Response to Critics: Comets, Pyramids, and Lost Civilization

I wonder if any of my critics know what they are talking about.  Impact creators and plate movement are scientific fact.  The math I used to discover the lost moon’s orbital track is well established.  So, why do they criticize what they don’t understand? Current mainline science does not disallow my conclusions.  Let’s examine the issue.

First, a comet must have a trajectory.  Furthermore, it would result in a very extensive path of destruction, thousands of miles long and wide.  This would leave a scar on the Earth and destruction that would take tens of millions of years for recovery.  Well, where is it?  The only place it could be, in the desert areas of North Africa and the Mid-East all the way to Northwest India.

Second, the current thinking about the origin of our current moon is that the Earth was struck by a Mars size object over 4 billion years ago and part of the Earth’s crust formed the moon.  But that is not all that happened.  There would also form a vast debris field that would coalesce into another object or “moon”.  This other moon would be loosely compacted and would be disrupted by the orbits of both the Earth and our current moon.  This could vary easily cause debris to fall onto either our current moon or the Earth, itself.

Third, because the material of this other moon would be loosely packed, it would explode above ground before impacting the surface of the Earth, leaving glass and debris (sand?).  In Egypt, today, there are pyramids and other structures buried under sand.

Actually, the sand, itself, may be a result of the comet’s explosion. My research seems to indicate that this other “moon” that I call Luna Prime, broke apart over a period of many hundreds of millions of years and deposited a lot of material onto the Earth.

Fourth, the theory of evolution, itself, requires a series of species from animal to human.  Why could not one or more of those species have had intellect and built a civilization?  Although modern humans, aka “homo sapiens sapiens”, would not have been alive 28 million years ago; one or more of those other species would have been.

Fifth, dating methods are inadequate. Carbon dating does not date beyond 50,000 years and the other methods date from context and not the individual rocks used to build any structure or pyramid. Additionally, any radioactivity from impact debris can introduce error in dating.

My critics fail to consider these issues. Together with the discovery of the comet that exploded over Egypt and the recent find of the Azores pyramid, my orbital track and its use with plate movement for dating is the beginning of a truly remarkable scientific discovery, i.e. the existence of intelligent beings and civilization on Earth millions of years ago.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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