Did Humans Evolve from Dinosaurs?

“Mommy where did I come from?”  This is a familiar question of young children.  Now imagine hearing this answer given by a parent. “Well, we all came from dinosaurs a very, very long time ago.” This is not so far-fetched. There is a real possibility that we may have descended from dinosaurs, or more properly, had a common ancestor with a type of dinosaur called Fabrosaurus.

Fabrosaurus or “Fabre’s Lizard” is named after Jean Henri Fabre, a French entomologist.  This dinosaur is believed to be a small, 3-foot tall plant eater. An incomplete lower right jaw of this dinosaur was found in South Africa in Triassic sediments.  (ref. pg. 143 The New Illustrated Dinosaur Dictionary by Helen Roney Sattler, copyrighted 1983 & 1990. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books. New York, NY.)

I can hear your complaints now. “Oh! Mr. Black, you have gone too far.  We all know that humans had an ape like ancestor.  What do you mean by making such an outrageous statement?  You need proof and lots of research to back up a statement like that. You just must not make such a claim.”

You know, if I read a claim like mine written by someone else, I would think the same thing.  It is just that, my research has given me a different understanding of the ancient past and human evolution as-well-as.

So, just how do I reach this conclusion?  Well, it’s actually a guess and not a conclusion or theory in a scientific sense. However, it is based on some evidence, controversial evidence I agree, but evidence never-the-less.

This evidence is the 2012 release of artifacts by the Mexican Government depicting cone-headed individuals.  Furthermore, these artifacts also have engravings of what seem to be  cone-headed beings undertaking interplanetary space flight.  I told you the evidence was controversial.

Let us continue.  The engraved images also show hands that look like those of a Fabrosaurus (Ibid pg. 159).  You may think that this evidence is thin in the extreme, well it is.  I admit this. It is just that my research indicates that a highly developed civilization existed on Earth upwards of 864 million years ago.  So, what kind of beings could have existed that far back in the past?  In fact, dinosaurs are too recent and a pre-dinosaur ancestor is required as an ancestor to the human line.

This is not all. The issue with dinosaurs is that they are considered to be either reptiles or warm blooded  bird like animals.  Even so, there is a problem.  Human have “live births” and do not lay eggs.  So, where is the connection to dinosaurs or other such ancestor?  The answer is in two parts.  First, is the ICA stones.  They are a highly controversial artifacts, claimed to be hoaxed. Second, the Brachiosaurus a very massive plant eater.  Why this particular dinosaur?  The answer is that the ICA stones have engraved images of the Brachiosaurus having live births and nursing their young like modern cows do today.  They seem to be mammals or pre-mammals. Since humans had to come from something, some type of dinosaur or pre-dinosaur animal had to be the source.  So, as they say in the United States, “the hits just keep coming”.

About black2tell

Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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