We have been writing this blog since August of 2013 and have a total of almost 50 posts. Our work has demonstrated the reality of ancient non-human intelligent life on Earth almost one billion years ago. So, now what?  What do we do now? Do we just keep posting more short essays on dating various artifacts to extreme antiquity or discussing recent scientific discoveries over the past fifty years that support our work?

Science is a process of constant discovery.  It is most unfortunate that mainline scientists have either forgotten this or have just sold out to “the establishment view”. They know that they are guilty of this and they keep silent and continue. Shame on them.

How does real science work? Here is an example.  What if you find an apple, a nice red apple, and want to describe the general characteristics of apples? How would go about it?  Well, you would make sure you examined other apples to make certain that you had enough data to generalize their characteristics.  If in the process you find additional apples that are yellow, and of different sizes, say 6 ounces to one pound, your generalized characteristics, or theory, would classify and describe apples of being red to yellow in color, weighting 6 to 16 ounces, and you may add even their flavor of tart to sweet.  So, now we have a kind of scientific theory of apples.

This may survive for maybe 100 years until you discover something new. Something unknown before.  You now find a “green” apple. What do you do? You have to change your theory.  However, if funding or career issues are in the mix, you may not be able to change anything.  It becomes even worse if vested international “scientific” associations are involved in making the changes.  Now, you may have to wait many years for any change and any attempt by you to tell the truth would be criticized until that international group made the change.

This is even worse in business or government research. Remember Nikola Tesla? He developed a DC motor for Thomas Edison and then went on to develop the AC generator.  Edison had invested heavily in DC power generation and Tesla invents AC that threatens the DC power business.  Now, what about government sponsored research?  Matters only become far worse.

Archaeology is often government funded. Just how is a new thinker, with a new approach, going to get accepted?  He won’t.  Oh! My critics will argue that all one need to do is get published in a peer reviewed journal and at some point the new research will be accepted.  Really?! Keep in mind that the “establishment” is doing the peer review.  Consider Alfred Wagoner the developer of the theory of Continental Drift. He wrote his book in the 1920’s and was rejected until sea floor spreading was discovered in the 1960’s.

Another individual was Luis Alvarez who discovered the soot layer at the KT boundary and suggested that the Earth was struck by a meteorite and that led to the death of the dinosaurs.  He was discounted until the discovery of the impact crater off the coast of the Yucatan. This is the reality of scientific research and one should not dismiss new knowledge just because the mainline scientific community has not yet accepted it.

Think for yourselves. Look over various artifacts and fossils and ask yourself if the claims of mainline science are correct. There are many writers doing this but because they are dealing with science they are very unwilling to challenge the establishment.  However, science will not progress until old ideas are challenged and replace with new and better understanding of what the universe is all about.

So, now what?  Now, this author will keep on pursuing the truth.  In geology today plate tectonics is currently replacing much of the old view.  In archaeology, it has become necessary to find a way to integrate this knowledge into the study of the ancient past.  Archaeology simply cannot assume that all intelligent life and civilization is a product of Homo sapiens-modern people.  Neither can they just assume that North and South America are the New World.  My research has demonstrated that they are not.

So, now what? Think for yourselves and keep pursuing the truth. Challenge the old theories and push the boundaries of scientific knowledge.  Study and learn and join me in this research to study the past, what we call “Paleo-Earth”. Also, feel free to email us with your comments at


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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