Ring of the Gods

In 2013 I began a blog under the pen name of “Mr. Black”.  In it I posted a variety of essays dealing with lost civilizations, the great antiquity of intelligent life on Earth, the errors of current archaeology, and the bias in academic scientific studies.  Additionally, I added posts on Extra-terrestrials and the Mars and Maya connection.  Yes, the mainline academic community objected and I equally objected to them.

Every new concept, theory, or methodology will face resistance and even hostility by the establishment. That is because it is a challenge to the understanding and accepted methods of the given discipline. It also threatens the leaders or “greats” of that discipline as-well-as risks funding sources.  You see, pure science is not pure because it is composed of people and of course people are not pure.

That said, we can continue and tell you why you should read this blog and why it is correct- at least in its overview- and why it provides answers to questions that the mainline academic disciplines can’t and never will be able to answer.

Why should you read this blog? You should read this blog because it gives answers to the anomalies and mysteries in archaeology. Let me tell you a story.  When I was in college I began to study evolution because I wanted to know how people originated.  I started with all the in vogue scientific literature.  However, as I got older, I began to consider archaeology and in particular examine ancient Egypt.  I would look and look at the photos of all the tombs, pyramids, statues, and art from ancient Egypt.  The issue was that the more I looked and studied the less what I saw was anything like what the scientific establishment was saying about the past.  It was different – very different.

So, I began reading the non-scientific literature.  The result was the same.  What I saw was different – very different.  If I wanted answers, real answers, I would have to approach my research with an open mind, without pre-conceived ideas, and follow the results where they led me.

In 2009, I looked for a starting point for my research and found it in the study of Harappa, in the Indus Valley.  Some of the non-traditional literature I read suggested that Harappa was destroyed in an atomic war.  This was so because at the lowest level of excavation of this site there were many unburied bodies, burnt buildings, and high levels of radioactivity.  To the best of my knowledge these findings are still unexplained.

What I did next was to ask myself a “what if question”.  I asked, “What if a meteor or comet had entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded high above ground and deposited a great deal of radioactive residue, like a dirty bomb, over the city?”  Then, I reasoned that there should also be other traces of this meteor or comet in the form of impact craters around the world indicating its path of flight.

So, I got on the internet, called up Geology.com and looked up impact craters. What I saw was a distribution of crater sites.  I then tried to “fit a curve” – a line through the distribution.  It seemed to work so I continued with some rough and ready mathematics.  I divided the crater map into sections each with 30 degrees of longitude and averaged the latitude and longitude of the craters in that section and got a point. When I completed the arithmetic I found that I had a series of points that indicated a direction from Southeast to Northwest.

I didn’t know what this line was.  It pointed to a direction that led to the Great Lakes in the Northeast and to Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean.  It seemed like a trajectory but the dates for the impacts were widely separated. Some were a billion years old, others were several hundred million years old, and some were only several hundred thousand years old.  If this line was a trajectory, then, it had to be an orbit of a celestial body of some kind that circled the Earth for a very long time.  Since the celestial body no longer existed, it obviously became extinct by gradually breaking up and falling to Earth.

My conclusion was that it was an ancient moon of Earth that orbited too close to our planet and then broke apart. I called it Luna Prime.  However, I realized that it could also be another type of object, a massive debris field that also fell to Earth. In any case, this orbital line could be used with the plate movement of the continents to date ancient archaeological sites.

My theory, actually my hypothesis, was that the ancients worshiped the stars and planets and if this object was in the sky they would include it as part of their pantheon.  This would mean that they would build their temples under the orbit of this object and could even use it to create a calendar.

Also, since the continental plates moved and their speed and direction of movement were known to science, I could use the distance from any geographic location as a way to date the age of that temple or archaeological site.  All I do was divide the distance by the speed of movement to get a date.  Now, to try it and test my hypothesis.

In 2013, there were two reports.  The first stated that an underwater pyramid had been found in the Azores and the second stated that a comet had struck ancient Egypt 28.5 million years ago. Now, for the test. What I did was simply assume that my line was the trajectory of the comet and then date the pyramid.  When I adjusted the map of the Azores for where they were 28.5 million years ago, these islands fell under the orbital line.  Furthermore, I discovered the El Amarna, the Egyptian city of Pharaoh Akhenaten, came under the orbital line.  My test seemed to work.  I dated an Egyptian site to an extremely ancient date, 28.5 million years ago.

So, I continued dating using this method.  I found that Egypt was home to very ancient civilizations with the oldest nearest the coast at 46 million years and the youngest, the present time, in southern Egypt.

Additionally, I continued dating only this time in North America.  Since the orbital line extended to the Great Lakes, I connected this point to the Southern point at Tahiti. This made both Sault Saint Marie on the US/ Canadian border and Tahiti in the South Pacific turn around points for the celestial orbit I discovered.

What I did was examine a map of North America at the time of the impact that killed the dinosaurs. What I found was that the orbital line crossed the Yucatan over the Chicxulub Crater, the meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs.  The orbit also cross over two sites, Chichen Itza and Tulum, indicating that these sites were deliberately constructed under this orbit. Lastly, the Yucatan was facing East at this time, 66 million years ago.

The fact that these five things things came together, was a statistical impossibility unless intelligent design was responsible and I concluded that there existed a civilization in the Yucatan during the Cretaceous, the time of the dinosaurs.

So, my hypothesis was working and I was dating civilization to very remote times in the past.  However, I wanted to know how my research fitted established scientific knowledge.  I discovered that the current understanding of Lunar formation was that the Earth was struck, with a glancing blow in the Northern Hemisphere, over 4 billion years ago by a Mars sized object and the ejecta formed the moon. Also, in addition to the moon, the Earth became surrounded by a massive debris field.  This meant that my research fitted current scientific research and was not rejected out of hand.  I was correct, at least in the overview.

Now, what else came out of this work?  If I am correct, then, my research should explain a whole host of anomalies in fields as diverse as geology and the geo-sciences, anthropology, paleontology, philology, and even the origin of religion and mythology.

I know, I know, it is hard to accept, but that is exactly what a correct solution or theory will do. This is especially true for the kind of research that I have done because it identifies what is fundamental and builds from there.  You see, true knowledge is top down not bottom up.  The specific is a result of the general theory.  That is why it explains so much.

Let me give you an example.  My work identified an orbital path or trajectory of a celestial object around the Earth.  If this path is correct, then it should explain other things about the Earth.  Well, my orbital path did exactly that.  You see, when I applied it to the movement of the North American plate, it position itself over the Chicxulub Crater off the Yucatan coast.  This is the crater caused by the impact that killed the dinosaurs.  This meant that the Chicxulub meteorite orbited on the path until it crashed to Earth.  This was unexpected.

Furthermore, current geo-scientists are claiming that the continents may have originated in a crescent pattern about the Earth. This pattern seems to be the same as my orbital path. Now, I still need to verify this, but if it is correct it is telling us that the continents, themselves, may have fallen to Earth from space along this orbit.  WHAT?  That is what I said.  “What and how could this be?”

Here is how and why.  Again, the newest theory of how our moon was formed states that a Mars sized object struck the Earth at a glancing angle in the northern hemisphere and the ejecta formed the moon.  Well, it seems that my orbital line is the path of this ejecta, at least that ejecta that caused a massive debris field around the Earth and gradually fell back over a period of some four billion years.  In short, my orbital path supports the theory of lunar formation with a collision between Earth and a Mars sized object over four billion years ago.  I told you I was correct.

It also seems that the remaining debris ring fell to earth at the end of the last ice age. At that time North America was blanketed with glaciers three miles thick. How do you break up these glaciers? They are broken up by rocks from space crashing down on the Earth. Again, my theory about an orbital ring around the Earth provides yet another answer and explains the reason for the end of the last Ice Age. The general theory explains the specific results. My work is correct and the Earth was inhabited by intelligent beings for a very long time, upwards of one billion years and maybe longer.

Now, there is one more question to answer.  Why did I call this essay “Ring of the Gods”? Well, what do you think an orbital debris field is? It’s a ring around the Earth. Furthermore, depending from where on the surface you are observing from, it could look like a serpent or a staircase or even a roadway to heaven. As for the Gods, well, they are the ancient inhabitants of Earth who lived before us.  Exactly what they were is unknown.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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