The Davenport Tablets: An Image From The First World

North America is full of anomalous artifacts, archaeological sites, images, strange script, and even skeletons. In spite of being the “new world” it’s a land of many unexplained phenomenon that really justify calling it the “old world” or maybe even the “first world”. Among these anomalies are The Davenport Tablets.

Originally discovered by the Rev. J. Gass on January 10, 1877 they became the subject of much controversy and were finally dismissed as fakes. But are they really fakes or are they something far more amazing? Let us examine these artifacts.

Rev. J. Gass discovered three tablets of clay on which one had been engraved with the image of funeral service. The funeral depicts a cremation with thirteen individuals with joined hands around a large fire on a mound. This scene also includes an inscription in three different languages.

Here is the amazing aspect of these tablets. This cremation scene includes two very odd images. One appears to be a snake with its mouth wide open just under and to the right side of the moon. On close examination we see a star between the lower side of the moon and the snake. This indicates that the snake object was closer to our planet than the moon.

This is not the only occurrence of a snake artifact in North America. In fact, in the state of Ohio, there exists a very large serpent mound built by unknown individuals but attributed to Native Americans. This snake has its mouth open wide as well.

What is this image? We believe that this snake represents a debris field in space orbiting the earth. Furthermore, it appears very long. It is as long as the moon is wide. Since the moon has a diameter of 2,000 miles this snake appears to be 2,000 miles long. Although we do not know just how distant this debris field is from the earth or how long the debris field actually is; we can certainly conclude that it was substantial and if it fell onto the earth would cause massive destruction.

This gives us a clue to how long ago this sky scene occurred. Since the last major destruction our planet occurred at the end of the ice age, this scene of the sky would have occurred BEFORE the end of the last Ice Age. This is not all. There is another odd image in this same funeral scene.

What is it? Well, on the bottom right side of this funeral scene, in line and connected to the individuals standing around the fire on the hill there is an image of an animal. This animal looks like an infant dinosaur. It looks like a small brontosaurus. This animal has a long neck and a long tail and very short legs. This argues that the scene represents the sky over 66 million years ago! Although I’ve only seen photos of the Davenport Tablets, they do make a case for North America being the “first world”.

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