Was the Old Man in the Mountain an over 800 Million Year Artifact?

The Old Man in the Mountain is the name of rock feature that existed in the Franconia Notch State Park in the State of New Hampshire in the United States of America.  It is called the Old Man because a profile view of it looks like the head of a man.  It has always been considered a natural phenomenon and never considered artificial. It collapsed a few years ago due to erosion.  Its coordinates are 44.1607 degrees North Latitude and 71.6830 degrees West Longitude.

Given this, then, why do I ask if this feature is an 800 million year old artifact?  The answer is simple.  It could very well have been an 800 million old artifact from a long lost civilization that existed on our world.

No, I am not joking nor am I delusional.  My work over the years has established a body or research that indicates that our world was inhabited by an ancient civilization during the time of the extinct super continent of Rodinia.  Rodinia became extinct over 750 million years ago.   Furthermore, this hypothesis, if correct, would undercut all current understanding about the origin of intelligent life and civilization on Earth.

Let us consider a few issues for the moment.  First, the current understanding about the origin of human beings is that we are 200,000 years old with some of our previous ancestors upwards of four million years old.  Furthermore, intelligence and civilization are considered to be the exclusive traits of modern human beings.

Well, if this is so, then why is there the real possibility that the Sphinx of Egypt may be 800, 000 years old?  Yes, this date for the Sphinx is possible because it displays signs of a type of water erosion called ‘wave cut hollows” created by standing surface water.  This means that the Sphinx was at one time totally submerged and that could not have occurred in Egypt more recently that 800,000 years ago. (Vjacheslav I. Manichev and Alexander G. Parkhomenko. 2008. “Geological Aspect Of The Problem Of Dating The Great Egyptian Sphinx Construction” in Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy, Eds. R.I. Kostov, B. Gaydarska, M. Gurova, Sofia).

The issue with the Sphinx is that the Archaeologists and Geologists disagree on its age. Of course, if a modern human population re-occupied a land once inhabited by a more ancient civilization, then, this disagreement can be explained.

But, one may wonder, how do we get such an extreme old date of over 800 million years?  And if such a date is correct, why hasn’t the scientific community discovered it.  The reason is that the scientific community was neither looking for something this old, nor looking in the location of Rodinia.  Why should they? Rodinia wasn’t theorized until the early 1990s after geoscientists constructed paleo-cartographic maps of it. These maps demonstrate that New Hampshire would have been in Rodinia over 800 million years ago.  This means that the Old Man in the Mountain could date from this time.

Even so, what is more unexpected is that our whole scientific understanding of the origin of life and civilization may be very incorrect. Why is this?  With the extinction of Rodinia the Earth suffered an extreme ice age.  It was so extreme that the entire globe was covered with glaciers that were three miles high, even in the oceans, for 120 million years.

This 120 million year freeze would have frozen various life forms in ice until the ice melted and deposited the dead animals on the land where they then could have become fossils.  This means that there is a systematic error in scientific dating of the oldest fossils of at least 175 million years.  By the way, this Ice Age is called “Snow Ball Earth”.

Now what evidence do I have that such a civilization once did exist? Well, there are various kinds of evidence but the ones I wish to mention are the engraved statues released by the Mexican Government in 2012.  These carvings depict cone headed individuals with large slanted eyes combined with images of interplanetary space flight, the planet Saturn, and an image of the Earth with the supercontinent Rodinia.  In spite of various objections, it is not possible to hoax scientific truth.  It is not possible to draw an image of either Rodinia or Saturn unless one has some kind of direct knowledge of them.

There is an additional comment that I wish to make about dating.  Some time ago, I came across various discussions about a pyramid in the State of Alaska. I do not know if such a pyramid exists.  But if it did, I wanted to date it through the use of plate tectonics, the movement of the continental plates.

This is how I proceeded. I just simply assumed why and where the ancients located this pyramid and calculated how many years would have passed for this location to move to its current position.  Two separate calculations gave me the dates of 825 and 864 million years ago. These dates would correspond to the time of Rodinia.

By the way, I am not playing fast and loose with the data.  What I did is done often in scientific and engineering research and is a “what if analysis”.  The location I used would be, today, the latitude and longitude of the northern point of Lake Michigan, part of the Great Lakes region of the United States.

At this point I what to make reference to Dr. John Brandenburg.  He is the author of Death on Mars a book that demonstrates that Mars is the home of an extinct civilization that he believes was destroyed by two massive nuclear explosions 500 million years ago.  It is my opinion that his research supports my work because it demonstrates an extremely old civilization on Mars that could have traveled to Earth although he does not make this claim.

As for the Old Man in the Mountain, well it may or may not have been an over 800 million year old artifact but maybe, just maybe it is.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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