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OOPs, Scientific Truth, and the Difficulty of Studying the Very Ancient Past

Euler, the 18th century mathematician, stated that two variables that are equal to a third variable are equal to each other.  He said that this was self-evident.  In other words, this is a universal or absolute truth of mathematics.  Like … Continue reading

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We have been writing this blog since August of 2013 and have a total of almost 50 posts. Our work has demonstrated the reality of ancient non-human intelligent life on Earth almost one billion years ago. So, now what?  What … Continue reading

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Lost Civilizations and the New Science

The Earth has harbored intelligent life and civilization for upwards of one billion years. This may be difficult to accept but the scientific advances over the past 50 to 60 years support this claim. Let us consider the issues. We … Continue reading

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Provenance: Do We Really Need To Know From Where Artifacts Come From?

Did you know that supposedly “faked” and “hoaxed” artifacts can provided us with true and correct information about the ancient past? Consider our story and decide for yourself. A short while ago we began a communication with a well known … Continue reading

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The Face from Mars

A stone monument of a face looking skyward has been discovered in Canada. This face is similar to the monument of the face on Mars photographed by Voyager in 1976. Is this a face from Mars?  Let us consider the … Continue reading

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Teotihuacan tunnel yields statues of possible Martian aliens.

It never ceases to amaze me how the obvious is often misidentified by “experts”. This is the case with the recent discoveries found in the underground tunnel in the Mexican ruin of Teotihuacán. (See phys.org) Specifically, two statues were found … Continue reading

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2 Million Year Old artifacts found in China: They are not human

Archaeologists have found 700 stone artifacts in the Nihewan Basin of China’s Hebei Province. Due to a lack of animal remains or stone tools the scientists believe the site to be a children’s playground. (The South China Morning Post 26 … Continue reading

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