NAN MADOL: The Mysterious Ruins in the Pacific.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies a mysterious island called Pohnpei. What makes this island mysterious are the massive artificial stone islets that makeup a breakwater and harbor. Actually, the ruins are on the island of Temwen just across the water from Pohnpei about three miles away. Pohnpei and Temwen are part of the Federated States of Micronesia. The latitude is 6°50’ N and the longitude is 158° 19’S. Neither the builders nor the age of their construction are known. Furthermore, because of the extensive overgrowth the construction can not be seen from the air, from the ocean, or from the ground. One has to know where they are to find them. The ruins are called Nag Madol, and Pohnpei is known as the Venice of the Pacific. The ruins, themselves, cover an area of 1.5 kilometers long by .5 kilometers wide and were built on the coral reefs. The ruins extend almost ¼ mile out into the ocean and must have been built at least 12,000 years ago. That is the most recent date for the ocean level to have been low enough for the construction to have occurred. Is there any way to explain them? The current residents of Pohnpei could not have built these stone structures. They lack both the “know-how” and the work ethic to build them. We are forced to conclude that they were built long ago by a lost ocean going civilization. This is the only explanation that works and it is supported by our discovery of an ancient moon of earth. In our previous blog posts we explained how we discover the orbital track of the lost earth moon we call ‘Luna Prime’. This track extends around the earth in an orbit that travels from Africa to North America to the Pacific Ocean and then to Asia and India and back again to Africa. This orbital track flies over Pohnpei. In fact, Luna Prime orbits Pohnpei exactly over the massive islet constructions of the island of Temwen. Furthermore, the construction technique of using massive basalt blocks in a Lincoln Log fashion matches exactly the construction technique use on the Canary Islands Pyramid. Both locations are under the orbit of Luna Prime. This is how we believe the ancients were able to navigate the global oceans. They followed the orbit of earth’s lost moon.


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