash was unconnected but not the date of an ancient find in the American Grand Canyon. Let us briefly re-examine the matter.

In the airline post about a TWA and United Airline Crash in 1956, I stated that the aircraft crashed in an area that was restricted and contained an ancient, “alien” site.

I have never been to the crash site and have no direct knowledge of the “alien” site. For me, it may or may not exist. I was only attempting to date this possible “alien” site in the event it did exist using my method of plate tectonic dating. It was, for me, just an exercise.

Well, I published a date of 5 million years on my blog post. Actually, the date was 5.75 million years. This is the unexpected find and I have now updated my blog post.

You see, the date of 5.75 million years is very close to a date of 5.7 million years for the footprints found in Crete. So, my method is providing dates similar to dates used by other scientific methods. It demonstrates that my work is consistent with current academic science and is correct.

Some of you may believe that what I found is just a coincidence. That may be. However, I say that what is behind this coincidence is the fact that people, of some kind, existed at this date in the past and that they existed in both North America and Europe at such an ancient date.

This challenges our understanding of not only human origins but of our whole understanding of evolution as well.

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