ET and the Origin of Human Civilization

I was invited onto a talk radio show last week and was asked if I believed that ET (extraterrestrials) interfered in human evolution or civilization.  This is a difficult question to answer because my research can answer this question either way, yes or no.  What I said was “No, but my research indicates intelligent civilization on the Earth 100 million years ago”.

To say my answer was strange is an understatement. If someone said this to me I would think he or she was straddling both sides of the issue.  Well, I assure you that I am not and will attempt to clarify my position.

My research indicates that civilization existed in the extremely remote past on the Earth.  In Mexico alone, there seems to have been a civilization over 100 million years ago.  Specifically, Monte Alban can be dated to 95 million years of age and La Vent to over 103 million years of age.

Now, since the scientific establishment believe that humans are no more than two hundred thousand years old, such an old civilization cannot be human.  So, what was it?  To say ET established it on the Earth seems to be a reasonable conclusion or is it?  Let’s examine the issue a little more closely.

Current belief is that humans originated from an ape like ancestor.  If this is true, then, from what did this ape like ancestor originate from?  We can proceed with this approach until we arrive at the origin of life itself.  What we have is a continuum of life that evolved into other forms throughout the Earth’s history. In fact, evolution requires a development from one species to another.  This means that the immediate ancestor to modern humans was very similar to us but somehow different.  That difference would be difficult if not impossible for current archaeological and paleontological methods to determine.

Small differences between species are not measurable by current research methods. What is left is the lumping of everything together into an extremely short period (6,000 years for civilization) and dismissing any research that contradicts this position.  This is today’s scientific position with a few exceptions. This, then, results in the belief that a very old civilization must have been somehow resulted from ET.

However, if a different form of intelligent life existed on the Earth 100 million or more years ago, then, it would be possible for that civilization to have been very advanced and even, itself, developed space flight. Now, it becomes possible for a civilization in the Earth’s ancient past to have developed space flight technology and to have visited other worlds in our solar system.  If the time scale is long enough, then, it becomes possible for this terrestrial civilization to have colonized other worlds and to visit their home world (Earth) after various world-wide catastrophes. This is what I believe happened.

Furthermore, in addition to a 100 million year old civilization on the Earth, I believe that there existed a very advanced civilization on the Earth during the time of the continent of Rodinia from 900 to 750 million years ago.  This civilization developed space flight and colonized other planets in our solar system.

Dr. John Brandenburg, believes that the planet Mars harbors and extinct civilization that was destroyed by nuclear war. If he is correct, then, it is my opinion that that civilization was a colony of the Earth mostly likely begun by this ancient civilization from Rodinia.

Beyond this point, I cannot speak to the issue of ET since I have a lack of data on the subject.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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