Amarna is 18.75 Million Years Older than Thebes(Luxor)

Amarna the city built by Pharaoh Akhenaten is 18.75 million years older that Thebes which is now called Luxor. As such, it could not have been built by modern humans. 

The proof for this comes from planetary and geoscience and is based on plate tectonic movement of the African continental plate.

The African plate moves Northward at a rate of .8 cm per year or one mile every 75,000 years. Since the distance between the two sites is 250 miles that equals 18.75 million years.

How do we know this is true? Both sites have the same “X” pattern layout to track the ascent of a celestial object. This pattern has the same orientation and angles in both sites and therefore must sight the same celestial object.

Since both can not sight the object from the same location at the same, one had to move away from the sight line while the other moved into the sight line.

This means that at one time Amarna was located at the latitude and longitude of ancient Thebes.

Actually, even ancient Thebes has moved away from where it was once was located making it much older than currently believed. However, we have not yet attempted to date it.

In any case,  Amarna is older than belief and constitutes an ancient city built by non humans. Some people consider these builders as aliens (ET), some consider them gods, but I consider them pre-human ancestors.

One other point, the story of Akhenaten leaving Thebes to build Amarna is obviously folklore and not true history.

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