Did Aliens Live In Mexico 300 to 400 Million Years Ago?

Sometimes “truth” is stranger than fiction. This seems to be the case with the artifacts released by the Mexican Government in 2012. There have been claims of fraud here but we believe that the artifacts are real. The artifacts show “cone head” creatures together with what seems to be “space flight”. Is this the proof that ETs exist and that they visited Earth? Do we descend from these “cone head” creatures? Well, maybe or maybe not, let us consider this possibility.

The fossils were found near Ojuelos de Jalisco in Mexico and were supposedly kept as a state secret for 80 years. Are the cone headed creatures shown really alien beings from another planet? They certainly are different enough from modern humans to qualify. Furthermore, the images of planets and what appears to be a UFO or space capsule add to theory that they are extraterrestrial beings.

These artifacts also display planetary images that seem to represent the planets at an extremely ancient epoch, possibly many millions of years ago. Did ET come to earth millions of years ago and seed our planet with life? Was the Earth “terra-formed”? Is our world an artificial construction of a super intelligent alien being that came from some other world or even another star system?

We can answer these questions by a close inspection of the artifacts, themselves. In one image we see a cone head offering what looks like a child to a UFO. That same cone head is wearing a helmet like headdress and giving birth to another cone headed child. The child is born “live” from the mother’s body and not from an egg or seed pod. If we look even closer we can see the mother cone head has breasts like modern human women today. What? It seems that “earthlings” descended from this creature. All this indicates that the cone head is an extremely old type of bi-pedal mammal –the beginning of our human ancestral line.

Now, let us consider the planets. On one artifact we see what is a world mostly surrounded by a massive debris field from which a cone head astronaut is traveling to another world. The UFO looks a little like the NASA space capsules of the 1960s. So, what world is the cone head traveling from and to which world is it traveling to? Can we identify any of these worlds? Yes, we can.

The world with the debris field is also near another body, it is smaller and close-by. Our conclusion is that this other body is a moon of the larger body. So, do we know of any world in the solar system with one moon? Yes! The Earth has only one moon.

What about the debris field? The Earth doesn’t have one. Well, it did at one time in the past. In fact, the currently accepted theory of the formation of the earth’s moon was that it formed as a result of a collision between the Earth and a Mars size object. The collision resulted in both the formation of the Moon and a large debris field. So, our planet does fit the image. As for the other world, the one that the astronaut is traveling to, we can not determine that. However, this world has both an atmosphere and no moon. What seems to fit this criterion is the planet Venus. This is only a guess but it is the best we can do for now.

Now, when did this all happen? How far back in time? How can we come to some idea about a date? Well, the debris field answers these questions. You see, since our earth no longer has a debris field we have to conclude that at some time in the past the debris field collapsed. The collapse of this debris field would cause significant destruction and loss of life.

It is known that on the Earth there was a significant loss of life at the Permian-Triassic boundary. This is dated at a little over 248 million years ago. Although this may seem like a good date, it doesn’t work well. You see the debris field is so vast that it would alter land forms as well. A better time would be about 300 million years ago. This was a time of extensive mountain building on Earth and is a better fit for the collapse of the debris field.

In summary, we have images of cone headed beings that gave birth to “live” young and were a kind of very ancient form of bi-pedal mammal. As such, they were “warm- blooded” and “intelligent”. These being seem to have had space flight. From the image of the debris field we can estimate that it existed on earth over 300 million years ago. This cone head creature was most likely of terrestrial origin and not from another world.

In support of our conclusion we will mention two ancient artifacts discoveries. First, the 2012 discovery a mechanical device in a rock dated as 400 million years old by Russian archaeologist Yuri Golubev. It was found in the Kamchatka Peninsula 200 kilometers away from Tigil.

Second, another Russian find by a man in Vladivostok who discovered a toothed gear in a piece of coal in the Chernogorodshiy mines in the Khakasis region near the Chinese and North Korean boarders.

So, physical artifacts of a manufactured nature exist. Although they were not found in Mexico, they do exist and support the conclusion of a very old, 300 to 400 million year old civilization, on Earth. This time frame includes both the Carboniferous and Devonian Periods.

There is one more point we need to make.  That is that the Yucatan Peninsula was not part of Mexico at that time. The Yucatan broke-off from South America and moved to Mexico over a period of millions of years.


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2 Responses to Did Aliens Live In Mexico 300 to 400 Million Years Ago?

  1. Maryam Hampshire says:

    This is great. It is a shame information like this is not mainstream. I wonder, have you got pictures or links so I can see the artifacts. Also pertaining to your newer blog posts – are there pictures, so I can get an idea of the things you wrote about? This is all fascinating and I once read a book that showed ancient artifacts that should not exist. I think it might have been a von danicken book. It is a shame I gave it away…silly me 😦

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