La Venta: The 100 Million Year Old Olmec City

Although there is evidence that civilization developed in Mexico over 100 million years ago, people just don’t want to accept it. Let us tell you a true story.  We wrote to an author who specializes in topics associated with Peru and informed him of our studies and the extreme dates that we discovered for sites in Mexico.  He wrote us back telling us that the dates were too extreme for him.

What?! This fellow calls himself an archaeologist and writes about controversial issues associated with Peru and he dismisses our work without ever reading it.  Furthermore, people like him seriously study the possibility of ancient astronauts and even the existence of a lost ancient civilization on Mars and refuse to even look at our research.  This behavior indicates an individual that is not intellectually honest.  This claim also applies to the numerous websites that discuss this kind of material.

In our last post we briefly reviewed the new scientific discoveries that support our work.  They included plate tectonics, the reconstruction of ancient super continents, the meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs, the so called “big splat” theory of the origin of the moon by an earth impact with a Mars sized object, and Snowball Earth, the discovery that the earth was covered with glaciers three miles high for 120 million years from 715 million to 595 million years ago.  This is all modern mainline scientific research.

Do you want to know the truth or don’t you?  If you do, then, you must seriously consider our research.  The results we have arrived at will amaze you beyond belief.  Intelligent life has existed on our world for a very long time, maybe one billion years. Furthermore, it seems as though that during the time of the super continent of Rodinia, that this intelligent life either had or had been in contact with creatures that had access to space flight. If an ancient civilization did exist on Mars its origins would have to be at least as old as Rodinia, 900 to 750 million years old.

Given this, let us now again consider Mexico.  La Venta, the lost city of the ancient Olmecs, has to be extremely old. An age of 100 million years is not only possible but may be too young.  We can understand this by considering two different approaches to this research.  First, we can arrive at a date by using plate tectonic movement.  Second, we can consider the work of Dr. John Brandenburg who believes that an ancient civilization on Mars was destroyed 180 million years ago.

We can apply plate tectonics by examining the alignment of various sites in Mexico. La Venta, is laid-out with its main street pointing 8 degrees west of north.  Why?  There is no reason to align a city in this way and it conflicts with the fact that the ancients in Mexico believed in the sun god.  A direction facing the rising sun, due East, would be a much preferred alignment and would aid the development of a calendar.

So, why the alignment of La Venta at 8 degrees west of north? The answer is that it was not originally aligned in this manner.  Yes, the lay-out of this sites’ buildings stayed the same but Mexico rotated.  Since Mexico is part of the North American Plate it rotates in a counter clock-wise direction.  Our research indicates a rotation of 1.06 degrees every million years.  An alignment of 8 degrees west of North indicates a total angular rotation of 98 degrees.  Doing the calculation gives us an age of 103.8 million years.  Yes! La Venta is over 100 million years old.

Now, let us consider the work of Dr. Brandenburg.  In November of 2014 he published an article in the Journal of Cosmology in which he claimed that Mars was destroyed by a massive nuclear explosion 180 million years ago.  He came to this conclusion after studying data returned by the space craft sent to Mars by the United States, Europe, and Russia. This data indicated Xenon 129, an isotope only found in enriched uranium used in nuclear explosives. This indicated a war in space that killed the ancient Mars civilization.

He also sees a similarity between the artistic styles of Mars and both the Egyptians and the Olmecs.  If he is correct, and we believe he is, then the ancients of Mars came to Earth, at least around the time of their destruction. Given his date of 180 million years ago for the destruction of Mars, the establishment of an Olmec colony made up from individuals from Mars would add credibility to our date for civilization in Mexico.

Now, we have to ask ourselves another question.  Where did the Olmecs have their origin? Was it Mars or Earth?  We can not answer this question at this time; however, our research indicates an intelligent civilization on Earth over 750 million years ago. It is a possible that this ancient society developed space flight and went to Mars developing a colony there.  With the destruction of Rodinia, they remained on Mars until their final destruction 180 million years ago as a result of “a war in heaven” after which, they returned to Earth.

Although there is scientific evidence to support this theory; much in this analysis is speculative and requires more research. In any event, our scheme gives us a workable and testable starting point.



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