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The Non Human Skeleton of Guadeloupe Woman

The issue with this skeleton is that it has not been recognized for what it is. It is  not human. The easiest and quickest way to discover this is to examine the skeleton itself. What you see is a large … Continue reading

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OOPs, Scientific Truth, and the Difficulty of Studying the Very Ancient Past

Euler, the 18th century mathematician, stated that two variables that are equal to a third variable are equal to each other.  He said that this was self-evident.  In other words, this is a universal or absolute truth of mathematics.  Like … Continue reading

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Easter Island has always been a mystery. It’s in the middle of nowhere over 2,000 miles away from Peru. “How could anyone find it let alone travel there?”  Then, there are also those heads, those very large carved stone heads, … Continue reading

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