America’s Dinosaur Era Civilization

In the former “X-Files” TV series agent Mulder had a poster that stated that “The Truth is Out There”.  Well, it is but no one wants to believe it. Why, because they have been raised on the current false scientific theories of the ancient past that make the truth impossible to accept.

Maybe we should substitute the word reality for truth because what we are facing is the need to change modern science’s understanding of the reality of the ancient past. Another way to look at this is to simply state that modern science must change its view of the real ancient world. It must accept the ancient world on its terms instead of imposing a false view of it through erroneous scientific assumptions and analysis.

This error is a direct result of funded professional research that puts careers ahead of scientific truth. The academics know what I am talking about and they hide in their tightly knit jargon infested disciplines and don’t move too far astray of the accepted theories for fear of loss of their funding and careers.

Real scientific truth comes with breaking the mold and reaching beyond the accepted. Unfortunately, those who do pay a very high price for this but provide great scientific strides, often not realized until after their deaths.

In spite of this, I, as an independent researcher and thinker, have attempted to do this by applying continental movement to the dating of the very remote ancient past and have had some success in this effort.

As a result, I’ve discovered that the Earth has harbored intelligent life and civilization in the extreme ancient past going back hundreds of millions  of years. Such a notion is so extreme to the modern scientific myths taught in our colleges and universities as to make anyone pursuing this path of research appear to have lost their grip on reality when the exact opposite is correct.

Well, enough of my complaints about our current academic scientific community. Let us move on.

My work has discovered that the ancient sites of Mexico are ancient in the extreme. What we have is the remains of a Cretaceous Era Civilization that was destroyed 66 million years ago by an impact from space. This impact occurred on the coast of the Yucatan and is believed to have destroyed the dinosaurs.

The issue here is that this Cretaceous Era Civilization extended into what is now the United States, particularly, the American Southwest and certain areas of the Southeast. This extended civilization is the topic of this essay.

For those of you interested in my dating of the ancient cities of Mexico I refer you to my various articles on this blog dealing with these cities. However, I will review a few issues to support my claims for a Cretaceous Era Civilization. Here they are.

Since it is not possible to date rock, scholars can’t determine when a piece of rock was quarried and used to build a building.  Therefore, they resort to dating by context. This usually entails finding some organic object and dating that object, usually via Carbon-14, and then using that date for the date of construction.

Look! Not only does carbon-14 dating not generally provide an age beyond 50,000 years but the use of another object ignores the fact that individuals other than the builders could have arrived at the site many years after its construction. I have to make a special note here, in that carbon-14 can in certain cases date as far back as 72,000 years but even that provides a date that assumes intelligent civilization to more recent times than I believe it to be.

This is what was done on Easter Island.  The stone heads could not be dated directly so researchers dated a camp fire to the first century BC resulting in an age for the stone heads of 2,000 years. Just how can this be science? It is very possible that the Easter Island heads are very much older than 2,000 years and our academics have no way of knowing their true age. Similar techniques have been used at archaeological sites all over the globe.

Another issue is misidentified and ignored research. I will give one example here. William Niven discovered a buried city some thirty one feet below the surface in the Valley of Mexico about 25 miles from Mexico City.  That city has not be studied and his work was ignored.

The issue here is that the underground city was destroyed by a massive earthquake followed by burial in a massive tidal wave. Just how could this site have been submerged by a tidal wave since it lies some 7,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by mountains 5,000 feet high? The destruction would have had to occurred millions of years ago.

What about the Acambaro figurines? These artifacts were discovered in 1944 and show what look like humans, or human like beings, together with dinosaurs. Furthermore, the dinosaurs are accurately depicted. How could this be unless they original images were made by individuals that had direct knowledge of dinosaurs?

My dating of various sites in Mexico indicates an age over 100 million years. Tulum and Chichen Itza are dated to 66 million years ago. Teotihuacan is dated at over 70 million years ago. Monte Alban is dated to 85 million years ago  and La Venta is dated to over 103 million years ago. These dates are based on the movement of the North American Continental Plate.

This is not all. There are a number of unexplained and mysterious artifacts, sites, geographical land forms, and even mythology that support the claim for an American Dinosaur Era Civilization. I will mention just a few.

In the American Southwest, at a place called Monument Valley, located in the states of Arizona and Utah, there exist five high rise buttes that exhibit evidence of being carved by an advanced civilization some 35 million years ago.

In the American State of Wisconsin, underwater in a lake in the town of Lake Mills, there is claimed to exist stone constructions left behind by an ancient civilization. My date for this site is 55 millions years ago but it could be very much older.

There is also the mysterious rock wall in the town of Rockwall, Texas.  This town is about 10 miles east of Dallas, Texas.  The mysterious wall has be claimed to be upwards of 50 million years old but a dispute rages over its origins. Is the wall either a natural or artificial object?

Even the North American Navajo folklore of the Goddess, Spider Woman, is descended from mythology from Mexico’s Teotihuacan. This myth is ancient beyond belief.

Although academics may question the use of this evidence, it still build a case for an extremely old civilization, centering on the Cretaceous, for a civilization in Mexico and extending into the United States.

May I suggest that you, the reader, read through this blog and discover what academics refuse to consider. It will be worth your time to do so.











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