Lake Mills, Wisconsin and the Extreme Antiquity of North American Sites

In the United States there are many strange and anomalous sites and artifacts and, in fact, such things are spread far and wide over the entire North American Continent.

One such site is Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin in the United States.  Under the water of this lake there is claimed to be stone constructions left behind by an ancient civilization.

Although mainline archaeologists and anthropologists dismiss this claim, there is the very real possibility that a very ancient civilization may have existed there – possibly many millions of years ago.

This possibility is supported by the geographic location of this site, the use of plate tectonic movement to analyze it, and the current understanding of the origin of the Earth’s moon.

In short, there is a scientific basis for this possibility even though a great deal of research still needs to be done to be certain of the age and physical reality of each site.

What I’ve done is study the very ancient past with the use of plate tectonic theory (the movement of the continents). This method has allowed me to date an ancient civilization in Mexico to over 100 million old.  Yes! I wrote over 100 million years old.

The location of Lake Mills, Wisconsin (43° 4’ 48” N & 88° 54’ 33” W) indicates a possible age of this site dating back about 55 million years.  This is only a guess but the presence of a dinosaur bone may make it even older.

In order to date with plate tectonic movement it is necessary to have a reference point.  That reference point is a line drawn on the map of the earth that indicates the path of an orbital object or objects.

This path passes over the United States just north of Lake Michigan and then turns southwest toward Arizona and the Pacific Ocean.  This orbital path traveled over Lake Mills about 55 million years ago.

What is the cause of this orbital path?  Well, the current theory of the formation of the moon is that a Mars size object impacted the earth over four billion years ago and its debris formed the moon.  Also, a massive debris field formed that orbited the earth, as well.

This debris field, like other celestial objects became an object of worship for the ancients.  It could have been interpreted as a stairway, as a snake coiled around the earth, or even a pathway to reach heaven.  The ancients did not use our current scientific jargon to describe it.

Since the rate of movement of any geographic point away from this reference orbit is known, the measured distance becomes a measure of the time at which the site was under this path.

By using these techniques, I was able to confirm the dating of the impact that killed the dinosaurs and discover that the meteorite that struck the earth originated from this orbital path.  Also, it became obvious that an ancient civilization existed in Mexico from 103 to 65 million years ago.

Furthermore, some kind of civilized or semi-civilized society, most likely not human, existed across all of North America.

The current academic establishment does not accept the existence any kind of intelligent beings other than modern humans.  Additionally, they accept that humans are relatively recent and not more than 200,000 or so years old.

Ages of the kind that I propose are considered too extreme and academics even refuse to examine my research objectively.  How is this science?

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Was the Old Man in the Mountain an over 800 Million Year Artifact?

The Old Man in the Mountain is the name of rock feature that existed in the Franconia Notch State Park in the State of New Hampshire in the United States of America.  It is called the Old Man because a profile view of it looks like the head of a man.  It has always been considered a natural phenomenon and never considered artificial. It collapsed a few years ago due to erosion.  Its coordinates are 44.1607 degrees North Latitude and 71.6830 degrees West Longitude.

Given this, then, why do I ask if this feature is an 800 million year old artifact?  The answer is simple.  It could very well have been an 800 million old artifact from a long lost civilization that existed on our world.

No, I am not joking nor am I delusional.  My work over the years has established a body or research that indicates that our world was inhabited by an ancient civilization during the time of the extinct super continent of Rodinia.  Rodinia became extinct over 750 million years ago.   Furthermore, this hypothesis, if correct, would undercut all current understanding about the origin of intelligent life and civilization on Earth.

Let us consider a few issues for the moment.  First, the current understanding about the origin of human beings is that we are 200,000 years old with some of our previous ancestors upwards of four million years old.  Furthermore, intelligence and civilization are considered to be the exclusive traits of modern human beings.

Well, if this is so, then why is there the real possibility that the Sphinx of Egypt may be 800, 000 years old?  Yes, this date for the Sphinx is possible because it displays signs of a type of water erosion called ‘wave cut hollows” created by standing surface water.  This means that the Sphinx was at one time totally submerged and that could not have occurred in Egypt more recently that 800,000 years ago. (Vjacheslav I. Manichev and Alexander G. Parkhomenko. 2008. “Geological Aspect Of The Problem Of Dating The Great Egyptian Sphinx Construction” in Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy, Eds. R.I. Kostov, B. Gaydarska, M. Gurova, Sofia).

The issue with the Sphinx is that the Archaeologists and Geologists disagree on its age. Of course, if a modern human population re-occupied a land once inhabited by a more ancient civilization, then, this disagreement can be explained.

But, one may wonder, how do we get such an extreme old date of over 800 million years?  And if such a date is correct, why hasn’t the scientific community discovered it.  The reason is that the scientific community was neither looking for something this old, nor looking in the location of Rodinia.  Why should they? Rodinia wasn’t theorized until the early 1990s after geoscientists constructed paleo-cartographic maps of it. These maps demonstrate that New Hampshire would have been in Rodinia over 800 million years ago.  This means that the Old Man in the Mountain could date from this time.

Even so, what is more unexpected is that our whole scientific understanding of the origin of life and civilization may be very incorrect. Why is this?  With the extinction of Rodinia the Earth suffered an extreme ice age.  It was so extreme that the entire globe was covered with glaciers that were three miles high, even in the oceans, for 120 million years.

This 120 million year freeze would have frozen various life forms in ice until the ice melted and deposited the dead animals on the land where they then could have become fossils.  This means that there is a systematic error in scientific dating of the oldest fossils of at least 175 million years.  By the way, this Ice Age is called “Snow Ball Earth”.

Now what evidence do I have that such a civilization once did exist? Well, there are various kinds of evidence but the ones I wish to mention are the engraved statues released by the Mexican Government in 2012.  These carvings depict cone headed individuals with large slanted eyes combined with images of interplanetary space flight, the planet Saturn, and an image of the Earth with the supercontinent Rodinia.  In spite of various objections, it is not possible to hoax scientific truth.  It is not possible to draw an image of either Rodinia or Saturn unless one has some kind of direct knowledge of them.

There is an additional comment that I wish to make about dating.  Some time ago, I came across various discussions about a pyramid in the State of Alaska. I do not know if such a pyramid exists.  But if it did, I wanted to date it through the use of plate tectonics, the movement of the continental plates.

This is how I proceeded. I just simply assumed why and where the ancients located this pyramid and calculated how many years would have passed for this location to move to its current position.  Two separate calculations gave me the dates of 825 and 864 million years ago. These dates would correspond to the time of Rodinia.

By the way, I am not playing fast and loose with the data.  What I did is done often in scientific and engineering research and is a “what if analysis”.  The location I used would be, today, the latitude and longitude of the northern point of Lake Michigan, part of the Great Lakes region of the United States.

At this point I what to make reference to Dr. John Brandenburg.  He is the author of Death on Mars a book that demonstrates that Mars is the home of an extinct civilization that he believes was destroyed by two massive nuclear explosions 500 million years ago.  It is my opinion that his research supports my work because it demonstrates an extremely old civilization on Mars that could have traveled to Earth although he does not make this claim.

As for the Old Man in the Mountain, well it may or may not have been an over 800 million year old artifact but maybe, just maybe it is.

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Archaeological Error and the Extreme Antiquity of Civilization.

Almost two weeks ago I was interviewed by a radio talk show.  They wanted to know why my research conclusions are correct and main line scientific work is dubious.  At the time, I answered that the science and was on my side.  Now, after thinking about this for a little while, I added some more detail to my response to help people understand my reasoning.

Let us consider the Sphinx in Egypt.  Egyptian scholars claim that this construction is 4,500 years old.  However, it displays evidence of extreme water erosion.  How do you get water erosion in arid Egypt? The Sphinx had to have been built at a time when water was plentiful in Egypt.  Furthermore, the Sphinx exhibits a specialized kind of water erosion called wave cut hollows.  This adds a special consideration.

Wave cut hollows are formed by standing water moving by tidal action.  They cause “c” shaped cuts in rocks at water level.  The Sphinx exhibits wave cut hollows from top to bottom indicating that it was at one time totally submerged.  Now, when did this happen?  Date estimates for this is 800,000 years ago. Archaeology and Egyptian scholars have refused to accept any geological analysis with regard to the dating of the Sphinx.  Just what kind of “real science” is this? We have to questions the conclusions of both Archaeology and Egyptology.

Here are two examples from Mexico.  One is El Pillar, the lost and buried city of the Maya in the Yucatan. This site is totally buried but with the use of a special radar technique, archaeologists were able to discover an ancient temple buried underground.  However, this temple, which is supposed to be dedicated to the Sun is oriented facing the Northeast and not due East.  Archaeology cannot explain this but my research does.

If we apply plate tectonic movement, we can rotate the North American plate backwards in time to the point where the temple faces due east and determine the date of the temple.  That date becomes 66 million years ago!  Furthermore, we can explain the burial because the impact that killed the dinosaurs struck the Yucatan and created a very large tidal wave that inundated all of Mexico and parts of the United States with water and silt from the Gulf of Mexico.  We now have a very elegant explanation for El Pillar and evidence for an ancient civilization dating to the time of the dinosaurs.

We can take another example from Mexico and by using plate tectonics explain another mystery.  This one is the lost city of Monte Alban in Southwest Mexico.  This city rests on a mountain top 6,400 feet high.  Some of the more controversial writers on this subject believe that ET came to our planet and cut off the mountain’s top and built the city.  No, this didn’t happen.

What actually happened is that Monte Alban was built when the Southwest tip of Mexico was a level peninsula. Over an extremely long time, the North American plate rotated in a counter clock-wise direction and through the gradual subduction of another land mass the site of Monte Alban was elevated 6,400 feet.  We can set the date of this lost city to about 95 million years ago.  In fact, I’ve dated the Olmec site of La Venta to over 103 million years.

My research using plate tectonic movement demonstrates that there was a civilization in Mexico over 100 million years ago that was destroyed 66 million years ago by the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

Now think, whom are you to believe, Archaeologists, or the Geologists?  My pick would be the geologists.  Given this, now we have to question and DOUBT the methodology of Archaeology in all circumstances because, as a discipline, it has failed to correct its errors in dating. Archaeology, as a disciple of study, has decided to continue to use its flawed methodology in its research.

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Would you like to attend a lecture by Mr. Black?

Would you like to attend a lecture presentation by Mr. Black?

Mr. Black is planning a presentation tour to promote his new book that will be published later this year.   If you or people you know would like to attend his lecture and meet him just email him at: .  Mr. Black will make  the effort to visit as many locations as possible.  Although current plans call for a North American tour he will consider a trip to the UK if there is enough interest.

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Tracks of Time: Could Tracks in Turkey be 14 Million Years Old?

Did you know that there are mysterious tracks called “cart tracks” all over Southern Europe.  From Turkey, to Italy, to Malta, to Spain, these tracks are embedded into the rock hard surface land features, some even going up and down at a nearly vertical angle.
What are these tracks and how were they made? One researcher believes that they were made by self-powered vehicles, the size of automobiles traveling on the wet soggy ground of Southern Europe 14 million years ago.  If he is right, this means that intelligent life existed on planet Earth an extremely long time ago and that they were not human.
Russian Geologist Dr. Alexander Koltypin of Moscow’s International Independent University of Ecology and Politology has dated the cart tracks of the Phrygia Valley of Turkey to between 12 to 14 million years old. He claims that the tracks are preserved in petrified volcanic ash that was wet soft when the the tracks were made. He believes the tracks were made by heavy off road vehicles because tracks are parallel and are about the with of a car or truck and the sides of the tracks have scratches made by axels.
On the island of Malta, in San Gwann, a suburban town of 14,000 people near Slienna and St. Julian, similar ruts (tracks) were also discovered that are assumed to be pre – Punic Bronze Age (2300 – 1000 BC) that look like the rock was sliced.  They are considered strange because there are only two pair of ruts bisected by hollowed out lines.  The area also exhibits few green flower pedals that also adds to the strangeness.
In Tlaxcala, Mexico there are parallel groves with a depth of 40 cm of lengths of 90 cm to 9 meters that run East to West. These groves are also unexplained.
All of these ruts, groves, and tracks are too perfect to be of natural origin and add additional evidence for the existence unknown ancient civilizations around the world.
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Is the Giza Plateau in Egypt either 140,000 or 28.5 Million years old?


Are you familiar with the work of Sherif El Morsi and Antoine Gigal published in Epoch Times on March 6, 2015?

They discovered a petrified exoskeleton of an echinoid (sea urchin) at the Giza plateau.  This indicated that the whole site was at one time underwater, upwards of 245 feet underwater.  The dating is still not known but it would require a date older than currently accepted, maybe 140,000 years.   So, it seems that the whole Giza complex including the Sphinx are still very odd archaeological finds and due to their being underwater are very much older than believed.

Now, why did I write about this?  The answer should be obvious.  Currently accepted dating dealing with the Giza site, including the pyramids, is very much in doubt.  You see, since the discovered echinoid was at the ground level of the pyramid, the pyramid had to have been constructed close to the time of the flooding of the Giza plateau.  If not, then deposits would have placed the echinoid at a much higher height than the pyramid base indicating a younger date.  This is not the case. These pyramids at the Giza plateau have to be very old indeed.  Some have even suggested that the pyramids were built upwards of 28.5 million years ago because this is the date that the base ground level was deposited (formed).  Ancient Egypt has to be much older than currently accepted by scholars.

My work seems to point to a date closer to 28.5 million years ago even though we have dated neither the Giza plateau nor the pyramids.  However, if anyone closely examines the Egyptian art work, they will notice differences between the beings displayed on some of the art and modern humans.  These differences, not discussed here, seem to point to the fact that the ancients were a different but related species to modern humans.  Exactly what connection there is between modern humans and the ancients still has to be determined.  Keep in mind that, to the best of our knowledge, there are no fossils of human like beings that are 28.5 million years old.

Furthermore, the research of Dr. John Brandenburg indicates the destruction of an ancient civilization on the planet Mars as-well-as similarities between ancient Egypt and Mars civilizations.  All of this is still very controversial but highly suggestive of inter planetary travel between Earth and Mars in the very distant past.

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Mr. Black: A Scientific Heretic of the First Order.

A few days ago, I spoke with an old friend who told me that she had looked over my blog and didn’t “follow it”.  She couldn’t understand what I was getting at and how I discovered the great antiquity of intelligent life on the Earth.   Well, I decided to write this little essay to help others who may have the same difficulty.

One of the basic “truths” that I have discovered is that one cannot hoax true science.  I know that so-called scholars will argue with me here but what I have said is true.  One cannot hoax true science.  What does this mean?  It means that when one comes across an unusual artifact with unknown history of ownership or discovery that the artifact can still be tested by examining the science depicted on the artifact.  Even if the artifact has been copied and re-copied, the science can be examined.  Well, examining the science depicted on various artifacts gives us a very different understanding of our planet’s past and the true history of civilization.  Both intelligent life and civilization are far older than anyone could have even imagined, upwards of one billion years old.

Furthermore, the recent scientific discoveries of the last 50 years neither exclude nor render impossible this claim.  They do the exact opposite and both allow and support the reality of this claim.  In short, intelligent-life, both human and non-human, has existed for a very long time on planet Earth.

Just how did we go about making this discovery?  We began by looking for impact craters on earth and plotting them on a map.  We also applied mathematics. We divided the map of the globe into sectors and averaged the location of the impact craters to discover an “average” or “mean” position for the impacts. This allowed us to plot a line around the world that represented an orbital path of a celestial object around our planet.  We, at first, believed that this object was a lost moon of earth – and it still could be – but a better explanation is that it represented the debris field of an impact of earth by a Mars sized object over 4.1 billion years ago.  In fact, the orbital path matches the impact trajectory and orbital direction of our moon.  This conforms to the “Big Splat Theory” of lunar formation.

Given this orbital path, we applied Plate Tectonics, the movement of the continents, by using this path as a reference line and were able to date various archaeological sites.  This resulted in the finding of extremely old dates for civilization.  We got a date of 28.5 million years for ancient Egypt and upwards of 103 million years for an ancient civilization in Mexico.  The current dating of Mexico’s lost cities represents the date that these sites were occupied by modern humans and not their original builders.

Given the old dates we calculated, we were able to make sense out of the images engraved on various artifacts.  These artifacts showed us images of intelligent beings that were “human like” but not “human” as we are.  One specific characteristic of the ancients was that they did not have thumbs.  This meant that they were not anthropoids (apes) and therefore could not be human.  All of this is clearly displayed on various artifacts but is not openly discussed in archaeological circles.

This result also explains the possibility of extra-planetary civilizations, particularly on Mars.  It seems that the ancients were capable of interplanetary space flight at the time of their destruction by some ancient calamity. Dr. John Brandenburg has written that he has discovered evidence of a nuclear explosion on Mars that destroyed the planet.  He bases this on the discovery of Xenon 129, an isotope produce in nuclear explosions. He also dates the destruction of Mars back to 180 million years ago.

However, our work indicates that intelligent life resided on the Earth at the time of the super continent of Rodinia. This super continent became extinct 750 million years ago and brings our work into direct conflict with established paleontology, specifically on the dating of when life spread across the surface of the earth.  Paleontology dates the spread of life on the surface of the earth to 542 million years ago but we deem it to be very much earlier, over one billion years, with intelligent life and civilization between 864-825 million years ago.  This also seems to be the date that the ancients traveled to the planets.

We fully realize that what we are claiming is controversial in the extreme but it is not absurd. These claims are made based upon our examination and study of the data we have been able to consider and they are not excluded by recent finds.  However, currently established academic disciplines including archaeology, Egyptology, Mayan studies, paleontology, philology, and paleo-anthropology (human origins) have much to reconsider and correct.  This makes us a scientific heretic of the first order.

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