Earth’s 5.75 Million Year Old People

Have you ever found something by accident? You know, you are just going about your normal activities and then , “there it is”, the unexpected find. Well, that has happened to me.

You see, my normal activities deal with finding unexplained mysteries and ancient civilizations. In the process I look over various internet stories and combined them with my own theories. This methodology sometimes results in unexpected discoveries, or at least surprises, that simply amaze me.

They also make people doubt my work. However, the finds are real and offer answers to questions that have never been asked. Here is my latest example.

In my post “Crete’s 5.7 Million Year Old Footprints” I discussed the discovery of fossilized human footprints in Crete dated at 5.7 million years of age. Well, the post previous to that, “Did the TWA/United Airlines Crash of 1956 Occur Over a 5.75 Million Year Old ET Site?”, seems to confirm the dating of the Crete discoveries and extends them to the United States.

What?! That was exactly what I thought. The two posts are totally unconnected. At least that was what I, at first, believed.

The issue is that the airline crash was unconnected but not the date of an ancient find in the American Grand Canyon. Let us briefly re-examine the matter.

In the airline post about a TWA and United Airline Crash in 1956, I stated that the aircraft crashed in an area that was restricted and contained an ancient, “alien” site.

I have never been to the crash site and have no direct knowledge of the “alien” site. For me, it may or may not exist. I was only attempting to date this possible “alien” site in the event it did exist using my method of plate tectonic dating. It was, for me, just an exercise.

Well, I published a date of 5 million years on my blog post. Actually, the date was 5.75 million years. This is the unexpected find and I have now updated my blog post.

You see, the date of 5.75 million years is very close to a date of 5.7 million years for the footprints found in Crete. So, my method is providing dates similar to dates used by other scientific methods. It demonstrates that my work is consistent with current academic science and is correct.

Some of you may believe that what I found is just a coincidence. That may be. However, I say that what is behind this coincidence is the fact that people, of some kind, existed at this date in the past and that they existed in both North America and Europe at such an ancient date.

This challenges our understanding of not only human origins but of our whole understanding of evolution as well.

About black2tell

Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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