Alien Attack on Mars!

Can you believe this? An American PhD (where else?) published an article in the Journal of Cosmology on November 20, 2014 and in it he stated that an alien thermonuclear bomb attack destroyed the ancient civilization on Mars. WOW!

Actually, in his paper, Dr. John Brandenburg does a good job of defending his theory and he believes that this explains the Fermi Paradox of why aliens (ET) are not visiting Earth today.

Dr. Brandenburg uses NASA data of isotope distribution to defend his conclusions. He sees the similarity of the distribution of these isotopes to the result of atomic testing in the atmosphere here on Earth. Furthermore, he identifies two separate blasts, one of which was a planet killer or 10 billion megatons. Without getting into a discussion of isotopes we will make a few comments about his implications of his work.

First, we must state that an explosion of 10 billion megatons seems to us to be too large to be an artificial event. We think that a meteor of loosely packed material that included both uranium and thorium would be a more likely cause of the destruction of Mars. Although the explosion would not be thermonuclear, the large amount of uranium and thorium would poison Mars because it would have been distributed throughout the planet. In any case, the destruction would still be as extensive.

Second, Dr. Brandenburg offers a date of 180 million years ago as the time of the blast. In fact, the doctor states that the explosion could have occurred at an even older date. Well, if we just accept his dating then we have an extreme challenge to modern mainline science because he states that the Mars Civilization bears similarities to both the Egyptians and Mayans on Earth.

Although he does not say that the civilizations on Mars directly influenced or caused the civilizations on Earth, it is very hard not to think that this is the case. Let us face facts. Given that both the Earth and Mars had civilizations of similar cultural characteristics it would seem obvious that the one on Mars which dates to 180 million years ago would have at least influenced the Earth civilizations. This tends to push the age of Earth’s Egyptian and Mayan Civilizations to 180 million years ago if not even older. This is a strong challenge to modern mainline science. Maybe we are descended from ET.

In one of our posts on this blog we discussed the possibility that Mars may have been destroyed 250 million years ago. See our post “Was Mars Destroyed 250 Million Years Ago” posted in June 16, 2014. Well, it seems from a brief examination of Dr. Brandenburg’s article that we were more right than wrong.

We want to thank Dr. John Brandenburg for his research and article and welcome his future work.


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