Israel finds proof that the Earth was inhabited by intelligent Non Humans.

On April 9, 2014 the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced that they discovered a sarcophagus decorated with the sculpted image of a serene looking individual and a sculpted image showing hands with no thumbs. The hands had five long fingers. Humans are anthropoids and therefore must have thumbs. This individual can not be human.

Why is this important? It is important because thumbs are so much part of the human psychic that humans do not even consider sculpting hands without thumbs. This had to have been a deliberate act and not an accident.

Furthermore, a sculpted image of hands without thumbs constitutes proof of the evolution of modern humans from a non human ancestor.

In spite of this significance, the research scholars made no mention of the hands without thumbs. Why? Are they blind? It seems that both archaeology and Egyptology, as scholarly disciplines, have deliberately decided not to “see” these hands without thumbs. To do so, would put these disciplines at odds with the study of human origins and theory that humans and apes had a common ancestor.

One other point, an individual without thumbs would have been an extremely ancient early ancestor of modern humans, possibly millions of years, and this also poses a challenge to both archaeology and Egyptology.

An important thing to note is that this artifact, the Israeli sarcophagus, is not the only artifact to display this kind of image. The heads of Easter Islands also show individuals without thumbs and five long fingers and so do the Ica stones of Peru. This is not an isolated find.


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