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Could the Ica Stones be 86 Million Years Old?

Well, here we are again dating something back many millions of years. As we read back over our blog posts we have the same feeling of unbelief at the very dates we have demonstrated. Oh yes, they have been demonstrated … Continue reading

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Easter Island has always been a mystery. It’s in the middle of nowhere over 2,000 miles away from Peru. “How could anyone find it let alone travel there?”  Then, there are also those heads, those very large carved stone heads, … Continue reading

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Reflections on Human Origins and Ancient Civilization

Our research has demonstrated that evolution as a scientific theory is correct but some of the details need to be adjusted.  Furthermore, the fact that the ICA Stones of Peru exist challenge much of academic understanding on human origins and … Continue reading

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Man and Dinosaurs

Did you know that there are sincere people out there who believe that man coexisted with dinosaurs? Yes, really, no fooling! They believe this for a variety of reasons that are based on real evidence that can be seen and … Continue reading

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