Evidence for Earth’s Prior Technological Species

If a previous spacefaring species existed in our Solar System, how could we find evidence of it? This is the question that Associate Professor Jason T. Wright discusses in his article “Prior Indigenous Technological Species” printed to Elsevier on May 2, 2017.

His article discusses origins and possible location for their artifacts. He also suggests the possible age of such a species.  Although an origin on either Venus or Mars is possible, he believes that the most likely origin for this species would be the Earth.  This is exactly what my research has discovered.

He also states that given the inability of archaeology to find evidence of such a civilization that it is probably very old, perhaps millions or maybe even a billion years old. Also, because of this extreme age, he believes that evidence would be difficult to find since plate tectonics would destroy it and also difficult to identify.  Again, he and I agree because my work supports his conjecture.

He then discusses a possible date for such a species and concludes that it would be earlier than the time of the Cambrian “explosion” of 540 million years ago. My research has demonstrated that this is also correct.

Lastly, Professor Wright suggested that the destruction of this spacefaring species would result from a cataclysm, actually a series of cataclysms over a short period of time throughout the Solar System. This is exactly what I discovered.

Since 2009, I have been pursuing research into the Earth’s ancient past. I used plate tectonics to date the past and in 2013 began a blog to publish my findings. I also wrote a small book, Secrets of Lost Earth in 2015. What I found agrees with Professor Wright’s article.

My work discovered that the Earth was home to an advanced spacefaring civilization at the time of the super continent of Rodinia which became extinct 750 million years ago. Furthermore, this species had developed space flight and traveled to the planets.  The dating for this seems to be from 864 to 825 million years ago, a date consistent with the professor’s article.

My research also discovered that this ancient species was destroyed when the planets of Saturn and Jupiter changed their orbits passing through the asteroid belt sending asteroids throughout the Solar System.

The geological period know as SNOWBALL EARTH began after the demise of Rodinia and would have destroyed much of this civilization under massive glaciers three miles thick even in the oceans.

Well, I am pleased that academic science is beginning to take this kind of research seriously and thank Professor Wright for his article and wish him well.

Associate Professor Jason T. Wright is in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics and Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA in the United States.

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