Monte Alban: 85 Million Year Old Lost City in Mexico

Monte Alban is an 85 million year old lost city in Mexico. It proves beyond doubt that an intelligent non human civilization once existed here on Earth. In spite of all the research and study of this site done by professional scientists, there is no explanation for its mysteries.

What are its mysteries? First, it rests on a high mountain top 6,400 feet high. Second, the mountain top has been leveled off to accommodate the massive stone structures. How could a “stone-age” people do this without modern machinery and metal tools?

Another mystery is that the city is oriented north to south. Why?! The cities in the Yucatan are oriented southwest to northeast. Even Teotihuacán is oriented southwest to northeast. There is no explanation for this either. Now, we may ask why this is important and the reason is that it doesn’t fit the celestial pattern of any other site in Mexico. Remember, the ancients worshiped the sun and other celestial objects.

Monte Alban is in the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Its latitude is 17.043°N and its longitude is 96.767°W. It was discovered by Leopoldo Batres in 1902. In 1931 Alfonso Caso began a large scale excavation of Monte Alban. In the late 1960’s Kent Flannery of the University of Michigan studied the site as part of the Prehistory and Human Ecology Project. In the 1970s Richard Blanton performed extensive mapping of the site. These facts now tell us why these professional scientists could not explain these mysteries. Their work predated the necessary scientific discoveries needed to understand and explain Monte Alban.

The scientific discoveries these scientists didn’t know about were Plate Tectonics and the Chicxulub Crater. Plate Tectonics is the study of the movement of the continental plates of the earth. The Chicxulub Crater is located on the Northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and it was caused by a meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs almost 66 million years ago.

Now, why are these two scientific discoveries important? Well, in the case of the Chicxulub Crater, this impact deposited a layer of soot that could be used to date Monte Alban back to the time of the dinosaurs. When Alfonso Caso began his excavations in 1931 he knew nothing of this layer and if he found it would not have recognized it. His excavations may have destroyed the evidence of the great age of this lost city.

Plate tectonics explains Monte Alban’s north-south orientation, its height above sea level, and its location. It is how we can date this city. Let us take a closer look. Mexico was at one time part of the west coast of North America. Mexico moved downward in a southeasterly direction until it arrived where it is today. This movement combined with the counter-clock wise rotation of the North American plate actually turned Monte Alban’s orientation around so that it now runs north to south. Its original orientation was east to west facing the rising sun. This movement required about 85 million years to accomplish. We have just dated Monte Alban.

Mexico, 85 million years ago was not attached to the Yucatan and terminated as a small peninsula. There was no Central America. Monte Alban was at the southern end of this peninsula. As Mexico moved to the southeast, it interacted with the Chortis Block and some of that land mass moved under Mexico, a process called subduction. As the Chortis Block became subducted Mexico was uplifted. Monte Alban was raise up to its current height as a result of this subduction. It was not originally built at 6,400 feet but over a period of 85 million years was raised to this height by various geological processes.

Furthermore, since Monte Alban was at the southern tip of Mexico, there is the real possibility that this city was a sea port. Therefore, there will have to be other equally ancient sea ports in both North and South America. As for the engineering and construction of this city, they still have to be studied. However, we can be sure that this city was not built by humans, Homo sapiens, because Homo sapiens did not exist 85 million years ago. Monte Alban had to be built by a non human civilization.


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