Zombies really exist in America.  Yes! Proof exists. This is the story of one case that happened back in 1999 and it was covered-up by the local authorities.

What happened?

A retired postal carrier decided to pick-up a prostitute to celebrate his 72nd  birthday and while she was “helping him celebrate” her boyfriend killed him. However, although his body was put into a dumpster near where he was killed, a witness testified in open court that she saw the postal carrier walking down the road at the time of his death.  This qualifies the retired postal carrier as a “ZOMBIE”.  He walked while he was dead.  His body was found one mile from where he was killed.

The story becomes even more bizarre since both the prostitute and her boyfriend were mixed-up in Voodoo. Voodoo is a religion in Haiti and the killers were also involved with Haitian drug dealers.

Where did this happen?

The killing occurred off Barnes Ave. near the Mohawk River in Utica, New York.  The route the zombie walked was west on Oriskany Blvd and the body was found in a field in Yorkville, New York.

What was the result?

The killers were tried and convicted of causing the death of the postal carrier even though the cause of death was not determined.  Both killers were sent to jail and the prostitute died in prison.

What now?

This author attempted to interview witnesses and people involved with this case.  The witness who saw the postal carrier walk down the street at the time of his death refused to meet with me out of fear.  This was several years after the trial.  Furthermore, this authored was “warned off” by a local police officer, (not from the City of Utica), and blocked in his attempts to fully explore this case.  However, this author did talk with a priest who knew the family and the case and was told of the Voodoo connection.

This is what you can do.

Why not help me bring attention to this case and get the facts made public.  There is no reason, at least as I know of, that justifies the secrecy. What I suggest is that those of you, who are able, walk the route of the zombie, along Oriskany Blvd from Barnes Ave to Yorkville, a distance of one mile, on Halloween night to publicize this case.


About black2tell

Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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