Siberian Megalithic Stones: 425 Million Years Old

In February of 2014 Georgy Siderov discovered huge megalithic stones forming a wall in the southern mountains of Siberia. These stones were huge, weighing 3 to 4 million pounds, and they were cut, dressed, and moved to build a wall in the mountains. No one knows who, why, or when the wall was built. Of course, since they were recently discovered, no professional scientist has yet investigated these stones.

However, if we “think out of the box”, we can begin to find answers to unlock the mystery of these megalithic stones. Let us ask ourselves several questions. Why would any society need to use such massive stones for a wall and why build the wall in the mountains?

The fact that these stones are so massive indicates that the builders needed the great mass of the rocks for some purpose. What could that purpose be? How about a sea wall? Massive blocks would hold up against large waves and prevent flooding of low lands near the coast.

Wait a minute; isn’t Siberia land locked on its southern side? Also, what about the mountains? There are mountains so how could there be a sea coast? It seems that our attempt at a solution doesn’t work. Or maybe it does work. Let us continue.

Plate tectonic movement of the continents answers both questions and leads us to even more astounding facts and questions about the Earth’s ancient past. Let us examine the issue. Siberia was at one time surrounded by water. This occurred before it joined with Mongolia and Dzungaria. The movement of these land masses brought them together and they formed mountain chains along the old coast lines. The process is called uplifting. So, the wall was built before the joining of these land masses and the uplifting of the mountain chains.

So, when did this happen? Siberia was surrounded by water over 425 million years ago. Therefore, these megalithic stones were cut and transported to build the wall at that time.

A date of 425 million years is extraordinary. It is fantastic in the extreme. There were no people alive then to build anything let alone such a massive sea wall. Never-the-less this seems to be the age of these rocks and no one knows who the builders were and they will not know until mainline science is willing to explore this issue openly.

Here is where we discover the even more astounding facts and questions about the Earth’s ancient past. Plate tectonics tells us that the massive rock wall had to have been built more than 425 million years ago. So there had to be builders. These builders were obviously not humans, Homo sapiens.

Now, here is where things become thought provoking. We have two possible solutions to who the builders were. First, they were not of this world. So does this mean that ET is real? Maybe or maybe not! We don’t know and the current space exploration agencies of the various governments on our planet have been silent about this. However, if ET was responsible for the wall then we have the possibility that our planet was terraformed to make Earth a new home world. Wow!

The second possibility is that the builders were from Earth. They were ancient intelligent life forms that are now extinct. This results in a real problem for mainline science. This means that geological dating has to be changed, specifically the dating of the Cambrian expansion which is now placed at 542 million years ago. This date is well established and changing it is highly problematic.

Sometimes, answers just lead to more questions. Even so we must keep seeking the answers. This is the only way we can progress.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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