Archaeological Error and the Extreme Antiquity of Civilization.

Almost two weeks ago I was interviewed by a radio talk show.  They wanted to know why my research conclusions are correct and main line scientific work is dubious.  At the time, I answered that the science and was on my side.  Now, after thinking about this for a little while, I added some more detail to my response to help people understand my reasoning.

Let us consider the Sphinx in Egypt.  Egyptian scholars claim that this construction is 4,500 years old.  However, it displays evidence of extreme water erosion.  How do you get water erosion in arid Egypt? The Sphinx had to have been built at a time when water was plentiful in Egypt.  Furthermore, the Sphinx exhibits a specialized kind of water erosion called wave cut hollows.  This adds a special consideration.

Wave cut hollows are formed by standing water moving by tidal action.  They cause “c” shaped cuts in rocks at water level.  The Sphinx exhibits wave cut hollows from top to bottom indicating that it was at one time totally submerged.  Now, when did this happen?  Date estimates for this is 800,000 years ago. Archaeology and Egyptian scholars have refused to accept any geological analysis with regard to the dating of the Sphinx.  Just what kind of “real science” is this? We have to questions the conclusions of both Archaeology and Egyptology.

Here are two examples from Mexico.  One is El Pillar, the lost and buried city of the Maya in the Yucatan. This site is totally buried but with the use of a special radar technique, archaeologists were able to discover an ancient temple buried underground.  However, this temple, which is supposed to be dedicated to the Sun is oriented facing the Northeast and not due East.  Archaeology cannot explain this but my research does.

If we apply plate tectonic movement, we can rotate the North American plate backwards in time to the point where the temple faces due east and determine the date of the temple.  That date becomes 66 million years ago!  Furthermore, we can explain the burial because the impact that killed the dinosaurs struck the Yucatan and created a very large tidal wave that inundated all of Mexico and parts of the United States with water and silt from the Gulf of Mexico.  We now have a very elegant explanation for El Pillar and evidence for an ancient civilization dating to the time of the dinosaurs.

We can take another example from Mexico and by using plate tectonics explain another mystery.  This one is the lost city of Monte Alban in Southwest Mexico.  This city rests on a mountain top 6,400 feet high.  Some of the more controversial writers on this subject believe that ET came to our planet and cut off the mountain’s top and built the city.  No, this didn’t happen.

What actually happened is that Monte Alban was built when the Southwest tip of Mexico was a level peninsula. Over an extremely long time, the North American plate rotated in a counter clock-wise direction and through the gradual subduction of another land mass the site of Monte Alban was elevated 6,400 feet.  We can set the date of this lost city to about 95 million years ago.  In fact, I’ve dated the Olmec site of La Venta to over 103 million years.

My research using plate tectonic movement demonstrates that there was a civilization in Mexico over 100 million years ago that was destroyed 66 million years ago by the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

Now think, whom are you to believe, Archaeologists, or the Geologists?  My pick would be the geologists.  Given this, now we have to question and DOUBT the methodology of Archaeology in all circumstances because, as a discipline, it has failed to correct its errors in dating. Archaeology, as a disciple of study, has decided to continue to use its flawed methodology in its research.


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