TIKAL: The Mayan City Destroyed 66 Million Years Ago.

One of the most fascinating Mayan cities is Tikal. This city is found in modern day Guatemala and not the Yucatan. However, in the Cretaceous Period, the time of the dinosaurs, it was located very far away from where it is today. It was located northwest of Mexico City.

How can this be? It is because the continents move. In 1915 Alfred Wagoner, a German scientist, determined that the continents did move and called the movement Continental Drift. Today, it is known as plate tectonics. The land masses of our planet rest on huge plates of rock that float upon liquid rock called magma and move very slowly.

Tikal does not rest on the Yucatan but on the Chortis Block that drifted downward from the west coast of Mexico to where it rests today. Central America did not exist during this Cretaceous Period. At that time, the Yucatan faced east and what is Belize was the southern coast of Mexico. There was no land mass connecting Mexico to South America.

Tikal was constructed near the northeast corner of the Chortis Block and traveled to its present position when the Chortis block moved south and became Honduras and Nicaragua.

The proof that Tikal was destroyed in the Cretaceous is found by examining the destruction of the buildings that make up the city. For example, on temple 2, a large central pyramidal platform, we find the destruction on the staircase on its southeast side. The Chicxulub Crater explosion that resulted from the impact that killed the dinosaurs is on the Northeast coast of the Yucatan. It could not have cause the destruction we find on this pyramid unless the city was northwest of the blast. This would place Tikal west to Northwest of where Mexico City is today.

This analysis constitutes one of three (3) proofs that the Mayan cities date back to the Cretaceous. The second proof is the alignment of Tulum, Chechen Itza, and the Chicxulub Crater under the orbit of a lost moon of Earth. This alignment could have only occurred at the end of the Cretaceous just under 66 million years ago.

The third is the eastern alignment of the streets in Tulum with the direction of the rising sun. These streets mark the solar solstices that can be used to make the calendar.


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