Mr. Black: A Scientific Heretic of the First Order.

A few days ago, I spoke with an old friend who told me that she had looked over my blog and didn’t “follow it”.  She couldn’t understand what I was getting at and how I discovered the great antiquity of intelligent life on the Earth.   Well, I decided to write this little essay to help others who may have the same difficulty.

One of the basic “truths” that I have discovered is that one cannot hoax true science.  I know that so-called scholars will argue with me here but what I have said is true.  One cannot hoax true science.  What does this mean?  It means that when one comes across an unusual artifact with unknown history of ownership or discovery that the artifact can still be tested by examining the science depicted on the artifact.  Even if the artifact has been copied and re-copied, the science can be examined.  Well, examining the science depicted on various artifacts gives us a very different understanding of our planet’s past and the true history of civilization.  Both intelligent life and civilization are far older than anyone could have even imagined, upwards of one billion years old.

Furthermore, the recent scientific discoveries of the last 50 years neither exclude nor render impossible this claim.  They do the exact opposite and both allow and support the reality of this claim.  In short, intelligent-life, both human and non-human, has existed for a very long time on planet Earth.

Just how did we go about making this discovery?  We began by looking for impact craters on earth and plotting them on a map.  We also applied mathematics. We divided the map of the globe into sectors and averaged the location of the impact craters to discover an “average” or “mean” position for the impacts. This allowed us to plot a line around the world that represented an orbital path of a celestial object around our planet.  We, at first, believed that this object was a lost moon of earth – and it still could be – but a better explanation is that it represented the debris field of an impact of earth by a Mars sized object over 4.1 billion years ago.  In fact, the orbital path matches the impact trajectory and orbital direction of our moon.  This conforms to the “Big Splat Theory” of lunar formation.

Given this orbital path, we applied Plate Tectonics, the movement of the continents, by using this path as a reference line and were able to date various archaeological sites.  This resulted in the finding of extremely old dates for civilization.  We got a date of 28.5 million years for ancient Egypt and upwards of 103 million years for an ancient civilization in Mexico.  The current dating of Mexico’s lost cities represents the date that these sites were occupied by modern humans and not their original builders.

Given the old dates we calculated, we were able to make sense out of the images engraved on various artifacts.  These artifacts showed us images of intelligent beings that were “human like” but not “human” as we are.  One specific characteristic of the ancients was that they did not have thumbs.  This meant that they were not anthropoids (apes) and therefore could not be human.  All of this is clearly displayed on various artifacts but is not openly discussed in archaeological circles.

This result also explains the possibility of extra-planetary civilizations, particularly on Mars.  It seems that the ancients were capable of interplanetary space flight at the time of their destruction by some ancient calamity. Dr. John Brandenburg has written that he has discovered evidence of a nuclear explosion on Mars that destroyed the planet.  He bases this on the discovery of Xenon 129, an isotope produce in nuclear explosions. He also dates the destruction of Mars back to 180 million years ago.

However, our work indicates that intelligent life resided on the Earth at the time of the super continent of Rodinia. This super continent became extinct 750 million years ago and brings our work into direct conflict with established paleontology, specifically on the dating of when life spread across the surface of the earth.  Paleontology dates the spread of life on the surface of the earth to 542 million years ago but we deem it to be very much earlier, over one billion years, with intelligent life and civilization between 864-825 million years ago.  This also seems to be the date that the ancients traveled to the planets.

We fully realize that what we are claiming is controversial in the extreme but it is not absurd. These claims are made based upon our examination and study of the data we have been able to consider and they are not excluded by recent finds.  However, currently established academic disciplines including archaeology, Egyptology, Mayan studies, paleontology, philology, and paleo-anthropology (human origins) have much to reconsider and correct.  This makes us a scientific heretic of the first order.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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