Crete’s 5.7 Million Year Old Human Footprints.

The island of Crete harbors fossilized human footprints dated to 5.7 million years ago. This was reported in the Heritage Daily on September 4, 2017. The chief researcher and author of the study is Professor Per Ahlbeg of Uppsala University.                                          (See

This research challenges all the current theories of human origin. No longer are we strapped with the “Out of Africa” theory of human origins. Neither are we forced to accepted the young age of 200,000 years for humanity. The great antiquity of intelligent life has been established. It may not be established to a billions years but a 5.7 million year date smashes the currently accepted false academic theory.

Before this discovery we were stuck with the 3.7 million year old Laetoli footprints in Tanzania. They showed upright walking with human like feet and indicated a “hominin” (early human lineage) that originated in Africa but remained isolated for a million years.

The Laetoli footprints belong to Australopithecus and have feet similar to humans but a narrower heal and no proper arch. The Crete fossils from the Trachilos area are unmistakenly human.

The Crete footprints come from a time when the Mediterranean was dried out and northern Africa was covered by savannah-like environment and not the Sahara Desert.

The Trachilos fossils come from a period called the late Miocene.

There is also another hominin called Graecopithecus found in Greece and Bulgaria that is known only from fossils of its teeth and jaw. This is dated to 7.2 million years ago.

These recent discoveries demonstrate that scientific knowledge constantly changes and is not absolute. This is something that academics must always be reminded of. Their theories are only good until the next discovery overturns them.

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