Easter Island has always been a mystery. It’s in the middle of nowhere over 2,000 miles away from Peru. “How could anyone find it let alone travel there?”  Then, there are also those heads, those very large carved stone heads, some of them thirty feet tall. Who made them and how did they move them? No one knows. They are not the real mystery of Easter Island.

The real mystery of Easter Island is sublime. Easter Island holds the keys to unlock a far greater mystery.  It’s a mystery that tells us how God made man or even if a God exists. It’s a mystery connected with the of origin of the human lineage. Easter Island is a diamond buried in an enigma of volcanic rock that tells us how we came to be.

Before we can even begin to understand, we have to consider some of the archeological artifacts of Peru. These artifacts are found in a place called ICA.  It is there where a small museum holds a treasure of engraved stones.  No one knows who engraved them or what significance they hold.  However, they do show what looks like people coexisting with dinosaurs.  What?!  Yes, I said dinosaurs.

The artifacts we need to consider are the ICA stones.  These stones were studied by medical doctor Javier Cabrera Darquera who established a museum in the town of ICA.  Dr. Cabrera believed they tell the history of earth 70 million years ago.  Before we continue, we must state that science does not accept the ICA stones.

So, what’s so special about the ICA stones?  They show images of individuals that look like people with dinosaurs.  The stones show these individuals riding dinosaurs, hunting dinosaurs, and dinosaurs killing these individuals.  Because of this, creationists believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. This is not the case.

What we actually discover with close examination of the ICA stones is that the individuals are really not people.  They look like and even act like people but they are not people.  Dr. Cabrera called them “proto-people”.

How are they different?  Well, they have large expression less faces; large, elephant like ears; long “snouts” instead of noses; an extreme slant forehead; and hands with no thumbs.  Since they have no thumbs, they are not anthropoids and therefore not human. They are an ancient form of human ancestor, an intermediate form of human, and therefore prove that evolution is fact.  However, there is no evidence of a monkey ancestor.

Now, let us consider why we should accept the ICA stones as real and not accept science’s rejection of the ICA stones.  Well, we should accept the ICA stones because they are both “internally” and “externally” consistent.  By this we mean that all the images in the stones are consistent with what science has discovered about the ancient past (externally consistent).  Also, the images on the stones display only what would be expected of the ancient past and show no mixture of ancient life forms with modern technology.  In short they tell the truth and “real scientific facts” are the truth. They can not be hoaxed.

Let’s simplify this.  If you had a telescope and saw the planet Saturn with its rings and moons and then drew an image of what you saw your image would be an accurate depiction of Saturn.  There is no way someone could do this unless they either saw Saturn or had access to some other kind of scientific information about the planet.  This is true for all science, be it cell structure, DNA’s double helix, or even the lay-out of our solar system with all its planets.  Truth can not be hoaxed.

Well, now what?  Look again at the individuals depicted on the ICA stones and we see that they resemble the images carved on the large stone heads of Easter Island.  WOW!  Both Easter Island and Peru have images of the same kind of individuals and they indicate that these individual date to the time of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.

Furthermore, the ICA stones indicate that the ancients also had modern human behaviors.  For example, they studied the stars, performed medical procedures, cut each others hair, had entertainment, and worshiped.  These are modern human behaviors.  They are very much like us but physically different.  So, that which defines human behavior was laid down a very long time ago.

So, although science is correct in claiming that human beings are recent, human behavior is ancient in the extreme.  This means that some kind of cultural transmission from the past must have come down to modern people.  Part of this cultural transmission is the art of Easter Island which fills in some of the blank spaces in human evolution.  This is awesome.

What is the next step?  Well, let’s look at the ICA stones again.  In addition to the dinosaurs and individuals, we see images of other life forms.  Two of them are of particular interest to us.  One is the image of what looks like a short snake like creature with a triangular shaped head and two eyes.  The other is a crab or lobster creature that has a segmented body, walks on two legs, has a large round head, and two “human like eyes” facing upward.

Evolutionists have theorized that when life came onto land that the first creature to do this would have existed along the shore and had eyes on the top of its head.  Well, our crab creature qualifies.  You see, as a human being, your genetic heritage extends back a very long way, to these crabs, maybe 350 million years ago.  There is some part of that crab’s DNA in you.

Now, this crab has something very different about it.  It is something that doesn’t exist in people today but when you think about it, makes sense.  Its claws are inverted.  The right claw is on the left arm and it left claw is on the right arm.  Why?  Think about it.  This crab lived in a different ecological niche and had to adapt to life on land as it evolved.  Nature knows what it’s doing. This inverted claw arrangement must have been a benefit to the crab while it was a crab but not when it became a terrestrial life form.

Also, when you think about it, you realize that in humans the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.  This is a proof of the necessary change to survive on land by a creature adapted for water and coastal areas.  The different ecological niche required the change.

This knowledge lets us interpret some of the art of Easter Island, specifically the drawing of a triangular shaped headed, four legged animal with inverted, almost claw like front paws.  This drawing has been interpreted as a monster but it actually depicts an animal that existed in the ancient past.  This creature represents an evolutionary step from the snake to the crab to the “monster”. It was our study of the ICA stones that led us to this interpretation.

Now, before considering additional Easter Island art, let us think out loud for a few minutes.  Let’s see.  A coastal creature moves on to land and has to adapt to a different ecological niche.  Would this creature only adapt to just a direct linear path that lead to us?  This doesn’t seem realistic.  The creature would move into multiple ecological niches simultaneously and would survive where it could.  This means that we should find “other” kinds of creatures with some “human like” characteristics.  This is what we find.

The Easter Island art has a carved stone statue of a four legged creature with a “human like face”.  It reminds me of a small dog.  Gee! Can you image a dog that looks like your uncle Charlie?  In the extreme ancient past, animals would look a lot alike while being different.  This human faced, dog like, animal is an example.

Another is the “bird men”.  Images drawn on the rocks show what look like humans with beaks and inverted hands. I told you we would find other creatures with human like characteristics.

Additional carvings show an upright walking individual with a flat, oval head with a human face.  It’s like looking at a walking wide headed snake or alligator.

Easter Island preserves all of this for us.  It tells us of our ancient past, our origin, and our true nature.  Since our evolutionary ancestors did not survive until today in any other form, we must conclude that the only path that worked for our lineage is humanity.  It’s almost as if we were destined, “right from the get go”, to become human beings.  Is this proof that we were created by God?  Each of us has to answer this question individually.

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