The Acambaro Figurines and the Giants of Mexico

The Acambaro Figurines provide evidence for the existence of giants in Mexico during the time of the dinosaurs. The reason for this is that true scientific facts can neither be faked nor hoaxed. So, when an artifact depicts a real scientific fact, then, that artifact is depicting a phenomenon that did indeed exist.

What are the Acambaro Figurines? They are a collection of figurines discovered in Mexico in 1944 by Waldemar Jalsrad in Acambaro, Guanajuato. They total 33,000 objects and are rejected as fakes by mainline science.

If they are rejected by mainline science then why study them? The reason is that in some cases the figurines depicts scientific truth. For example, several figurines display images of Triceratops dinosaurs being ridden by what looks like a human being. The Triceratops images look exactly like the images of Triceratops shown by modern science. This is one of the scientific truths depicted by these figurines.

Doesn’t modern science tell us that human beings did not exist at the time of the dinosaurs? Yes it does and these figurines do not contradict this scientific fact because the human beings depicted are not human. I repeat. They are not human.

Then, what are they? Well, they bear a close resemblance to humans but with very significant differences. If you look closely at the caped figures’ faces you will notice that the individuals’ noses extend from their forehead and the distance from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip is greater than modern humans. Their hands have five fingers and no thumbs. Humans must have thumbs. So, they look human but are not human.

This is not all. A Triceratops dinosaur is 30 feet long, 9.5 feet high, and weighs 10 tons. Well, for an individual to rid this beast and have its legs extend down the sides, then, the individual would have to be between 12 to 15 feet tall. This is not human. In fact, by modern human standards, it would be a giant.

So, the Acambaro Figurines are evidence that giants did indeed exist in Mexico during the Cretaceous period.


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One Response to The Acambaro Figurines and the Giants of Mexico

  1. Could dinosaurs be the elephants of the ancient man….they helped carry the huge stones to build the ancient structures ?

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