The Battle of Los Angeles: A Classic UFO Encounter

The classic UFO encounter called “The Battle of Los Angeles” occurred on February 25, 1942.  What happened?  Mysterious lights were seen 120 miles out to sea and slowly drifted over the city.  The army, which was responsible for anti-aircraft defense, began firing on the lights and although no aircraft were shot down three innocent civilians were killed.

The media blitz that followed fostered hysteria, charges and counter charges by the army and navy, and claims that there was a Japanese air base in Mexico.  Even to this day the US Government has not explained what happened.  The whole incident was blamed on “war nerves”.

If we examine the technological history of the United States we find that this whole episode can be explained with military technology developed and demonstrated back in 1935. In fact, we can explain why World War II was fought the way it was and why the Cold War occurred.  Additionally, much of the “tug of war” of the second half of the 20th century becomes understandable in terms of the need to deploy this technology, none of which is extra-terrestrial.

So, what was this technology?  This technology was non-orbital high altitude observation and communications platforms.  These platforms were developed by a US Army Air Corps Intelligence officer named Captain Albert Stevens. On November 11, 1935, Stevens together with Captain Orville Anderson flew a high altitude helium filled balloon to 72,395 feet or 13 miles high. This balloon ascension was sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

The balloon was 300 feet tall and formed a ball 192 feet in diameter.  It carried a 9 ton magnesium alloy gondola, nine feet in diameter.  This craft was fully pressurized and allowed the crew to operate one ton of scientific, communications, and photographic equipment in a shirt sleeve environment. Their 8 watt AM radio could talk with aircraft 1500 miles away.  Their camera could photograph objects 175 miles away with black and white film and 350 miles away with infrared film.

So, what does this have to do with “The Battle of Los Angeles”? Simple!  High altitude manned balloons fly in the direction of the prevailing winds.  In 1942, the US Navy had an air station on San Clemente Island off the coast of San Diego.  The prevailing winds from San Clemente Island move from Southwest to Northeast and would put any balloon flight over the City of Los Angeles.  Recovery would occur in the desert to the Northeast of the city.


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