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Welcome to our blog in which  we present our research on the Earth’s ancient past. Our work demonstrates that non human  intelligent life has existed on our world for at least 100 million years. In fact, we have been able to date the lost city of Monte Alban in Mexico as 85 million years old.

This is astounding because it challenges all current scientific theories about the Earth’s past.  This challenge is the direct result of scientific advances, particularly plate tectonics and the discovery of the meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs. In short, science, itself, has upset science.

Our critics are of mostly two types.  The first type are  those who are unfamiliar with the new scientific discoveries and how they apply to the study of the ancient past.  The second type are those who are vested in the present view of mainline science and are opposed to new discoveries because of funding and career issues.  Remember, there have been many researchers who have been opposed and seriously harmed by scientists who take sides against new discoveries.

Now, let us consider our research. Monte Alban, the lost city in Mexico, sits on a leveled site atop a mountain 6400 feet high.  How did it get there?  Plate tectonics, the study of the movement of the continental plates answers this question for us.  Mexico is part of the North American plate which rotates in a counter-clock wise direction.  Well, when we consider that Monte Alban’s main axis is North – South we can explain this alignment by plate movement.  As the North American Continent rotated it reposition the axis from East-West to North – South over a period of 85 million years.  The rotation rate is 1.06 degrees per million years.

Plate tectonics also explains the mountain top location of 6400 feet.  You see, Mexico had off its west coast the Chortis plate.  As Mexico, itself, rotated it also moved Southeast. As it moved it was followed by the Chortis plate which passed under Mexico uplifting mountains. Monte Alban was at one time at sea level and was uplifted to its present height. A sea level location for Monte Alban suggests that it may have been a sea port.

This possibility is also supported by the fact that Mexico was a peninsula without the Yucatan and without Central America.  Monte Alban would have been at the southern tip of Mexico and opens the possibility for the existence of other sea port cities on both North and South America in the remote past. There is the possibility that the high plane of Peru and Bolivia may have actually been at sea level 85 million years ago and were also uplifted.  This last point we have not studied and is just a “free thought”.

Now, why did we repeat a topic, Monte Alban, that we discussed in a previous post?  That is because the ignorant have accused us of “pre-conceived  ideas” and being “illogical”.  Well, plate tectonics is neither pre-conceived nor illogical.  It is proven scientific fact.  The rate and direction of movement of the continental plates have been measured by the geological community since the late 1960s.  What is new is our use of plate tectonics for dating. This is something unknown to archaeology and by extension to those who report on scientific discoveries.  This includes well educated individuals, including those who hold PhDs.

Let us share a story about a PhD we talked with about two years ago.  This fellow was a history teacher at an “ivy league college” in the United States. In fact, he earned his PhD in history from another “ivy league” university, also in the United States.  Well, we were discussing World War II, and he insisted that the US was unable to take high altitude military photographs during the war.  What I did, was mention the name of a PhD optics researcher and professor at another “ivy league” university.  About a week later, we met again and he told me he looked him up in the literature and realized he was wrong.  He told me that even though he specialized in World War II he did not specialize in military systems but the geopolitical issues of the war. This is the typical PhD professor and or scientist.  They are overly specialized.  As such, they have a limited knowledge base outside their specialization.  In short, outside of their specialty they are not PhDs.

Another issue is mathematical analysis. We will not claim PhD level knowledge of this topic; however, we have studied mathematics and statistics in college and graduate school and do have some knowledge of the topic.  In our research we examined impact craters on the surface of the Earth and have “fitted a curve” to the impact points.  This curve gave us a line which we believe is an orbit of either a lost moon of Earth, we call Luna Prime, or a massive debris field.

Well, when one has such a line, one can use it as a reference line to date geographic sites when combined with plate tectonic movement.  When you have a reference point, and know the speed and direction that an object is moving, you can calculate how long it took to arrive where it is.  The method is the same for continental plates.  Again, this is unknown to archaeologists because we developed the technique.

Why, then, do people who have no knowledge of what we are doing and can not even grasp our methodology claim that our work is illogical?  This is a characteristic of a very stupid individual.  It has been our misfortune to come across these people in positions of power and influence, i.e. in  the media and as editors of various web sites. These people have often prevented the publication of our findings.

We digress.  Our method of using plate tectonic movement in combination with our reference line or “orbit” as we call it has resulted in extremely ancient dates for various archaeological sites. In fact, it has allowed us to date the Mayan centers of Chichen Itza and Tulum to just under 66 million years old.

The meteorite that killed the dinosours struck the Yucatan at Chicxulub Crater also is on this same orbital line and indicates that that meteor originated from this orbit.  This finding confirms our analysis as correct. Mexico was home to a non human civilization during the Cretaceous Period, this is the time of the dinosaurs.  These findings are fully logical and scientific.  There are no pre-conceived ideas only true science.  We fully expect that during the 21st century that other researchers will verify our results.


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