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OOPs, Scientific Truth, and the Difficulty of Studying the Very Ancient Past

Euler, the 18th century mathematician, stated that two variables that are equal to a third variable are equal to each other.  He said that this was self-evident.  In other words, this is a universal or absolute truth of mathematics.  Like … Continue reading

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Alien Attack on Mars!

Can you believe this? An American PhD (where else?) published an article in the Journal of Cosmology on November 20, 2014 and in it he stated that an alien thermonuclear bomb attack destroyed the ancient civilization on Mars. WOW! Actually, … Continue reading

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Were the Mayan Cities of Chichen Itza and Tulum Built 65 Million Years Ago?

The Earth had another celestial companion.  Call it a moon.  Call it a comet. Call it a rock in space.  It existed. It was real and now no longer exists. The ancients knew about it. They tracked it. They built … Continue reading

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