The Mysterious Pyramid of Alaska

The mysterious pyramid of Alaska may very well be 825 Million Years Old. Fantastic as it seems, it never-the-less appears to be the true age of the pyramid, or at least as true as we can discover.

First, let us state that we are not even certain that this pyramid even exists. We have only read internet reports and have no first hand knowledge about the pyramid. Even so, we can do a preliminary analysis and attempt to find its age. This is possible because the continents move and any geographic location can be traced backward in time.

Now, let us proceed to a discussion of the pyramid. This pyramid is supposed to be located 50 miles west of Mt. McKinley at coordinates 63° 17´ N and 152° 31´ W. It was discovered after China tested an atomic bomb on May 22, 1992 and geo-scientists used the shock wave produced by the explosion to study the earth’s crust.

Just how can we date this pyramid? This is not as difficult as it may seem. All we need do is a “thought experiment”. Dr. Albert Einstein did the same type of experiments when he proposed the theory of relativity.

What we did is ask ourselves was where was this pyramid located in the past. Since all the continents move and their direction and speed have been discovered by “legitimate mainline science”, we simply looked at various maps of where Alaska would have been located in the past. Here, we must state that Alaska rests on the North American Plate which in the ancient past was part of Laurentia.

The location of Laurentia has been mapped all the way back to the super continent of Rodinia that existed between 1.1 billion to 750 million years ago. Furthermore, Laurentia bordered the 800 – 700 million year old rift between Laurentia and what is now East Antartica and Australia.

Even though the exact geographic location of the pyramid in Rodinia is not known; we set the pyramid’s location to the site of the closest approach to earth of an orbital celestial body we call Luna Prime. This, we believe, was a past moon of earth that broke-up in orbit leaving a massive debris field. Today, this site rests over Sault Saint Marie in the United States and Canada.

Positioning the pyramid at this point of closest approach to Earth dates the Alaska pyramid to approximately 825 million years age. The date is approximate because of a lack of precise paleo cartographic maps that locate the ancient continents. However, this date seems reasonable in light of other evidence.

Some of this evidence includes artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012 that depict “cone head” individuals with the image of Rodinia. Also, the Ica stones of Peru provide images of dinosaurs with “proto-people” that had a civilization in the extreme ancient past.
Additional evidence includes some of our research with impact craters and the discovery of the orbit of Luna Prime and our dating of various archaeological sites particularly in Mexico.

What this pyramid in Alaska actually communicates to us is that an extremely ancient intelligent non human civilization once existed on Earth at the time of Rodinia circa 825 million years ago.


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