The Roswell UFO Crash

On July 7th of 2018 I was interviewed on a radio talk show.  They wanted to ask me about the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947, they also wanted to know about ET and a little about my research into ancient civilizations.  So, I cooperated and brought a UFO model that was constructed from UFO reports, an article about a special kind of German rocket plane, and a bound copy of a 1936 National Geographic article about two American Army Air Force captains who flew the highest aloft to an altitude of 72,395 feet in a large three hundred (300) foot-tall helium filled balloon

Do you know what happened?  They didn’t believe anything I said to them.  Do you know why?  American journalists and broadcasters are poorly educated, especially in science, technology, and history. So, for you fine people from other lands please understand that Americans suffer from a constant bombardment from this kind of media people.

So, I will briefly review what I said during the radio interview.

I have been studying UFOs and unexplained mysteries since 1994.  I have been giving lectures on the subject of Roswell, UFOs, and their connection with World War II since 1996.  Furthermore, I have an educational background in science, mathematics, history, applied technology, and education.  I understand what I am talking about.  The answers I found are real and true and explain the UFO mystery and its role in 20th century history.  Let us examine the issue.

In 1935, two American Army Air Force captains designed, built, and flew a helium balloon that carried them inside a pressurized gondola to the same altitude of the U-2 spy plane.  This stratospheric flight demonstrated America’s capability to build and deploy very high altitude “spies in the sky” platforms.  The flight occurred.  It is fact and the two Air Corps officers were promoted to the rank of major by an act of the American Congress.

After the Second World War, in 1945, the United States began testing and deploying a descent capsule from a stratospheric balloon.  These tests were conducted in New Mexico not too far from Roswell.  Why a descent capsule?  Landing a stratospheric balloon was dangerous and the crew was at risk.  They could be killed because such a large balloon would drag the crew gondola a long distance on the ground.  Replacing the gondola with a descent capsule to return the crew would improve safety.

The descent capsule would have a flat bottom and a rounded skirt with a doomed top so the crew could observe the balloon envelope from inside the capsule.  The wide bottom would act like an air brake slowing the capsule’s descent until a parachute could be released.  Of course failure of the parachute would mean death for the crew.  The result would be a crashed disc shaped craft in a remote area.  See my book X-history for more details.

Now, if an advanced rocket plane was added to the balloon instead of the descent capsule, then the spy platform could be flown over hostile foreign territory and after the mission the crew had a rocket powered craft to return safely back to base.

The aircraft best suited for this was the secret German Gotha P-60 a combined rocket and jet aircraft. This aircraft was arrow shaped and flat and could fit neatly under the balloon envelope. The P-60 was a fast, at least 595 mph or faster, radar stealth aircraft that could turn without banking something like a hockey puck. This was “big magic” in 1947 the year of the Roswell crash.

So, the Roswell UFO was a craft that  combined stratospheric ballooning with a radar stealth rocket aircraft.  Something went wrong and it crashed.  I believe that the craft was struck by lightning causing a fire and explosion of the rocket motor which caused the crash.

In 1947 this technology was the extreme state of the art and gave the United States the edge it needed in the Cold War.  Today, the technology is very different but it accomplishes the same kinds of things.

For the radio interview, I brought with me photos of the German Gotha P-60 together with a copy of the National Geographic Magazine article that discussed the 1935 balloon flight.  This is documented evidence and they ignored it.  I also brought an engineering model of the descent capsule that I believed was used at that time in history.  The model actually demonstrated a slow descent. Even with all of this they were incredulous. Frankly, I doubted that they understood anything of what I was talking about.

But, not to worry, I received a number of calls, text messages, and personal comments from people who heard the interview, understood what I was talking about and enjoyed the show.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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