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The Mysterious Pyramid of Alaska

The mysterious pyramid of Alaska may very well be 825 Million Years Old. Fantastic as it seems, it never-the-less appears to be the true age of the pyramid, or at least as true as we can discover. First, let us … Continue reading

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Could El Pilar in Belize be 66 Million Years Old?

El Pilar, the largest Mayan site in Belize, could be 66 million years old.  There is scientific evidence to support this claim but it will be ignored by the academic “experts”. El Pilar rests on the border of Belize and … Continue reading

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Provenance: Do We Really Need To Know From Where Artifacts Come From?

Did you know that supposedly “faked” and “hoaxed” artifacts can provided us with true and correct information about the ancient past? Consider our story and decide for yourself. A short while ago we began a communication with a well known … Continue reading

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