Provenance: Do We Really Need To Know From Where Artifacts Come From?

Did you know that supposedly “faked” and “hoaxed” artifacts can provided us with true and correct information about the ancient past? Consider our story and decide for yourself.

A short while ago we began a communication with a well known author about the unusual artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012 and their significance for understanding the great antiquity of intelligent life on Earth.

He was very kind and courteous in his response and we were excited to receive his email. Hey! It isn’t everyday that we have contact with the famous. Well, even so, something he mentioned seized our attention for quite awhile. It actually disturbed us. We didn’t know why but it did.

This famous author had told us to make certain of the provenance of the artifacts in questioned. He wanted us to be certain of the artifacts’ history of ownership and their true origin and discovery. Of course his guidance was correct. Even so, we believed it was unnecessary because we approached our study of the implications and interpretations of the artifacts from a unique perspective.

Here is what we mean. Even if the artifacts were “fakes” the science that they portray could be examined and tested. You see, scientific truth can not be faked or hoaxed. Artifacts could be copied and recopied but the science they contain is either true or false and one could test the veracity of the science even without the knowledge of the “provenance” of the artifact.

Let us consider a few examples. The Ica Stones are good artifacts to use to understand what we mean. These engraved stones were discovered in the mid-twentieth century by Dr. Javier Cabrera, MD. These stones have images of what appear to be dinosaurs and humans and is some of the evidence cited for the coexistence of these beings.

Well, close examination of these stones demonstrate that the “humans” are not humans. Their features are too different to be modern people even though they have a similar appearance. Their noses and ears are too long; their foreheads slant at too great an angle and they have no thumbs. Humans must have thumbs. So, these stones do not prove the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs.

What about the dinosaurs? That is another matter. For one thing, these stones depict dinosaurs as our modern science understands them. However, they did show characteristics that our science only discovered toward the latter part of the 20th century and early 21st century.

The brontosaurus was shown with a longer head instead of the short head. The flying dinosaur is shown with crescent shaped wings something not known with certainty until 2013. Lastly, the dinosaurs appear small. In fact, they didn’t achieve their large size until about 86 million years ago. Before then they were about the size of humans.

So, these stones depict scientific truth that could not be faked even though the stones were accused of being fakes. In short, the Ica Stones demonstrate the true nature of the world more than 86 million years ago.

Now, let us consider the Mexican artifacts. These artifacts were claimed to have been kept secret for 80 years. The claim is that they were found in 1932 and made public in 2012. As to why they were kept secret we do not know. There have also been claims of fraud with these artifacts. In any event, we can still study and learn from these artifacts.

Specifically, what exactly do they show and how can we interpret them? Well, they show individuals with elongated cone shaped heads. They also show human sacrifice through the cutting out of an individual’s heart and a cone headed individual giving birth to a cone headed new born. The mother, in this case, has breasts like humans today.

In addition to these images the artifacts also show what appears to be space flight. These cone headed beings are shown traveling in a spacecraft to what looks like the planet Saturn. The spacecraft are also shown traveling to and from a circle or orbit. Finally, they show an arm reaching from a large triangle shaped land mass encompassing almost the entire area of a planet and touching another world with one finger from a hand with no thumb. This other planet has an atmosphere and no moon.

So, where does provenance fit in here? Actually, it doesn’t. If we were in the artifact business, either buying or selling artifacts, or just displaying them in a museum, or even studying them to learn about their manufacture, then, provenance would be a very important consideration.

However, we are not doing any of these things. We are only considering the artifacts to learn what they can tell us about the past. Even if the artifacts are fakes, they still teach us a great about the past that is true. Science needs not be afraid to study them.

So, what do these Mexican artifacts teach us about the past? A great deal and the results are most amazing. For example, these artifacts teaches us that Earth was inhabited by cone head individuals who were very different from ourselves while having much in common with us.

An important thing that they teach us is that our ancient ancestors were not monkeys or apes. In fact, their differences were such that our paleontologists may not be able to identify their fossils. That is because scientists identify primate and mammalian fossils by examining their eye orbits, their jaws, and their heads (skulls). Well, these cone heads have a very different anatomy. Their anatomy is different enough to make proper identification unlikely.

What else can we learn? Well, we learn from the image of Earth that the images show us a time very remote in our past. We know this because the Earth is shown with an ice field around it, the moon has a massive debris field, and the space flight is headed for Saturn and Jupiter is not shown. This indicates a very different solar system not just a very different Earth.

Ok! Don’t we have to verify the science before we accept these things as true? Yes we do. The cone heads are displayed in a number places to include both Egypt and Easter Island. In fact, there were Flathead Indians from the American Northwest that had cone heads but eyes and anatomy like modern humans. So, cone headedness is not an analogy some kind of abstract art. It is a real characteristic associated with humans and our ancestors.

What about the solar system and the earth? Well, science has theorized about the Earth having an ice ring for a long time. Furthermore, the debris field by the moon is a direct outcome of the current theory of lunar formation. That is that the Earth was impacted by a Mars sized object that created the moon together with a debris field.

The most important part of the image, the part that allows us to both verify and approximately date the image, is the image of the outstretched arm coming from a large triangle or spear point shaped massive land area taking up nearly the full circle of the planet. This image corresponds to the scientifically re-constructed map of the ancient super continent of Rodinia. Rodinia has been dated to between 1.1 billion to 750 million years ago.

The science is true and these artifacts show us a time so far in Earth’s past as to be unbelievable. Furthermore, these artifacts teach us that these ancients had spaceflight. The artifacts depict spacesuits, travel into and out of orbit, and travel to other planets. Spacesuits and orbital transfer are necessary for space flight so this part of the science is also true.

Saturn seems to be the oddity here. Why show an image of Saturn and no image of Jupiter? This does not seem to be logical. However, there have been scientific studies that have suggested a solar system where Jupiter and Saturn exchanged their orbits just like Neptune and Uranus have.

So, then, the science of Saturn’s image is also true. This teaches us that at the time of Rodinia the solar system was a different place and the Earth was a different world. It was very much an alien world. This alien Earth was destroyed when Saturn and Jupiter changed their orbits causing massive solar system destruction. This destruction has cover-up our ancient past.

We have discovered all of this even though we do not know the provenance of the Mexican artifacts. Since the science these artifacts depict is true, we can accept them as showing us a true image of the ancient past that is more amazing than could have been conceived by the mind of modern man.

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