Earth died 715 million years ago. Its lifeless carcass rested in the dark stillness of space wrapped in the pall of massive world-wide glaciers 5,000 meters thick for 120 million years. This was the time of snowball earth.

Snowball earth is a theory put forth to explain glacial deposits in the tropics back in 1992.
It is real science and there is real evidence to support the theory. It is important because it is the mask that the covers the real age of life on earth. Snowball Earth introduces a systematic error in the geological dating of the terrestrial expansion of life onto land of at least 175 million years.

Here is how. Geology has established what is known as the Cambium Explosion at 542 million years ago. This is the base line for fossils. There are no fossils older than 560 million years of complex multi-cellular life on the surface of our planet. Therefore, from a geological perspective, terrestrial life began on the surface land at that time.

The systemic error enters the picture because of the glaciers. Life would die and be held in a frozen state for 120 million years. Fossilization can only begin after the glaciers melt. There is no sedimentation to cover the dead animal before this time. So, all geological dating based on fossils begin here and dates the time of fossilization not the date of the animal’s death. Since Snowball Earth began 715 million years ago and ended 595 million years ago, this time frame must be added to fossil dated to get a more accurate date. In fact, the added time from 595 to 540 must also be included meaning that at least 175 million years must be added to the start of the Cambium.

WOW! A 175 million year error in dating indicates that the Cambium was not the date of life’s origin on land but the date of its re-appearance on land. The Earth died 715 million years ago and was resurrected 540 million years ago.

In our essays located on this blog, “Did Earth Have Intelligent Life 1.1 Billion Years ago?” and “Reasons Why a Billion Year Old Civilization on Earth is Possible”, we discuss the possibly of a civilization on the super continent Rodinia and why there is a problem dating this far back. We conclude that the ancient civilization is masked. Well, it is and that mask is Snowball Earth. Science can not date beyond 540 million years because of the systematic error caused by the glaciations of the surface of the planet.

Our estimate is that complex multi-cellular terrestrial life began much earlier in the past, possibly 1.1 billion years ago. This date now makes sense given that Snowball Earth is the source of systematic error in geological dating.


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