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Mr. Black: A Scientific Heretic of the First Order.

A few days ago, I spoke with an old friend who told me that she had looked over my blog and didn’t “follow it”.  She couldn’t understand what I was getting at and how I discovered the great antiquity of … Continue reading

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Did Aliens Live In Mexico 300 to 400 Million Years Ago?

Sometimes “truth” is stranger than fiction. This seems to be the case with the artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012. There have been claims of fraud here but we believe that the artifacts are real. The artifacts show … Continue reading

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The Battle of Los Angeles: A Classic UFO Encounter

The classic UFO encounter called “The Battle of Los Angeles” occurred on February 25, 1942.  What happened?  Mysterious lights were seen 120 miles out to sea and slowly drifted over the city.  The army, which was responsible for anti-aircraft defense, … Continue reading

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