What is a Billion Years More or Less?

What if time were infinite in both directions, past and future?  Think about this for a minute.  What we have is eternity and that would be necessary for the universe to exist. This challenges the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe and puts us at odds with mainline academic science.

The Electric Theory of the universe allows for eternity.  This means that there is really no way to determine the age of the universe.  Now reconsider my research that indicates that intelligent life has existed on our world for upwards of one billion years.  Ask yourself: “What is a billion years compared to eternity?”  The answer would: “Not very much”.  That is the point. A billion years compared to eternity is meaningless. So, a billion year old civilization on earth is not an extreme idea and should not be rejected out of hand.

Some may argue that there is no proof for the Electric Theory of the universe. However, there is really no proof for the Big Bang Theory either.  Although both theories have experimental support, neither can be considered proven, at least not in the sense that mathematical theorems are proven.

Another way to consider this is that the universe is the sum total of all possible outcomes for the given inputs at the specific time of the observation (today, yesterday, tomorrow).  Evolution can be viewed in this way also.  It is not so much that life forms evolve but that as time passes the various conditions (inputs) change so life is forced to change.  Although we view this change as evolution it is actually the result of the process of the constant change in the universe.

Applying this to the Earth, we find our planet existing in a dynamic solar system, one that like the universe changes with time.  As change occurs, the Earth must also change and so too does life.  So, what we have with intelligent life, is what is possible at the “time” of its existence. Even if the solar system is only 5 billion years old and the universe 14 billion years old this would still be the case.

Now, our research has come across the artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012 that show cone headed beings and inter-planetary space travel.  Such an artifact provides substantiation for an ancient intelligent society of non-humans existing at the time of Rodinia, i.e. 900-750 million years ago.  This argues that intelligent life on our world is the result of various inputs that made such life possible at that time.  In fact, it indicates that our solar system may have be capable of harboring intelligent life from an extremely early epoch.

Although we do not know how or why this is possible, it seems to be the case.  Furthermore, there seems to be evidence that the solar system underwent significant changes and wide-spread destruction and that life re-established itself.

There is the possibility that archaeology may have discovered proof, or at least evidence for this. Specifically, Teotihuacan may offer this evidence.  Peter Tompkins in his book “Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids” discusses the theory that the site lay-out of this city may have been modeled after the solar system and the location of various structures indicate the location of the planets in the solar system with an error of 2 per cent. What if this was not an error but actually indicated the relative positions of the planets at the time of the construction of the city.  We have calculated that this city is 70 million years old.  A 2 per cent change in 70 million years may seem insignificant, however, if this change accumulates at a regular rate, we would have a change in planet positions of almost 22 per cent 750 million years ago. This was the time that Rodinia broke apart.  Rogue planets would also be possible.

This presents us with the possibility that the ancients built Teotihuacan as an absolute reference marker for future generations so they would have access to their scientific knowledge to restore civilization in the event it was destroyed.

Mainline science currently knows that life was destroyed on our planet many times in various mass extinctions.  Now, it seems that there is a real possibility that intelligent life was also destroyed and managed to re-established itself.  We are the intelligent beings that have re-established intelligent life after the destructions of these ancients.  We do not know who or what they were or where the originated from, never-the-less, we are here and must study these ancients.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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