2 Million Year Old artifacts found in China: They are not human

Archaeologists have found 700 stone artifacts in the Nihewan Basin of China’s Hebei Province. Due to a lack of animal remains or stone tools the scientists believe the site to be a children’s playground. (The South China Morning Post 26 March, 2015)

These artifacts have been dated as 2 million years old and challenge the “Out of Africa” pre-human migration of 1.8 million years. This leads to the possibility of either an independent evolution or an earlier date for the migration out of Africa.

Well! What now? How are orthodox researchers going to explain this one? You see, if these artifacts are 2 million years old then they are much older that human ancestors are supposed to be. This opens the door to either an older human evolutionary line or the possibility of an independent (non human) evolution.

My work has demonstrated that intelligent life has existed on planet Earth for many millions of years. Furthermore, it argues for the past existence of intelligent non humans. This recent find partially supports my work.

This is not all. If the artifacts do represent a child’s playground as stated by the discoverers, then, “human like behavior” predates modern humans. Orthodox sciences tells us that our supposed human ancestors were “ape like creatures from Africa” and as such had a behavior more like apes rather than humans. However, this discovery is evidence against this pre-human “ape like” behavior. It testifies to the fact that humans DO NOT COME FROM MONKEYS.

Actually, this discovery is proof that our orthodox modern science colleagues need to change their theories. The Earth was indeed the home to many intelligent species, some within our lineage and some outside our lineage. Earth was inhabited by intelligent non humans.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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