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Theia and the Origin of the Moon and Earth’s Extinct Debris Field

Sometimes an idea is so distant from our current understanding that it seems fantasy and not fact.  Coupled to this a lack of mathematical understanding and the new idea is even more impenetrable.  Even so, the new idea or hypothesis … Continue reading

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The Blythe Intaglios, America’s Nazca lines, could be 50,000 Years Old!

Guess what? We may have found the answers to some of the questions about the Blythe Intaglios (incised designs) discovered by US Army Air Corp pilot George A. Palmer in 1931. (See philipcoppens.com for a full discussion) What are these … Continue reading

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Lake Mills, Wisconsin and the Extreme Antiquity of North American Sites

In the United States there are many strange and anomalous sites and artifacts and, in fact, such things are spread far and wide over the entire North American Continent. One such site is Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin in … Continue reading

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Response to Critics: Comets, Pyramids, and Lost Civilization

I wonder if any of my critics know what they are talking about.  Impact creators and plate movement are scientific fact.  The math I used to discover the lost moon’s orbital track is well established.  So, why do they criticize … Continue reading

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