Is Monument Valley a 35 Million Year Old Landmark?

The United States has many stunning landscapes, particularly in the Southwest part of the country. One of these is the breathtaking Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and Utah.  Amid the Mars like landscape rise five distinct buttes high into the blue desert sky.  The coordinates for this site is 36 59’ N and 110 6’ W.

As magnificent as this site is my research has offered a glimmer of even greater significance for this wonder.  This site, particularly these high rising buttes, may have been carved by an unknown intelligence millions of years ago.  So, here in the American Southwest, rest five immense towers that may be the legacy of a very ancient and unknown intelligent civilization.

Seeking answers to the unexplained and anomalous leads us into very strange areas of research and often amazing discoveries. That is because they are not what we expect and tell us that what we think we know, what we believe to be scientific truth, is not the case.  We are required to change our world view, our understanding and explanation for the world we find ourselves in. Now, let us begin our voyage of discovery.

Those of you who know of my work know that I claimed to have discovered an orbit around earth of what I believe to be either a lost moon I call Luna Prime or a massive debris field. By plotting this orbit on a map of any continent we get a reference line.  If we measure the distance from this line to any geographic point and divide by the rate at which the continent moves we get a time estimate of when that geographic point was on that line.  In this case, since the line is an orbital path, the date is when any particular geographic location was under that orbit.

Over the United States, the orbit extends northwest from the Atlantic coast to the northern end of Lake Michigan where it turns to the southwest toward Arizona.  Now, it is my conclusion that the ancients built massive monuments as geodetic markers to act as reference points for maps and even time references. Some of these markers may have even plotted the position of stars.  So, carving out a massive geodetic marker from rock at this location would put it under the orbit and would act as calendar reference point.

It is the location of Monument Valley under the path of this celestial orbital body that leads me to believe that this site may be such a geodetic marker and artificially carved by intelligent beings.  There are also other factors that support my, let us call it a scientific guess.

The rock strata is odd.  At base there is Organ Rock Shale red to red brown in color. Next, de chelly Sandstone. This sandstone is not water deposited but wind deposited. Next, we have early Triassic sandstone followed by a cap rock of Shinarump Conglomerate sandstone deposited by slow meandering rivers. This cap rock is very hard, cementing, and very resistant to erosion. It is the perfect material to use to protect the buttes vertical cliffs. It just the kind of rock someone would deliberately select to protect these monuments.

Although one can argue that nothing that I have written proves that these monuments are carved; the location of these buttes under orbital path of Luna Prime and the rock strata with the Shinarump Conglomerate cap rock are highly suggestive of intelligent design.

Oh! How old are these artificially carved monuments?  Well, I haven’t yet completed the calculations but an age of 35 million years may be likely.  There is one more possibility.  Given the resemblance of the American Southwest to Mars, maybe, just maybe, an extinct civilization from Mars may have been responsible for these magnificent monuments.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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