The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden may actually have been a real place located in Mexico.

I have been examining photos of some strange artifacts that are found in Mexico that depict human like beings with cone shaped heads. Although there are those who see these artifacts as “aliens” or ET, I do not. My analysis points to a close similarity with modern humans.

Look closely. These strange artifacts point to a similarity to the Easter Island

Both have the same body proportions. The head is about the same length as the torso which is about the same length as the legs. That means that each has a length of 1/3 of the body’s length.

Both have large eyes, large ears, and a snout, not a nose. However, the Easter Island statues have a proportionally larger snout and straight, not slanted eyes.

Both have incomplete hands with no palms and nearly equal length fingers.
They differ in the number of fingers, four for Mexico and five for Easter Island.

Both also have a finger that looks like a thumb but is not. They are not monkeys.

The male genitals display no testicles although in the case of Easter Island the male organ seems to be inside the body.

This may mean that these creatures may have had a lower body temperature than we have.

These artifacts seem to represent two different types of the same kind of life form. This is like two different species of birds or cats. They are similar but different.

These Mexican Artifacts also show carvings in stone of another cone headed creature that wears a crown. This individual seems more closely related to modern humans than either the Easter Island heads or the very large eyed  Mexican creature previously discussed.

The artifacts also seem to bear a time stamp or date. The broken tablet has carvings of feet moving to and away from an odd “s” shaped object. This seems to indicate a round trip to and from this object.

What could this “s” shaped object be? It looks like a black hole destroying a star.
This could refer to a round trip around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which contains a black hole.

So, what is the date. The two Suns included in the carving can indicate two round trips around the black hole.

Our solar system orbits the Milky Way every 250 million years. Two round trips would then result in a 500 million year time stamp carved into this artifact.

These artifacts may be telling us the story of proto-human life some 500 million years before the origin of the individuals wearing the crowns.

This may represent the real origin of humanity from several other species in the very distant past.

This would be the real Garden of Eden.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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