Reflections on Human Origins and Ancient Civilization

Our research has demonstrated that evolution as a scientific theory is correct but some of the details need to be adjusted.  Furthermore, the fact that the ICA Stones of Peru exist challenge much of academic understanding on human origins and civilization.

What do we have now?  First, the ICA Stones testify to the existence of non-human intelligent beings that are our ancient ancestors.  This is not far fetched.  Evolution theory requires a succession of species from animal to human in order to explain human existence on earth. Furthermore, the fact that modern humans have a collar bone demonstrates that humans have an extremely old lineage, at least 90 million years. There simply must have been multiple “human like” ancestors to modern humans with varying abilities.

Second, both the ICA Stones and our analysis of the Mayan civilization strongly argue that at least some of these very ancient beings had some kind of civilized society.  How else can one explain such magnificent temples and cities in Mexico and the presence of science and medicine depicted on the ICA Stones?

Third, what about the possible connection between the Mayans and the planet Mars?  This creates quite an intellectual quandary.  Did intelligent beings originate here on Earth or on Mars? So far, there is no information and NASA is holding its cards close to its vest.   Without more information this question is impossible to answer. There is also the possibility that intelligent beings could has evolved independently on both planets.

So, where does this put us in regards to philosophy and religion?  What about the ancient myths and stories of by gone civilizations of the near east?  There is a story that a comet or rogue planet destroyed earth in the ancient past.  Is this true? Well, if we extend the ancient past to 65 to 66 million years ago and accept my analysis of an ancient civilization that old in Mexico, then, yes it is true.  Science has demonstrated an impact in the Yucatan at the KT boundary just over 65 million years ago. Furthermore, science today has suggested that the impact was a comet and the ICA Stones portray a comet in the sky.  So, it seems the older we date civilized society, the truer the old myths become.

What about philosophy, specifically a philosophy of man?  The ICA stones and the ancient Mexican civilization argue that “man was man before he became man”.  What I mean, is that the ancient beings had reason, intellect, and behavior similar to ours.  They had “mind” and in a religious sense, “soul”.  They were men as we are except their bodies were not human like ours.

So, how do we interpret Genesis?  Who was Adam?  It would seem that the only possible explanation is that Adam was the first intelligent being who gave rise to all the rest but he was not human as we are.  Humanity is a kind of continuum with Adam at its beginning and we at the end.  Evolution, then, was not evolution of mind or soul but adaptation of body to the world.  God did create man in His Image after His Likeness. However, the physical body was forced to adjust to changes in climate and environment.

What about time?  Our analysis of both the ICA Stones and the ancient Mexican civilizations indicates that civilization has existed on a geological time scale not a modern human time scale and that scale is at least 65 million years old and probably very much older.

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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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