Teotihuacan tunnel yields statues of possible Martian aliens.

It never ceases to amaze me how the obvious is often misidentified by “experts”. This is the case with the recent discoveries found in the underground tunnel in the Mexican ruin of Teotihuacán. (See phys.org)

Specifically, two statues were found that look like “Asiatic” beings similar to Chinese. The difficulty with this conclusion is that the tunnel was sealed 2,000 years ago long before any Asiatic people inhabited Mexico.

Well, instead of commenting on this similarity, the experts ignored it. Furthermore, they further complicated things by using carbon -14 dating to arrive at the date the tunnel was sealed. Carbon-14 can not date beyond 50,000 years. This leaves the researchers in the situation of having a 2,000 year old date for Asiatic looking beings inhabiting Mexico.

We believe we can solve this difficulty. First, the Asiatic appearance of the statues is similar to that of the Olmec culture. Now, this makes more sense than thinking them to be Chinese. One important point we must make is that none of the researchers claimed the statues looked “Asiatic”. This is my impression of the statues.

Second, the “Asiatic” appearance of the statues argues for the presence of Asiatic looking beings in Mexico in the ancient past. Their similarity to Olmec statues supports this view. However, these beings do not seem to be human. Then, what are they?

My research into Teotihuacán has dated this site to slightly over 70 million years of age. A non human civilization would support this date. Close examination of the statues shows us individuals whose head, torso, and legs are all of equal or nearly equal length. Beings with these proportions would not be human.

Add one more point. In China there exist pyramids similar to those of the ancient Maya. How can this be? Well, if Asiatic looking intelligent beings lived in Mexico at the time of Pangaea, the super continent of 220 million years ago, then the similarities would make sense. Remember, China at that time was part of this super continent.

These Asiatic looking statues seem to support the belief that this city was inhabited by intelligent non humans that were similar in appearance to Asiatic people. Now, add to this that Dr. John Brandenburg’s research has found similarities between the Olmec and images of an ancient civilization on Mars. This may open the door to the possibility of immigration from Mars of humanity’s first ancestors.


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