Paleo-People: Over 425 Million Years of Intelligent Life on Earth

Our research has demonstrated that intelligent life has inhabited the earth for over 425 million years.  Furthermore, it seems to have been destroyed repeatedly and re-established itself. The evidence for this is found in the numerous archaeological sites and artifacts throughout the world.  Just how did we come to this conclusion?

Our first discovery of the great antiquity of intelligent life on Earth came by studying the distribution of impact craters.  Their distribution over the earth could be explained by an orbital corridor or line which we at first believed to be the orbit of a lost moon of earth.  This orbit allows us to date the newly discovered underwater pyramid in the Azores as 28 million years old.

Next, we examined plate movement of the various tectonic plates of our world.  This allowed us to date the Egyptian civilization to between 46 to 28 million years old.

Third, we considered the North American plate and its movement backward to the Cretaceous Period and found that the Yucatan’s Chicxulub Crater and the Mayan centers of Chichen Itza and Tulum were just under 66 million years old.

Fourth, using plate tectonic movement alone, we discovered that the lost ruin of Monte Alban in Mexico was 85 million years old.  This site’s height of 6400 feet could be explained by uplifting resulting from the subduction of the Chortis Block land mass under Mexico.  The city’s orientation could be explained by Mexico’s counter clock wise rotation over the period of 85 million years.  Intelligent life and civilization were firmly established to the Cretaceous Period, the time of the dinosaurs.

All of this is astounding and challenges the very foundation of modern mainline science. But, in spite of this we came across a mind numbing discovery.  A discovery totally unexpected and absolutely scientifically shattering to the current understanding of the origin of intelligent life and civilization on planet Earth.

This was our fifth discovery.  We examined the Siberian Megalithic Stone Wall in the southern mountains of Siberia.  This wall was build from blocks of granite 3 to 4 million pounds in weight.  These stones were so massive that no technology known today here on Earth could have possibly cut, dressed, and moved such massive stones.  Additionally, such a stone wall seemed to have only one use, that use was as a sea wall to protect low areas from sea flooding.  This wall could only have been built when Siberia was surrounded by ocean water and that occurred over 425 million years ago.

Here is our problem.  If intelligent life existed on Earth at such a remote date in the past, then how can it be explained?  We have only two choices.  First, some unidentified ancient intelligent life form that is now long since extinct.  This means that there is a problem with the fundamental principles of geology that has led science to wrongly date the origin of life on earth.

Our second choice is that the earth was inhabited by some form of extra-terrestrial life over 425 million years ago.  This opens the door to the possibility of the Earth being terraformed by this unknown intelligence. Both choices present real difficulties for modern science.

We, however, feel that the answer is to be found in the existence of an ancient form of intelligent life that has evolved to what we know today as modern people called scientifically as Homo sapiens.

Our view is that modern people had a very long period of evolution and change.  That they originated as some kind of life that came onto land from the sea and gradually became Homo sapiens. This means that we need to consider humanity like we can consider birds.  No, humans are not birds.  What I mean is that we can think of ourselves as a class of life forms with similar characteristics but differences species.

Today, modern humans, Homo sapiens, are considered to be just one species but in the past our ancestors could have existed as a multiplicity of different species.  We call these ancients Paleo-People. But birds did not originate out of nothing, they seem to have descended from dinosaurs.  Well, we see Paleo-People in the same way.

Paleo-People are of several types.  First, a group very near to ourselves but existing as multiple species. Second, are a kind of “Dino-People”. No, they were not dinosaurs but were a group of people that existed in the remote past that evolved into Paleo-People.  Third, this group of “Dino-People” sprung from another group which came onto land and began to walked upright.  We call this group “Pre-Dino-People”.  So, our evolution, begins with Pre-Dino-People that become “Dino-People”, that become “Paleo-People” that become modern humanity, Homo sapiens.

Modern people today are called Homo sapiens but are not Paleo-People. We differ from them even though we may be similar in appearance and behaviors. These similarities may be explained by sharing the same ecological niche or maybe not. Since they are not even considered to have existed, they are not being studied. In fact, the Dino-People and the Pre-Dino-People may be so different than ourselves that we may not even recognize their fossils as being intelligent beings.

We are aware that this  classification is strange and artificial but it seems to be what happened on our world over a period of over 425 million years if not longer.  This is only a working hypothesis but it is all we have for now.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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  1. visgoth says:

    How about the two point eight billion year old grove metal balls found in a South African gold mine.

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