Could the Four Mile High Mountain on Ceres be a Massive Monument?

The solar system is a mysterious place. Neither its true origin nor its original inhabitants are known. Science only makes an educated guess about them through theory, computer simulation, and evolution.

The NASA Dawn Probe spacecraft has only contributed to this mystery. Specifically, it has returned photographic images of the dwarf planet Ceres that show us more inexplicable phenomenon. The images show us bright spots in a two mile deep crater and bright streaks on a four mile high pyramid mountain. These photographs seem to indicate that this pyramid mountain may be artificial.

NASA has released a short video narrated by Marc Rayman of Jet Propulsion Laboratories. The video shows us a rotating down looking view of this amazing mountain. My first impression is that it is a carved monument with a face looking to the sky. This is a monument four miles high and over 413 million kilometers from Earth.

There have been many people who have claimed evidence of past civilization in the solar system. There have also been many people who point to anomalous artifacts and structures on earth to justify their claims of ET. However, this discovery has to be placed among the most anomalous and inexplicable. Even so, my research over the past six years may shed some light on this recent discovery.

Let us begin with the pyramid mountain, itself. As the video shows (, the mountain has multiple flat sharp angled sides. This can not be a natural feature. The NASA video refers to them as bright streaks. Look closely and you will notice that bright streaks rest along the edges of the sides that are flat, and angled. There are at least 11 angled sides making the mountain look like a massive carved monument. Furthermore, the image is looking upwards similar to images on Mars and Earth.

The image looks like a cone headed individual shown on carvings on Easter Island, Brazil, and artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012. These images indicate that there was an ancient civilization on earth that had acquired the ability of space flight during the time of the super continent Rodinia. This continent broke apart over 750 million years ago.

Why did this civilization become extinct? The reason is not known but there seems to be the real possibility that there was some kind of massive destruction in the solar system itself. The details of this solar system destruction are currently unknown.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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