Is the Giza Plateau in Egypt either 140,000 or 28.5 Million years old?


Are you familiar with the work of Sherif El Morsi and Antoine Gigal published in Epoch Times on March 6, 2015?

They discovered a petrified exoskeleton of an echinoid (sea urchin) at the Giza plateau.  This indicated that the whole site was at one time underwater, upwards of 245 feet underwater.  The dating is still not known but it would require a date older than currently accepted, maybe 140,000 years.   So, it seems that the whole Giza complex including the Sphinx are still very odd archaeological finds and due to their being underwater are very much older than believed.

Now, why did I write about this?  The answer should be obvious.  Currently accepted dating dealing with the Giza site, including the pyramids, is very much in doubt.  You see, since the discovered echinoid was at the ground level of the pyramid, the pyramid had to have been constructed close to the time of the flooding of the Giza plateau.  If not, then deposits would have placed the echinoid at a much higher height than the pyramid base indicating a younger date.  This is not the case. These pyramids at the Giza plateau have to be very old indeed.  Some have even suggested that the pyramids were built upwards of 28.5 million years ago because this is the date that the base ground level was deposited (formed).  Ancient Egypt has to be much older than currently accepted by scholars.

My work seems to point to a date closer to 28.5 million years ago even though we have dated neither the Giza plateau nor the pyramids.  However, if anyone closely examines the Egyptian art work, they will notice differences between the beings displayed on some of the art and modern humans.  These differences, not discussed here, seem to point to the fact that the ancients were a different but related species to modern humans.  Exactly what connection there is between modern humans and the ancients still has to be determined.  Keep in mind that, to the best of our knowledge, there are no fossils of human like beings that are 28.5 million years old.

Furthermore, the research of Dr. John Brandenburg indicates the destruction of an ancient civilization on the planet Mars as-well-as similarities between ancient Egypt and Mars civilizations.  All of this is still very controversial but highly suggestive of inter planetary travel between Earth and Mars in the very distant past.


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